What is the correct way to use a splint?

  • Wear the splint all day during the initial weeks of core rehab training.
  • Wear the splint over a camisole, undershirt, or bellyband to limit skin irritation and decrease the need for laundering.
  • Splinting is only a portion of core rehabilitation. How you wear your splint and hold yourself while splinting is key to extending the life of your splint, and, ultimately, your recovery. Focus consistently on slightly drawing your navel in away from the splint, NOT on resting into the splint.
  • Remember that the splint is meant to be temporary and helps place the muscles in proper alignment for rehabilitation. The transverse work you perform through exercise, posture and alignment, and functional activities is truly how the muscles heal and rebuild.

Splinting without the guidance of a Core Rehabilitation Specialist (or one of our online programs) is not recommended.

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