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Fit Yourself for a Splint

Step 1: Determine Height of Splint

You’ll need a flexible tape measure. (If you do not have one, find a long piece of string or cloth to use which you can later measure against a ruler or tape measure.)

Measure (in inches) your torso from the top of your hipbone (right above the spot you feel when you bend your hip) to the bottom of your *rib cage.

Record this number. It will determine which type of splint you need (2, 3, or 4-Panel).

*Women: stop about an inch under your bra
*Men: include your lower 2–3 ribs, not high enough to cover your sternum
*If you are pregnant, measure over the front of your belly to determine your size
*To determine your postpartum size, don’t measure over the front of your belly

Step 2: Determine Length of Splint

When you measure, do not suck in and do not push out. You want to measure the tummy you “live in.”

Measure (in inches) around your tummy at the widest area (this is usually the navel).

Record this number. It will be used to choose the length of your splint (XS, S, L, or XL).

*To determine your postpartum size, subtract 2-4 inches from length

Step 3: Find Your Size

Now that you have your recorded measurements, use the chart below to find the right size.

I loved that I could wear my splint under my work shirt and no one could even tell. That splint reminded me all day of how to stand and sit and work without collapsing. - Jeff
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