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3 Panel Abdominal Rehab Splint

(3 customer reviews)


The 3 panel splint is our most popular splint as it tends to fit the most body types effectively.  However it is important to measure to be sure you are getting the correct size.

Measure yourself for the right splint here.

This is a relatively soft splint and the panels allow for flexibility for movement. It is comfortable in standing and sitting and allows for the natural curves of the body.  We use this splint in pregnancy as well since the panels allow it to securely conform around your growing belly bump. When fitted properly, this splint overs full coverage and good facilitation for your transverse abdominis.

**All abdominal rehab splinting is intended to be done as part of a comprehensive rehab process. The Tummy Team gives you a discount on your splint when you purchase it with an online core program.**

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SKU: o-3pSplint Category:


Splint Sizes:
Small (28″-40″)
Large ( 39″-51″)
X-Large (46″ – 62″)

3-Panel splint is 9″ – 11″ in height

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm

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3 reviews for 3 Panel Abdominal Rehab Splint

  1. Abby

    I tried many different splints and belly binders, and they all drove me crazy. I invested in this one and started their core rehab program, and I am finally seeing results.

  2. Lisa

    I was afraid at first, but I wore the splint as instructed and it didn’t bother my prolapse at all. AND, it helped quickly close my diastasis. Whew!

  3. Carly

    I tried some maternity belly bands on popular retail websites based upon reviews but they were not very comfortable because they rolled up or slipped down and didn’t actually feel like they were providing helpful support. Then I got a terrible cold that caused me to cough hard and excessively, which led to abdominal pain and a fear of developing severe diastasis recti. Through more research about this condition, I stumbled on The Tummy Team website and recommendation from Fit2B health fitness website. The Tummy Team’s 3-panel splint actually provides the support and comfort I was expecting from other brands but found them all lacking. I would recommend this to anyone in their second or third trimester who is experiencing symptoms of diastasis, groin pain from pubis symphysis, or side and abdominal pain from the general strain of later stage pregnancy. I take seriously the warning that healing doesn’t happen on its own—rehab exercises are strongly recommended. I’ve also been utilizing diaphragmatic breathing exercises taught me by my doula—but the splint has definitely helped alleviate my discomfort more than the exercises alone. If I were to get pregnant again, I’d use this splint in conjunction with breathing and ab exercises before I start to feel pain. It is a great, supportive splint, very comfortable with high quality velcro. Make sure you follow the detailed sizing instructions, otherwise you may feel disappointed with your splint’s performance.

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