What types of Online Appointments are available?

This is your time with Kelly and you can use it anyway you desire.  Most clients schedule appointments with the following goals in mind:

  1. 30 min Clinic Consult: To meet with Kelly prior to signing up for an online rehab course to ensure the best course of action for your specific symptoms, history or concerns. A 30 min consult can also be helpful as a follow up to a previous session or to discuss just 1-2 specific concerns.
  2. 60 min Clinic Session: Kelly can hear your history, address your alignment, problem solve compensations, give specific strategies and create a personal progress plan.  You can add these sessions to your online program for extra support and guidance or you can work with Kelly 1:1 for a series of Online Clinic Sessions to help you with accountability and to work alongside you as you progress through your rehab journey.  We offer package discounts and can work with you as frequently as once a week or once every other month depending on your goals and preferences.
  3. 60 min Birth/Trauma Processing Session- Often the condition of your core is a result of a trauma.  The Tummy Team believes that processing this trauma with a specialist can be key to your healing process.  Kelly can walk you through the traumatic event and help you reconnect to your body in a very gentle and nurturing way to support your overall healing.
  4. 60 min Professional Training Session: The Tummy Team trains medical, birth and fitness professionals world wide. Kelly offers specific training sessions to help you learn more about what we do and can specifically help you problem solve client concerns you may have your clinical setting.  The Tummy Team provides extensive professional courses as well at pro.thetummyteam.com
  5. 3 and 5 session packages- Kelly can work with you for several sessions to help you meet your personal goals.  Kelly can progress your rehab journey, create a specific fitness plan, problem solve complications and simply encourage and support you on your personal core rehabilitation journey. Our packages help you get more sessions at a discounted rate.
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