Will a belly band help with diastasis recti?

Belly bands or abdominal binding are similar to abdominal rehab splinting which is an important component to diastasis recti treatment.  An abdominal rehab splint is a medical-grade, non-constricting support that reinforces the functional use of the inner core muscle known as the transverse abdominis. When used properly, it helps:

  • promote neurological reconnection to the atrophied muscle
  • protect and support the spine and abdominal organs
  • give temporary support to the core while it is rehabilitated
  • bring together and stabilize the two sides of the abdominals to help heal diastasis recti

It is important to combine abdominal rehab splinting with a comprehensive rehab approach or the use of a splint can actually lead to disconnect and slow the healing process. The Tummy Team sells rehab splints and recommends them with all of our online rehab programs.

Category: About diastasis recti
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