What exercises fix diastasis recti?

Diastasis Recti treatment is more than a series of exercises.  It requires retraining functional postural use of your internal corset muscle: the transverse abdominis. With The Tummy Team, the initial rehab exercises include active, elongated sitting, belly breathing with focus on exhaling, elongating, and engaging the core and abdominal massage to increase blood flow and sensory connection to the abdominal muscles. The bigger question here is what exercises DO NOT fix diastasis recti as many people are unintentionally making diastasis recti worse doing the wrong exercises. We instruct you to avoid crunches, sit-ups,  planks (when your tummy hangs down and tents), and other high-intensity exercises that require bulging, breath-holding, or tenting your tummy. Simply avoiding exercises that create additional forward forceful pressure on the connective tissue of the abdominal wall will help the healing dramatically. You can learn more about true core strength here.

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