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Splint FAQs

If you have questions about using an abdominal rehab splint, please search this page first. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.


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Orders & Returns

If you ordered a splint and it does not fit as expected, or you changed your mind, you may return or exchange it so long as it does not show signs of wear, and is in resalable condition.

*The quickest way to replace a wrong splint is to order the correct one from our website immediately, while you ship the incorrect splint back for a refund.
*Manufacturing Flaws:  If there is a manufacturing flaw in your splint, we are happy to replace it. Please call us to arrange a replacement.

Please Note:

  • All returns and exchanges do not include return shipping fees and will incur a $5 handling fee.
  • Refunds and exchanges must take place within 6 months of your original purchase.
  • In the case of a refund, you will receive the money back in the original method of payment.
  • Please include your packing slip and a description of why you are returning the item. If exchanging, please also include what item you wish to exchange it for.
Category: Orders & Returns

Yes, we do! Most of our international customers have received their splints in 2 weeks, however, bear in mind that we cannot control how long the item remains in customs. You will have to pay the cost of international shipping, which is a flat $15 fee.

Category: Orders & Returns

Our splints are custom made to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to accurately measure yourself for the best fitting splint in order for it to work properly. You can find those instructions here.

Category: Orders & Returns

The benefit to our abdominal rehab splints is that they were designed with rehab in mind. They are comfortable and supportive without being restrictive. If you choose to shop elsewhere for an abdominal splint, here is our recommendation.

Choose a splint that:

  • covers as much of the transverse abdominis as possible (from the lower 6 ribs to the top of the pelvis)
  • covers the navel (often the weakest area of the linea alba)
  • feels comfortable enough to be worn most of the day

Key Consideration in Fit:

  • The splint should feel “snug like a hug” and supportive, not tight and restrictive.
  • The splint should allow you to be able to sit and stand in alignment without difficulty.
  • The splint should always reinforce the feeling of a connected core.
  • The splint should make symptoms improve not worsen.
Category: Orders & Returns

If within the US, it should take 3-5 business days. Occasionally we are back ordered in a specific splint or style and in those cases, we will notify you via email if your splint is going to take longer than our standard shipping estimations.

International shipping is completely dependent on the customs in your country. Sometimes international shipping arrives within a week but sometimes it is longer and out of our control.

Category: Orders & Returns
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