Do I have to purchase your splints? Or can I get it elsewhere?

The benefit to our abdominal rehab splints is that they were designed with rehab in mind. They are comfortable and supportive without being restrictive. If you choose to shop elsewhere for an abdominal splint, here is our recommendation.

Choose a splint that:

  • covers as much of the transverse abdominis as possible (from the lower 6 ribs to the top of the pelvis)
  • covers the navel (often the weakest area of the linea alba)
  • feels comfortable enough to be worn most of the day

Key Consideration in Fit:

  • The splint should feel “snug like a hug” and supportive, not tight and restrictive.
  • The splint should allow you to be able to sit and stand in alignment without difficulty.
  • The splint should always reinforce the feeling of a connected core.
  • The splint should make symptoms improve not worsen.
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