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Why Splint?

An abdominal splint is a medical-grade, non-constricting support that reinforces the functional use of the inner core muscle known as the transverse abdominis. When used properly, it helps:

  • promote neurological reconnection to the atrophied muscle
  • protect and support the spine and abdominal organs
  • give temporary support to the core while it is rehabilitated
  • bring together and stabilize the two sides of the abdominals to help heal diastasis recti

Our splints are custom designed for the needs of functional core rehab. While they may look like a standard abdominal binder, we have reinforced the fabric and velcro to support longer-term use. In addition, we have designed splints to meet the needs of long, medium and short torso clients as well as curvy, pregnant and extra lean clients. Learn more about what we recommend for splinting during pregnancy here

We recommend splinting with 90% of our core rehab clients. 

All splints are discounted when you purchase them with your online rehab program!


Splinting is always recommended as a part of a functional rehab program. Splinting alone is not effective.


Have questions about splinting? Check out our FAQ page!
"I tried many different splints and belly binders, and they all drove me crazy. I invested in The Tummy Team splints and started their core rehab program, and I am finally seeing results." - Abby
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