/ January 20, 2022

The Beauty of Being Strong, Connected and Pain Free at 50!

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Turning 50 is a big milestone.  Over the last 21 days we have unpacked what turning 50 truly means to me. Some of you may wonder what this has to do with The Tummy Team?  I am a physical therapist and many of our followers, readers and customers may just want to know how to fix their core.  This journey to embrace 50 has its entire foundation in how I ultimately fixed my core and how that has impacted the rest of my life!  

The Tummy Team is about effectively treating functional core weakness so that people can be strong, pain free and connected for the LIFE THEY WERE MEANT TO LIVE.  Without me personally restoring my own core, this journey to embracing 50 would have looked very different.

Everything that I shared about turning 50 has its foundation in me being strong, pain free and connected to my core.  When I closed my own 6 finger wide diastasis over 10 years ago and regained my functional core strength in the process, it changed the trajectory of my entire life.  I seriously got my life back and a future that I had completely lost hope in.  A strong and connected core created the courage to invest in my life and  try new things. It has allowed me to  show up and be present.  I no longer was dealing with the distraction of pain and the exhaustion of weakness.  Functional core rehab helped me FEEL myself again and then helped me BE that better version of myself.

So as I go through and give this long, somewhat inspiring inventory of what turning 50 feels like, it is important to know that it all started with me investing in healing my core.

So, how does The Tummy Team actually help you be STRONG FOR THE LIVE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE?

  1. We validate your starting place.  We don’t dismiss symptoms, we don’t ignore pain and we don’t settle for dysfunction.  We start by helping you take an honest inventory of how your body is feeling and how it is and is not functioning.
  2. We empower you with education about how your body works and what your symptoms mean.  We are partners in this journey so there is no secret information about the rehab plan that we do not share with you. This allows you to  fully invest and understand the process.
  3. We give you simple but effective tools to rebuild your postural strength and reconnect to your internal core muscles in your everyday life routine. 
  4. We systematically rebuild optimal alignment and the muscular endurance to maintain it so that your body stops relying on compensation patterns and works as it was designed.
  5. We give you strategies to build your functional core strength into your everyday life activities so you can do what you love and love what you do. 
  6. We address pain effectively and give you the tools to not just listen to your body’s boundaries but to respect them and respond appropriately so you can ultimately get back to the activities you love without the pain.
  7. We help you reconnect to the core of who you are, physically, emotionally and mentally.  

The heart behind everything I have created at The Tummy Team is to help people heal, reclaim strength and re-enter life.  I know exactly how it feels to not be able to trust your body to do what you need it to do.  I know what it is like to be living in a body that feels foreign to you.  I know what it feels like to be dismissed by the medical community and injured by the fitness world.  

The Tummy Team is different!  

There is beauty in being able to embrace my 50’s feeling strong, confident, connected and pain free.  I want that for each and every one of my clients.  If you know you do not have that confidence, let us help you!  

I have created several effective and comprehensive online courses for you or you can work with me 1:1 with a series of eSessions.  Don’t settle for less than the best version of yourself.  

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