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Tummy-Safe Fitness™

Does Your Fitness Lead To...

  • increased back pain
  • your back “going out”
  • increased sciatica
  • hip pain
  • abdominal pain
  • other pain

Could It All Be Connected?

If it has been a while since you have been active, or you have recently had something change in your life like a new baby, or a surgery, simply hitting it harder in your workout is not the answer. You need a restorative transition to get you back to the activity and fitness level you love. Understanding the importance of a strong and connected core is the key to progressing your strength without injury.

Exercise is one way we challenge our bodies, build strength, trim down, increase our cardiovascular health and relieve stress. While we all exercise for a variety of reasons, usually our primary goal is to feel stronger and be fit. When fitness choices create pain and dysfunction, we are failing to meet these goals. Our body needs a solid foundation to withstand the challenge that fitness presents and this foundation begins at the core and ultimately is the platform that all fitness and strength are built on. Unfortunately, most of us jump back into fitness and exercise at full force when what we really need is a safe way to build that solid foundation. This is where The Tummy Team comes in.

Tummy-Safe Fitness™ is an exercise that promotes neutral alignment and consistent activation of the internal core while avoiding bulging, bracing or tenting of the abdominal wall.

We work with moms to develop simple and effective at-home fitness strategies that fit into their lives. And we support and rehabilitate marathon runners, triathletes, and serious recreational athletes in their athletic pursuits. Whatever your fitness goals are, we can help you.

Progression to not just Tummy-Safe Fitness but also Core Smart Fitness!

Our recommendation is to start with Core Foundations (for women or men) then reassess before you make your next choice. Core Smart Fitness is a 10 week transitional fitness course that takes you from the rehab phase into a confident fitness routine and is often the next step after core rehab. You might also consider joining Fit2B Online Tummy Safe™ Fitness to access over 200 workouts at every level.  If you have specific fitness goals and questions, then an eSession with our Core Rehabilitation Specialist would be most beneficial at this point to help create a plan to meet those goals.

strong and empowered to exercise

I feel strong and empowered to exercise and stay active without constant risk of injury. Thank you, Tummy Team.
-Katie, Core Foundations Client

runner pelvic floor

As a runner, they helped me understand the malfunction of my pelvic floor resulted from my compromised alignment and too-tight muscles!
-Jan, Floor of Your Core Client

skeptical, but back to working out

I was pretty skeptical at first…but I regained my core strength and was shocked how quickly I was back to a quality workout routine.
-Maria, Core Foundations Client

work out with no back pain

I had completely stopped working out because it always hurt my back. I now have the strength to do so much more than I did before, with no pain!
-Dave, Core Foundations Client

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