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Tag: inspiration

The Olympics, Diastasis and My Magazine Debut

Has anyone else been staying up way too late watching the Olympics this year? I love the dedication, the personal stories, and simply watching people challenge their body and their mental focus to do incredible things. I am a bit obsessed with all of it. It started in 1984 when I remember seeing the Olympics for the first time. The obsession grew when I started swimming competitively as a kid. Some of you know that…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 3

We have been heading into the new year embracing the theme of fearlessness. We’ve encouraged our fans to consider what they would do if they weren’t fearless? And what fearless things have they done that they can share with others to inspire them to live fearlessly. We’ve heard many amazing stories over the past couple weeks and we have been quite inspired by our fans. To live fearlessly can mean anything for anyone. But there…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 2

When we turn the corner on a new year most people can’t help but stop and reflect on their life. For many this means making New Years Resolutions – most of which seem to center around body image. While there is nothing wrong with setting those kinds of goals, most women get trapped in the mindset that they need to be a certain shape or size. But at The Tummy Team, we encourage women to…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 1

This month we have been celebrating the new year by embracing fearlessness. Kelly, our founder, has been leading the way by sharing the fearless things she’s faced down. From ropes courses to swimming meets, she’s been an inspiration to the rest of us to live our lives fearlessly. But it’s difficult to be fearless when your body holds you back. For some people, a swim meet is an attainable goal to reach. For others, just…
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Fearless: Kelly’s Story

  I haven’t always been in this place. It’s taken me a long time to cultivate a fearless attitude towards life. It started when I was 38 years old. At the time, I was not at all sure what was happening with my body. I certainly felt weak and very frumpy, and I seriously believed this is simply what happens after several pregnancies. Even when all my usual exercise routines failed to make an impact, I felt like this is…
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