Can splinting during pregnancy help heal/prevent diastasis recti?

An abdominal rehab splint wraps around to support your corset and your transverse abdominis. It can help reverse your diastasis recti during pregnancy by bringing the two sides of the separated abdominal wall together, placing the connective tissue in a lax position to speed up healing.

We recommend splinting if you have significant diastasis recti (3 fingers and deep, or more). If you have a severe diastasis, your abdominal wall is not strong enough to support your growing uterus without complications like a hernia. The splint will help protect your tummy from further damage.

The splint can also help reinforce the corset muscle which can help alleviate back pain, hip pain, pregnancy-related abdominal pain, sciatica, SI joint instability, and much more.

Category: Splinting in Pregnancy
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