My doctor says splinting will make things worse. Is that true?

Many professionals think splinting too tight, for too long and without rehab can lead to muscle atrophy, disconnect, and dependence on the splint.

Consider abdominal splinting as you would consider using a wrap on a sprained ankle. If wrapped too tight, left on for too long, and if the muscles were never trained for walking, then it would be ineffective. But when used properly – with the right amount of support for an intentional amount of time and while encouraging the client to safely use the ankle – it can be a very effective way to assist the rehab process.

The Tummy Team uses Abdominal Rehab Splints with 90% of our functional core rehab clients as a portion of the rehab process. If your care provider has concerns, please encourage them to look at the information provided on our website for professionals.

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