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Tag: abuse

Addressing Patient Rights and Expectations in the Wake of Nassar

It takes a lot of courage to come forward when injustice and abuse has taken place. For many who have experienced trauma, recent news about the Nassar case has not been an easy topic to read or follow. I appreciate this season of women rising to bring awareness to sexual abuse and violations of trust in the medical field but with that also came fear and anxiety about how to protect ourselves and our daughters….
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Broken at the Core

  Why is it hard to hope? Though we work with men and women, most of our clients seem to be women with very similar stories. The Tummy Team specializes in core rehabilitation but most people do not truly understand what their core is. This isn’t just the understanding of our physical core muscles but the emotional and spiritual nature of our core. The core is the structure and foundation that everything else is built upon. It is the…
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