Reset, Repair, Restore: thrive in the midst of adversity

Are you tired of simply trying to survive 2020?  Many of us are struggling.  It is hard to be motivated and harder to stay motivated.  We are tired and discouraged and most cannot exercise and move the way we are used to. 

What if we could give you a new way?  What if we could give you a  kick start into the new year and actually help you thrive in the midst of the adversity of this season?  Yes, it is possible!  And we are going to offer this for FREE!  

We at The Tummy Team are struggling too.  It is hard to sit well, to stand well and to be consistent with the things we know will make us strong and pain free.  So we created a resource to help us all through this season. We can do this together! 

Please join us for our FREE 6 week email series: Reset, Repair and Restore!  

This is the place to get a fresh start to a new season.  You can do this from home with zero equipment, zero cost, and no obligation to sign up for our programs. 

Here is what you can expect:

The first 2 weeks will focus on the idea of RESET.  By RESET, we mean we intend to help you: shift, change, replace, rework, readjust, correct, and alter what you have been doing and start fresh with some new completely doable strategies.  

The second 2 weeks will focus on REPAIR.  Many of us need to nurture and renew, heal, refresh, rejuvenate, and rectify all the areas of our body that have been neglected for the past several months.  We will give you steps to get there.

The final 2 weeks will focus on RESTORE.  This is where we will strengthen, redeem, reestablish, improve, reinforce, and bring our body back to optimal condition.  

 Each weekly email will include:

  • a motivational theme for each week
  • some encouragement and guidance from Kelly Dean, MPT
  • a key component of essential education 
  • an easily applicable life hack
  • a fitness minutes video to implement
  • a meaningful resource to help you start the new year with a realistic plan to be strong for the life you were meant to live! 

Let’s decide to thrive instead of simply survive in the midst of this season of adversity.  You have nothing to lose!  It’s FREE!. Simply sign up below to initiate your 6 weeks email series.  You can also join us on Facebook and instagram for weekly reminders and encouragement.

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