What are Kelly Dean’s Credentials?

Kelly Dean is a licensed physical therapist who graduated from University of North Dakota Physical Therapy with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 1997. She worked for over a decade as a neuro specialist working with brain injury, stroke rehab and neuromuscular rehabilitation in the hospital, rehab facility, outpatient and home health setting. After being diagnosed with a 6 finger wide diastasis with no rehab options made available to her, she shifted her focus and dedicated all her training to functional core (and pelvic floor) rehabilitation. She created The Tummy Team in 2008 to meet a desperate need in the Physical Therapy community for the treatment and prevention of diastasis recti and the related functional core weakness symptoms. Kelly has designed a comprehensive rehab approach that not only closed her own diastasis but has helped thousands of clients around the world heal. Kelly has spoken at Medical Schools, National and International medical conferences and has created several comprehensive professional training courses to help train fitness, rehab, and birth professionals internationally. Kelly has the perfect match of education, experience, compassion, creativity and communication skills to effectively help clients online. To learn more about Tummy Team Founder, Kelly Dean, check out her story here.

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