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Prenatal Core Training Course

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Prenatal Core Training is a 6-week online program that systematically and safely prepares internal core and pelvic floor muscles for the connection and coordination required for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and birth recovery.
This course is good for: Any expecting mother who is past her first trimester but still has at least 6 weeks left in her pregnancy. It is especially beneficial for pregnant women suffering from diastasis recti, back pain, pelvic pain and those with a history of a previous difficult delivery, C-section, or traumatic birth.
Access: You will have 8 weeks of access to this 6-week course.
Bonus: You will receive a FREE 1-week Refresher to review your course materials at any time. You can use this before are after your birth.
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$20 of your purchase will be donated to The Tummy Team Scholarship fund for clients in need.


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Course Outline:
Week 1: Anatomy and Awareness
Week 2: Core Connection
Week 3: Neutral Alignment
Week 4: Pelvic Floor
Week 5: Core Strong Birth Plan
Week 6: Postpartum Recovery

25 reviews for Prenatal Core Training Course

  1. Debbie

    My birth went great! For the first time EVER (this is my fourth baby), I had an optimally positioned baby! I pushed for 10 minutes, instead of 45 minutes, or 2 1/2 hours like the other births, and this is the big thing….I needed no stitches! It’s amazing how different recovery is when you’re not in pain. I am so thankful for this program!

  2. Kate

    The prenatal core training program made all the difference in the world in my third pregnancy. I only wish I knew this information with my first two.

  3. Nicole

    By the end of my 4th pregnancy, I discovered I had a diastasis because it felt like my insides were falling out…both forward AND downward! As soon as we found out we were pregnant with #5, I enrolled in Prenatal Core Training because I was scared to repeat that experience. My 5th pregnancy was soooo much better: I felt stronger, with less back pain, more energy, and I felt like all my “insides” stayed right where they were supposed to stay the whole time.

  4. Heidi-Ann

    Getting unexpectedly pregnant with baby #3 started giving me panic attacks when I thought back to my previous pregnancy in which I had a pretty traumatic delivery. I felt anxiety about the pushing phase and really wanted some guidance, so I turned to the Tummy Team. I did their online Prenatal Core Training program because one of its targets is women with a history of difficult delivery. Doing it made me go into labour with much more confidence. I’m now doing their Core Foundations online program to help to rebuild my core strength so I can return to doing all the things I love to do.

  5. Leah

    This course is excellent. I took it while pregnant with my 5th baby, and had a wonderful labor and even better recovery. With my previous 4, I felt very disconnected from my core after delivery. My organs were sore, and I had trouble knowing how to function (sit up in bed, stand with baby) in ways that felt strong and activated. This course gave me the tools to push more effectively and to feel strong and confident in my recovery.

  6. Lillian (verified owner)

    The day I finally purchased the program was after two days of being in so much pain I was crying, sitting with a heating pad, wobbling around. I wore leak pads all day because otherwise I’d have to change panties with every cough. I constantly felt like “things” were going to fall out when I walked around. I was 20 weeks pregnant when I started the course. I noticed changes within the first week. Surely I still had days and weeks that were painful but being more conscious of my posture at my desk was a game changer in back pain. I felt more normal, as in I wasn’t constantly thinking about “things falling out”. It was hard to notice diastsis recti at the end of the program due to the growing baby and all but I just felt like I had more control of my body and when I’m consistent with the exercises I have far less complaints of pain. While I still had to work when I started the program and the Tummy Team program allowed me to get back at it without being in pain all day. I used the splint for the day I got it and put a timer on so I wouldn’t splint more than 2-4 hours/day. This program made all the difference for me. I could do my job and not cry in pain all day!
    I was hesitant doing on online program because I usually feel like “how do I know I’m doing these things right”. However, Kelly was so very helpful, her directions were clear. There are still a few things that I wonder about, but in the video she clearly states something along the lines of “you’re going to wonder if this is working” or “your going to question if this is right”… and so I can keep going consistently because I can tell things get easier and I’m more aware of my body the more I do the exercises. I also appreciate that she recognizes we might not be 100% with the tracker but that every exercise counts and to keep going, because there were days I missed most of the exercises but I remember her encouragement. I’d tell someone who was is hesitant about a home program just to dive it because her videos and explanations were great.
    I’m just thankful and grateful for this program.

  7. Amanda (verified owner)

    I started the program pregnant with constipation that was uncomfortable- likely had/have internal hemorrhoids. I had a lot of fear about diastasis recti and how to work out safely (there is so much conflicting or just incorrect information on “prenatal workouts”). The program totally helped the constipation and empowered me with information and I feel much better equipped to advocate for myself and trust myself.
    In the beginning I had a lot of resistance to star. The fear about diastasis kept me from checking my body and brought up almost physical aversion to addressing it. Even the word was something I didn’t want to say. I feel much more hopeful and informed- not so taboo.
    Thank you, this program was very very helpful and I now recommend it to everyone. I also found the c section part very helpful- i found out at 38 weeks that we will likely need a c section to avoid complications and the information and check list were very helpful and the video addressed the emotions involved as well.

  8. Sonia (verified owner)

    I am a 42 year old mom of 8 (5 biological, 3 adopted) and was 23 weeks pregnant when recommend by my midwife to do this course. I had a diastasis and I had a very pendulous uterus with my last babies. They were both over 10 lbs and I didn’t do physical therapy afterward to regain my core. I did, however, have very difficult births with poor positioning of babies. After the last baby I had to do PT for my bladder and pelvic floor which weren’t working well. This lent itself to not being able to push effectively during labor. With this pregnancy I was heading the same direction but my midwife wanted me to do this training to avoid those problems and help with positioning of the baby for delivery and a better recovery afterward.
    I went to a PT near me and felt like she didn’t really understand anything about my problems. Her advice was generic and overall unhelpful. That’s when I was sent to the Tummy Team. With The Tummy Team program I noticed my symptoms improving right away. I began to feel stronger very quickly.
    My uterus in NOT pendulous this time!! Yay!! I feel like I have far better control over my core muscles so that I can use them in my daily activity. I love having the connection to those muscles so that I am no longer a victim of my body and it’s weaknesses. I am now in control of those muscles and use them to my advantage. I didn’t realize how bad I had gotten. To the point that I have really had to work hard at active STANDING. How sad is that?? I was standing in a very unhealthy way so that when I tried to engage those muscles to stand properly, I could only do it for a few seconds before falling back into a lazy stance with fatigued muscles. That was a huge wake up call to me.
    The most significant thing is feeling strong and in charge of my body! I love feeling like I don’t have to deteriorate just because I’m pregnant. I can actually become stronger during this time, and I am. I’m feeling so good during this pregnancy. Before I started the program at 23 weeks, I was already feeling like I had to push in my belly button with my hand because there was a lot of pressure. Now at 34 weeks, I don’t have any feelings of pressure on my abdomen at all (unless I’ve been very active and it’s the end of the day). I rarely even use my brace anymore because I feel like my muscles are doing a good job on their own.
    I wish that my regular ob/gyn’s would have told me that it would be wise to rehab after each baby. I feel like there was absolutely NO teaching on this at all. They all acted like my body would just bounce back after birth. I’m proof that damage can occur that needs PT and can easily help to avoid problems with future pregnancies. I’m so thankful that my midwives told me about this. Otherwise I’d be facing another malposition during labor and a poor recovery with long term weakness and deficits in my muscle function. It’s a bit ridiculous that this isn’t recommended for EVERY mother.

  9. Jessica (verified owner)

    I am 36 years old and pregnant with my first baby. My midwife also noticed the diastisis in February which is why I sought out physical therapy. The diastisis really scared me. I felt very uncomfortable and had difficulty taking long walks (my preferred form of exercise). I felt like my body couldn’t support itself and I didn’t know which muscles I was allowed to safely use to hold myself up. I had pubic symphysis pain that was severe at times. My sacroiliac joints also tended to pop out when I took a walk. My body has always tended toward hypermobility so the hormones of pregnancy were exaggerating all of that. I felt afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle being fully pregnant and felt insecure about what my body was doing.
    I was a bit hesitant but hopeful about getting help online. I noticed a difference in the very first week which helped me stay motivated.
    I feel so much stronger and able to be fully pregnant. I feel better at 40 weeks than I felt at 30 weeks. I’m more able to do what I need to do day-to-day (picking things up from the floor, doing laundry, getting in and out of bed), both because I’m stronger and because I have better strategies that prevent me from hurting myself. I’ve been shocked by how well I feel at the very end of the pregnancy because I’ve heard so many women talk about how hard those weeks were for them. Being strong in my core and able to stay active has made me feel confident in my body and relaxed about waiting for the baby to come.
    I am so grateful to feel strong and capable of being pregnant rather than weak and in pain. It has had a huge impact on my self-confidence as a pregnant woman. I also feel like I understand the mechanics of birth and postpartum recovery in a way that will help me navigate those with much less fear and apprehension than I had before I took this course. Knowledge truly is power. I really appreciate how much compassion is built into the program too. The emotional component is huge. Lastly, I’m amazed that I have less incontinence now than I had midway through the pregnancy, which is to say basically none. How many pregnant women can say that?
    I didn’t discover Kelly Dean’s video about her own background until I was about halfway through the course but once I did I appreciated her guidance and compassion even more. It bolstered my confidence to know that she had healed her own diastisis in this way.
    Thank you so much for offering this online for all of us to take advantage of!

  10. Meghann (verified owner)

    When I started prenatal core training I had 5 kids ages, 2.5, 6, 9, 11, 13 (and currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby #6). I felt weak and scared for this upcoming delivery. I felt embarrassed by weakness, and how much I couldn’t do. Now I feel stronger. I feel more hopeful. I feel less shame. I feel more empowered by the power of small consistent effort. I can see a significant change in my diastasis recti, functional core weakness, and back pain after completing the course. Gave me hope that I wasn’t bound to a life of continued deterioration, but could be strong again by implementing simple, daily exercises and strategies that could easily be incorporated into my busy mom life. Thank you for your work! Hugely appreciated!

  11. Whitney K (verified owner)

    I am 39 and have a 4 kids, 12, 9, 6 and 3 and I am pregnant with baby #5 (due in October) and started Prenatal Core Training because of diastasis recti.
    I did not recognize the effects of my diastasis (2-3 fingers) on my daily life. I was still strong, not in pain and able to function well. However, after starting this program, I realize the degree to which I was able to compensate. Week 1 exercises of simply breathing, left my core sore!
    I didnt have diastasis until after my 4th child and my midwife had suggested Tummy Team. I did not look into it at that point and decided to pursue healing though Pilates with an instructor that was well versed in diastasis. But then life got busy and 6 weeks of pilates is all I was able to accomplish. When I found out I was pregnant with our 5th, one of my goals was to create a strong core and heal the diastasis and that is when I finally looked into Tummy Team.
    I love learning about how God made our bodies to heal and function and was so excited to learn each week! I know that I am now stronger and on the road to recovery. My diastasis is much better and I am excited to complete the healing and recovery post baby!

  12. Aimee (verified owner)

    I was 27 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and was suffering from back pain, sciatica and pelvic instability when I decided to start Prenatal Core Training. My symptoms were pretty chronic on and off back pain and pelvic pain into legs sometimes. Weak core. Made daily life with my son so frustrating and challenging. I had tried a ton of other treatments: Accupuncture, Osteo, Cranio Sacral, Myofascial massage, Contact Care (only one short session so far) and Chiro. All had some degree of help but nothing really lasted. I was feeling pretty desperate.
    As soon as you taught how to engage my TA I can’t forget now and just do it whenever I remember. It was such a game changer among many other things you have taught me!! You have given me my power back and an awareness of my body that I haven’t had. Knowledge is power.
    I’m just feeling more stable and I can see my pregnant belly is being held in better already. I feel more strength going about day to day activities and if I start to get slack I know exactly what to do know to get myself back on track and pain free again. I know how to go about day to day activities in a way that maintains my strength and posture and won’t harm my body. Thank you so much Kelly.
    This course totally exceeded my expectations you have truly empowered me and given me so many helpful tools I can integrate into everyday life with kids. I’m so incredibly grateful to you. It is early days and there’s more practice and integration I need to do but I feel so hopeful. I am not so scared about labour and birth. I highly recommend this course.

  13. Luela (verified owner)

    I am a mom of 7 and did this course pregnant with baby 8. I was suffering from diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, and had a difficult prior delivery. This made the last 6 weeks of pregnancy very uncomfortable and inconvenient. I felt an improvement at week 2 of the course. And now all of my symptoms have improved. It has made the rest of my pregnancy so much more doable and enjoyable. I feel prepared and that I have tools to use. The biggest impact was feeling like I finally found the answer to pelvic floor issues. You cannot do Kegels with a week core! My only suggestion is that we have a longer time to review with the refresher. I am a busy mom of 7 and I simply needed more access time.

  14. Nicki (verified owner)

    I am pregnant with baby #1 and have a diastasis and low back pain. I was struggling with discomfort during the day, pain at night after sitting all day and fear about labour and delivery. This course reduced my back pain and I know how to keep my core strong and how to avoid activities that will be damaging.
    This biggest impact was that it provided me with information about how my core works so that I can work with it instead of against it.
    The cost is a barrier to entry. However, it is also a good thing because after deliberating for many weeks about whether I should make the investment, when I finally started the course I really took it seriously and it paid off. The online format was amazing for me during the Covid pandemic. It’s one of the only prenatal courses I had available to me and I found it very helpful.

  15. Paige (verified owner)

    I took this course 7 months pregnant with twins and having 3 toddlers ages 4, 2.5 and 1! I had a diastasis and functional core weakness and not having a strong core makes it difficult for everyday tasks and running after three toddlers 7 months pregnant. I noticed a difference in my strength within the first 2 weeks. The biggest impact was focusing on my posture and belly breaths make it to where i can pick up my kids and change certain daily tasks, diaper changes to help improve my body. It was good to have the tools to make sure i build a strong core while being pregnant for the fourth time in four years, knowing i can get stronger before delivery as well. I didn’t think i could close my separation but when i found out i was pregnant with twins i remember that this is only the beginning and i can still get stronger and have a game plan for afterwards. Thank you for this course.

  16. Lauren (verified owner)

    I took the course at 29 pregnant with my first baby. I had functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, and constipation starting the course. Although these symptoms are an inconvenience, I mainly did the prenatal class to attempt to improve my labor and delivery experience by improving strength of my abdominal wall and helping with baby alignment. I have not yet given birth but will know the outcome soon.
    I was hesitant at first but notice improvements by week 3. Definitely feel stronger and my alignment/posture has improved. Very impressed by the improvement in regular bowel movements despite being in my third trimester of pregnancy. I have a 1-2 bowel movements daily where earlier in pregnancy I was struggling to go once every few days.
    I believe I have a good plan moving forward. For labor and delivery I will use my belly breaths and transverse holds to hopefully help my body deliver this baby! I feel a little unprepared mentally like I should be practicing something more but I will trust the process. Unfortunately for my vulvar varicose veins and some inability to hold my pee when I get the urge to pee I am hoping those improve once baby is no longer creating so much pressure in my pelvic region.
    Overall very please with the knowledge I’ve gained of the transverse abdominal muscles and how to make them stronger for alignment. I also like that I can reference back to all the handouts and PT and Rehab plan print outs post baby’s deliver!

  17. Crista B

    I am 33 and have 4 children and I was struggling with many of the symptoms you listed for prenatal core weakness: diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, and a history of difficult prior delivery.
    I had a very difficult prior delivery with my son. It took me almost a year to recover fully from the tearing and intense pelvic pain I was experiencing. During this pregnancy when I started to feel the pelvic “heaviness”, hip and back pain, I began to feel very fearful that this meant that I was weak and could not have another vaginal delivery without great difficulty and pain. My hip and back pain was waking me up several times a night and the tiredness and weariness was overwhelming. Especially with all the unknowns of delivering during the restrictions of COVID I found myself overwhelmed and crying daily about my fears about my upcoming delivery.
    I am a stay at home mom which has many physical demands. (PS- which I VERY much appreciate how much this program and Kelly Dean always emphasizes these demands which are not frequently discussed as actually being demanding!). I also work part time from home so I need to be able to sit for 2-3 hours a day at a desk with an upright posture. I need to do continued PT neck/back exercises daily to keep up with my whiplash/concussion recovery from a car accident I was in almost 2 years ago. I used to run and hope to someday get back to running, but my concussion recovery does not allow me to do so yet, so I stick with (active) walking until my headaches subside.
    As an occupational therapist I sometimes felt frustrated that I could solve or figure out how to control my pain on my own with knowledge from proper body mechanics, heat, ice, TENS unit, or stretching. These all helped temporarily (30 minutes – 1 hour) but it did not have long term effects, and certainly not long enough to get me through a whole night’s sleep. But, sometimes you just need to see someone else and go to another expert with an outside perspective. Everything I learned was so helpful and added to my toolbox to what I already know to be good and healthy for my body.
    My intense hip pain resolved within 3 weeks of this program! My back pain is now not nearly as intense but more just an achiness/tiredness at the end of the day. My pain is so much less now and I am now in my third trimester! I am in control of the pain that I do have. Heat, massage, stretching actually help with now with achiness which did not help before with the intense, sharp pains I was having. I also am now having consistent, daily bowel movements which I think also helps greatly with the pelvic floor pain I was having. In addition to feeling like I am stronger I am more confident in being able to handle my pain and I know what to do about it.
    I have a game plan to move forward with the splinting, stretching, targeted exercises. Working on neutral pelvis has been the hardest part for me (as I have always had an increased lordosis and pregnancy makes it much worse) but I am determined to continue working on it!
    There have been several significant impacts on my life because of this course:
    I can sleep through the whole night!! (Unless my son wakes me up 🙂
    I feel stronger throughout my day.
    I am no longer afraid of giving birth a second time.
    I have the confidence that my body is prepared and ready to go through another vaginal delivery.
    I do not have to be afraid.
    Thank you for everything. I love this program. I am so grateful to feel strong, confident and ready to go into another delivery when I was so full of fear.

  18. Alex B (verified owner)

    I am 37 and 24 weeks pregnant with baby #6. I had already improved my diastasis from a 6 finger to a 3 finger using Core Foundations but still starting this course I had a 3 finger DR, some functional core weakness, sciatica, pelvic instability and history of a difficult previous birth. I felt like I was waddling when I walked. I felt both stiff and loosey goosey at the same time. Housework (vacuuming was the worst) would lock my ham strings up so that I could hardly walk. Moving from sitting to standing was hard as I felt like I was too stiff yet too weak. My previous birth contained a long transition period in which baby’s alignment was less than ideal, very exhausting.

    For these exact same pregnancy symptoms in previous pregnancies, I have tried seeing an osteopath which was very helpful. He massaged, and prescribed stretches similar to TT. I have tried pregnancy exercise dvds, which were helpful yet unhelpful (I now realize that I was too weak to follow the workouts, and i would get incontinent symptoms) but the movement felt good. I used various belly bands, stretchy bands, belly bandit, but now I understand that they were pulling me out of alignment. I didn’t feel strong in them, I felt squeezed and forced into a position that didn’t feel good.

    Prenatal Core Training gave me hope and helped me so much with my pelvic instability and sciatica specifically. I can move freely. I am able to participate in life as a pregnant woman easily. I have the tools to keep my body from locking up. I find having the stretches integrated in daily life allows me to work on strengthening the weaker parts.
    I feel like I have so far to go. But I know this works as I’ve had results. I cannot tell you how good it is to have freedom of movement and a game plan for the rest of this pregnancy.

  19. Hannah (verified owner)

    I am 22 and I am a stay at home mom of 2 little girls and pregnant with our first boy! My job as a mom requires a lot of bending, lifting, carrying, holding, and until recently, breastfeeding.I felt very weak and disconnected from my core. I’ve struggled with body image issues my whole life and after 2 babies it just got worse. Sneezing and coughing not only made me leak at times, it also just hurt my belly. Sluggish digestive tract and straining during bowel movements was another problem.
    The only other thing I have done for my symptoms is see a chiropractor. My chiropractor has helped me immensely but I haven’t been able to stay in alignment for longer than a week or 2. I was excited and hopeful to try The Tummy Team.
    I saw improvements in my symptoms in the first 2 weeks! My diastasis recti has begun to close during my pregnancy. I feel stronger. I feel more hopeful about the upcoming delivery. I feel so much more knowledgeable. I have answers now as to why my last delivery didn’t go the way I wanted. I feel like I have a little more control over my body, strength, and core.
    The single biggest impact has been knowledge. I am so much more aware now of how my core and pelvic floor impact every other part of my body. Having this knowledge and being able to implement it into my daily life is huge for me. With so much uncertainty in life, it is so empowering to take what I have learned over the past 6 weeks and use it to better my quality of life and work towards living it to the fullest.
    I was a little skeptical at the beginning because I had attempted the prenatal course with my last pregnancy but failed, partially due to a lot of technical issues with the website, but also because of my lack of energy and motivation. BUT, I made it through this time! It took me 7 weeks because I got a little bit behind but that was fine. I am glad that I stuck with it and I can’t wait to see how this helps me though the rest of my pregnancy, labor and deliver, and postpartum recovery.
    I am so grateful for The Tummy Team. I am also grateful for the testimony that I read on the Facebook group page. Her story encouraged me and gave me the hope and determination I needed to try again.

  20. Christina (verified owner)

    I am 33 and have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and I was about 12 weeks pregnant when I started Prenatal Core Training. I felt overall weak, had difficulty exercising, had difficulty picking up kids and doing housework due to back pain. I also had difficulty wearing my usual clothing due to changes in my abdominal region with the diastesis recti even when not pregnant.
    Over the years I had tried other therapies.
    1) Physiotherapy for low back pain- somewhat effective but never fully recovered (prone to re-injury)
    2)Pevlic Floor Physiotherapy- Helpful for healing pelvic floor after deliveries to some extent (taught to exhale on exertion, taught to think about bringing hip bones together to activate transverse abdominus), talk to do kegel type exercises), which helped me not leak urine as much when recovering from delivery. Was not told my diastasis recti could be healed, and was told that I would stay “soft” in my abdomen area.
    I was looking for a way to feel stronger while being pregnant and found The Tummy Team on a web search. I was a bit hesitant, doubtful but also hopeful when I started as I had a DR, functional core weakness, low back pain, constipation and a history of difficult pregnancies and difficult deliveries but I noticed an improvement in all of my symptoms in the first 3 weeks. I feel stronger and in a much better position to be able to finish my pregnancy strong as well. I don’t feel as fearful of going into 3rd trimester pregnancy. I started feeling weak at 12 weeks along in this pregnancy and felt quite a bit of discomfort associated with my diastasis recti returning. I feel much better now. I am feeling stronger and having hope for the future regarding my physical abilities: to finish my pregnancy well, and be stronger as a mom of three kids.
    I had some skepticism about an online program and finances associated with it (the online program not being eligible for medical insurance coverage).
    I feel great about the online program and feel the money put towards it was easily well worth it! Thank you so much.

  21. Jamie Nunes (verified owner)

    I am so thankful that I found this program. It took me from a place of desperation and being in pain daily to feeling strong, empowered and ready for labor/ birth and postpartum. I have 2 kids already and knew I had a weak abdomen and pelvic floor but didn’t realize the exercises I was doing were actually making it worse. My posture and alignment were terrible and I was regularly in pain from my diastasis recti when I would bend over, pick up my tall 3.5 year old, pick up toys off the ground, sweep, etc. Now, after completing the program, I know how I should be going about my daily activities without pain, stretches and alignment reminders to daily help me get stronger, and I know I can do my daily tasks and play with my kids without pain. Thank you Tummy Team!!

  22. Becky (verified owner)

    I am 42 with a 3 year old, a 2 year old and I am due in 3 months with baby number 3. This pregnancy was rough. I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult prior delivery, and constipation. Everything together gave me that “something’s not right” feeling ever since my first birth. If I forgot to wear an incontinence pad and participated in an active group game such as volleyball, the leaking would run down my legs inside my skirt and I had to leave the game to clean up. (Worse yet if I were to wear pants, but I don’t.) It’s hard to describe, but overall I just felt weak in my legs and trunk in a way that affected everything I did. I am an active stay-at-home mom on a small farm. I milk the goats, care for chickens and cattle, mow the lawn, and tend a large garden besides childcare and housework. At least, I used to. I still like to when I am strong enough.
    I asked my OB about my symptoms but his advice was vague. Mostly he emphasized that this was normal for pregnancy, or at least assured me it was very common. He never mentioned pelvic-floor rehab.
    I was hopeful and hesitant when I found your program but I noticed improvements in the first 2 weeks. Slowly all of my original symptoms started to improve. It was empowering to see how the simple little changes in everyday life could so greatly impact my well-being! I had almost forgotten what it was like to live without pain and to live without feeling that instability and weakness. My only regret is that I wish I had learned all of this much sooner.
    And I have a gameplan to move forward! The things that I can integrate into daily activities and posture are the most empowering, and then I can continue doing the other exercises as needed. I cannot believe that I found out how to heal my diastisis recti which in turn affected so much else! Thank you.

  23. Megan W (verified owner)

    I am 25 years old with a 3 year old, 18 month old and I am currently expecting. The largest impact was before getting pregnant for this third time, my stomach was still bulged out/rounded in my upper abdominals due to my diastasis. This bulge was so significant if when I tried to lay back, even when I was laying down and trying to turn from side to side. I just felt so weak and disconnected with my core. I had a diastasis, incontinence and functional core weakness. I had tried some fitness videos/specific exercises that were geared toward healing diastasis or being diastasis friendly. I think that some of these moves were probably not harmful to my diastasis, but were lacking the functional use information that you provide for us to learn about how to move throughout the entire day. I don’t remember feeling like I noticed a big improvement in my core functionality and strength when comparing it to the changes I started noticing on this program.
    I think I was truly starting to gain more functional core strength where I had been weak before. I got sick when I was in week 5 of my program and had to take a break. During that 2 week period I was coughing and blowing my nose so much that I really went backward in the functionality I had gained, and actually started having more discomfort and more incontinence due to all that abdominal pressure.
    In the past week to week and a half, I have been trying to bring these practices back into my daily life and used my 1 week refresher course to access the content again and make sure I had all my handouts printed and reviewed anything I needed more clarification on. I am starting to feel like I am regaining that functionality again slowly. I still have 8 weeks left in my pregnancy, so I am trying to re-incorporate the different postures/stretches/TA hold so I can get baby as well aligned as possible.
    When I was doing well with my initial part of the course, I just noticed more strength in the daily activities that would leave me tired or with pain before. I remember thinking I am SO weak, and having another baby, my body can’t handle this. I feel like the tummy team program gave me the tools to gain core functionality in a way that works best with my pregnancy, and then can set me up for success when I can be focused on more total body strength building in postpartum.
    I will be eager to work on these concepts postpartum to start working on healing my diastasis. This is the biggest issue for me in how I feel and look. I would be interested in doing to core foundations and may look into fit2b after my initial 6 week postpartum period.

  24. Sharon Cauthen (verified owner)

    I have a wide diastasis and had very weak/disconnected core with prolapse and incontinence.
    I had become very disconnected to my core out of frustration and failing like a failure. The weaker my core got, the worse I felt. The only answer I found or was told was “exercise”. #1: I’ve never been an exerciser (though I have always enjoyed walking). #2: I have 6 children aged 5 and under. I don’t have a lot of time for exercise, and most of the core and pelvic floor exercises I found required me to be on the floor. Problem #1: try getting on the floor and being tackled by little ones! 😉 and problem #2: the only time I could really get on the floor without being tackled (or interrupted) was generally during nap time. Problem is, I was often somewhat tired myself and laying down on the floor would make me more tired and I would have a hard time trying to get moving again when I was done. All that to say, I failed at exercise. I tried again and again to do it consistently and just failed. So whenever I thought about my body or the word “exercise” came up, I felt like a failure. Disconnect 101.
    Finally I decided there had to be a better way…something that could be included as part of my life. Surely God didn’t create us to fall apart unless we were doing specific exercises every day. Surely there was a way of living that could make/keep me strong. Thus began my search that eventually led me to the Tummy team.
    How I got involved in the Tummy team is actually a funny and providential story…I had ordered a splint from them a few years ago, but hadn’t done anything else with them. As I started my search for lifestyle changes that would strengthen my core, I “randomly” got an email from the Tummy Team announcing a new podcast episode. I hadn’t received emails from them in years and although I enjoy podcasts, I didn’t even know they had one! But that episode (#31: the journey to reclaiming motherhood) totally changed my life and gave me so much hope! I just kept thinking that if someone who had had as many surgeries and trauma to her stomach as she did could heal, then surely I who had never had any surgeries or invasive anything could heal!
    Having dealt with pelvic floor prolapse, I had read some Katy Bowman stuff and had a pretty good understanding of how posture effected pelvic floor, although this knowledge never changed my life. Finally, as I thought in terms of “lifestyle changes” as opposed to “exercise”, I remembered what I had learned about posture and how important it is. My midwife had also told me about transverse holds and I was focusing on belly breaths.
    So by the time I began the prenatal course, I was already focusing on good posture, exhaling on effort, bending and lifting in good posture, belly breaths and transverse holds. I had seen improvement just doing those things on my own and had high hopes of the course taking me even farther in my recovery. I was a little disappointed that the course didn’t take me farther than it did (I had specifically hoped there would be more help for us largely pregnant mamas who are off balance due to the weight in front messing with our posture), but for people that weren’t already doing that stuff (or who don’t understand how everything works!) the course would be a huge blessing. As it was, just having the accountability and constant reminders of the course helped keep me on target.
    I was about 31 weeks pregnant when I started the course, and ended up having my baby 3.5 weeks early! So I actually watched all of week 6 after my baby was born.
    The one suggestion I have for improvement is to make printouts of the post-partum “back to fitness” considerations. Being a multiple week progression, it is difficult to remember what I’m supposed to do and when…and I watched the videos after my baby was born! For those who finish the course before having their baby it would be very difficult to remember in the midst of taking care of baby and recovering what they are or are not supposed to be adding to their routine. So it would be nice to have a printout to refer to during the recovery process. Just my suggestion! 😊
    My baby is almost two weeks old and I am looking forward to regaining connection and strength to my core! Thank you Tummy team for all you do! And thank you to all who have done podcast interviews…they really helped me along my journey!

  25. Holly

    I took this course during my second pregnancy. Although I felt like I was in much better better shape and more athletic in my first pregnancy, I experienced so much less pain in this pregnancy. I was able to have another natural birth and this time I pushed for less than 5 minutes! I know childbirth is different for everyone and goes at different speeds but I felt really empowered with the information I learned in this course. I practiced my belly breaths every time I put my other child to sleep in the months leading up to my due date. I had a splint during pregnancy and ended up getting a smaller one for postpartum (the first couple weeks I wore my pregnancy split size), it was worth the money. At my 6 week checkup I had no abdominal separation! My midwife said she had never seen that before. Now that my baby is a lot bigger and I babywear daily I have a 1.5 inch separation which is okay with me because I am breastfeeding and again, I feel empowered and feel like I have the tools to help myself. I also don’t experience the pelvic floor symptoms that I had struggled with my baby.

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How Online Tummy Team Programs Work

We have a thriving community of online clients from all over the world in our private member’s forum. You can use this to ask our therapists questions, get encouragement, or receive additional instruction. You are not on your own during this journey! And we don’t revoke access to the forum when your program ends – you can continue to ask questions as you continue your core strong journey.

We also offer eSessions (virtual appointments) if you need more 1-on-1 instruction.

We recognize that it can be hard to understand exactly how this online rehab thing works. Rest assured, our programs are based on research and functional anatomy. Each of our online programs is a direct reflection of our clinical practice of over 2 decades. Because we spend so much time on education in how the body was designed to function, it is easy to translate this into a guided online program. Each week you have educational videos, instructional videos, exercise cards, charts, assessments, and a rehab plan. You’ll watch the videos, print your handouts, and then apply what you’ve learned throughout the week.  Specifically, each week you can expect:

  • a description of the focus of that week
  • a series of videos (some educational, some instructional)
  • detailed instructions on what to expect that week
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • downloadable charts and assessments
  • downloadable pictures of the exercises or stretches for that week
  • and access to an online member forum to ask questions and get additional support

We also have extensive information on what to expect for each specific program including outlines for each course and sample videos on our Online Physical Therapy Program page.  Simply click the learn more tab on the course you are interested to get more details.

Splinting is a valuable part of the rehab process, but it is not the whole program. It is possible to rehabilitate your core without a splint; however, we have seen many benefits of splinting alongside our rehab program. It can speed up the healing of diastasis recti, it provides sensory feedback to help you understand what your core muscles should feel like, it increases blood flow to the damaged tissue, and ultimately reinforces what we teach in our core rehabilitation program. See more FAQs about splinting here.

Program Access

Our programs are rehab based, not fitness based. We spend a lot of time educating you on how your body is designed to function and how to address pain and dysfunction. Because all of our rehab “exercises” are functional, they are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily habits. By the end of our program, these routines will be second nature to you. There is no real need to re-watch the program once you’ve intentionally made these changes in your lifestyle.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

This is physical therapy and as such, clients need to be progressed at a certain pace to see results. The effectiveness of the program is due in part to the accountability and structure of the programs. Each piece builds on the previous training, allowing the body the ideal amount of time to build strength before taking on more. 

Category: Program Access

If you know you will be traveling or something will prevent you from keeping up with your program, please contact us to discuss the option of manually pausing your program access. We don’t recommend starting and stopping rehab if you can help it because it can hinder your progress, but we understand life happens.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

Yes, our platform is now optimized for use on these devices.

Category: Program Access

No. Online programs are for Tummy Team clients only. If friends are interested, please encourage them to sign up! We cherish your referrals and appreciate your honesty.

Category: Program Access

We don’t provide DVDs and are not currently on any streaming devices. However, the program can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or even a mobile device.

Category: Program Access

Splinting in Pregnancy

Splinting during pregnancy can be very beneficial. We have much more information on splinting during pregnancy here.

We don’t usually splint during the first trimester. It is the most beneficial during the second or third trimester when there are more demands on your body. Here are our general guidelines:

  • We do recommend splinting when clients are suffering from pregnancy-related pain, such as abdominal pain, lower back pain, pubic bone pain, hip pain, SI joint instability, sciatica and more. The splint will provide the necessary support that your core craves to eliminate that pain.
  • We recommend intermittent abdominal splinting late in the pregnancy as the baby gets heavy and your muscles need a break. The splint will provide the support you need to give you much-needed relief.

Keep in mind that splinting should always make you feel better, not worse. Never power through pain or ignore what your body is telling you. If you are ever feeling overheated, crampy, nauseous, or anything else, then take a break from the splint.

Pregnancy Related Questions

We recommend you start Prenatal Core Training during your second trimester after nausea has passed and you have a bit more energy. You’ll want at least six weeks before your due date to train your abdominals and pelvic floor for labor, delivery, and recovery. The more time you have, the stronger you will be.

However, if you just found us and don’t have six weeks, our Prenatal Crash Course would be more beneficial than nothing.


Refunds are not given for online programs. We stand behind the effectiveness of our programs, but as with all physical therapy, the effectiveness is in part determined by the client’s application and integration of the content provided in the programs.

Please see our full policy information here.

Category: Miscellaneous

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