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Functional Core is an 8-week Advanced Core Integrations online course intended to be a follow up course to Core Foundations, Core Foundations for Men, Floor of Your Core OR Prenatal Core Training.  (If you have not done the rehab work first, we highly recommend starting there.)

This course expands on the content from our foundational rehab process and provides additional tools, tips, strategies and resources to progress your functional core strength into all the areas of your real life including work, home, chores, parenting postures, and even sports and leisure activities.  We want to help you be strong for your real life and this course gives you the next step to get there.


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Give the gift of a strong core from The Tummy Team!

The Tummy Team Gift Voucher is the perfect way to gift our core rehab program to a friend or family member.

When purchasing our program as a gift certificate to someone, please enter their email  and pick the day you want them to receive notification of their gift at check out.  Your gift can be activated at any time by the recipient and does not expire.  (Sometimes this email goes to your SPAM folder so be sure to check there if you do not get the gift email when expected.)

$20 of your purchase will be donated to The Tummy Team Scholarship fund for clients in need.

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