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Floor of Your Core (Pelvic Floor Rehab)

(11 customer reviews)


Floor of Your Core is an 8-week online program that systematically rebuilds the foundational strength of your internal core and your pelvic floor muscles and gradually integrates that essential strength into your everyday life.
This course is good for: Women struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction; stress or urge incontinence, pelvic prolapse, constipation, pelvic pain, pelvic instability, or pain with intimacy.
Access: You will have 10 weeks of access to this 8-week course.
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**To avoid any confusion, please do not share accounts when going to purchase a course.  To direct family and friends to our programs, you can either refer a program to someone with a link to our site or purchase a gift voucher for someone. Thank you!

$20 of your purchase will be donated to The Tummy Team Scholarship fund for clients in need.


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Course Outline:
Week 1: Anatomy and Core Awareness
Week 2: Core Connection/ Pelvic Floor Awareness
Week 3: Neutral Pelvis
Week 4: Pelvic Floor Connection/ Incontinence Strategies
Week 5: Pelvic Floor Integrations/ Prolapse Strategies
Week 6: Squatting and Intimacy Strategies
Week 7: Pelvic Floor Challenge & Pelvic Pain Treatment
Week 8: Fitness and Lifestyle Transition

11 reviews for Floor of Your Core (Pelvic Floor Rehab)

  1. Elizabeth S.

    This has been life-changing because it integrates healing with everyday life. Instead of isolated exercises or a list of moves I should avoid with my D.R. and prolapse, it shows me how to perform everyday tasks safely, while getting strong enough to take some of those harder tasks off the “avoid” list. It also filled a void where I could not find help due to living abroad and lack of education among medical professionals in this field, which seems to be slowly catching up. And I also have to mention the phenomenal emotional and psychological online support from staff and other participants, who give a message of hope rather than feeding into panic and anxiety and depressing diagnoses.

  2. Jan

    As a runner with a broken core, I wanted to restore the practical functionality of my pelvic floor. This helped me to understand that the malfunction of my pelvic floor resulted from my compromised alignment and too-tight muscles! I now enjoy restored pelvic floor function and am far more aware of the micro-corrections which are constantly necessary in order to avoid pain, leaks, and other embarrassments!

  3. Andrea B

    I am 41 and was struggling with almost every symptom described in Floor of your core. I had diastasis recti, functional core weakness, prolapse, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult prior delivery, a hernia, and constipation! I had become a recluse from life in general and felt like i was aging rapidly. I had tried several things and had been given different advice from medical professionals. On doctor said i could try a sling for a bladder prolapse after my daughter was born. Another doctor said he didn’t see any issues but could be a rectal prolapse. although I personally have felt like it was my uterus coming down! I did do Hab-it exercise videos to help with symptoms but was not sure how to rehab my diastisis that was becoming an umbilical hernia that my nurse (before kids) said was a cyst and nothing to worry about. I didn’t want surgery and found the Tupler technique but once i started bracing my prolapse came back and the bracing made me physically ill. my digestion was terrible and constipation was an issue.
    I was excited to find this Tummy Team pelvic floor focused course. I saw improvements in my prolapse, constipation and pelvic instability in the first week!
    I have Hope!. I am really happy to have a nonsurgical solution. This program has been oddly very healing in other areas of my life… such as my intimacy with my husband, being more mindful on my daily dos and how they are done. I was progressing so well then covid happened and I was eating and sitting terribly BUT I see how important good posture and food is for life! and stress can make it all worse. But I am happy to find that the areas that need rehab specifically and not just 2000 kegels and tummy in 2000 times a day:) The making it functional and adding into my daily routine was hard to grasp at first for me, but its so simple but makes sense and works. Thank you for making this available!!!

  4. Tamara

    Floor of your core was another piece of the puzzle for me. I can now feel my pelvic floor engage. I appreciate the education and awareness in this course. And I definitely have more pelvic stability now.

  5. Michelle (verified owner)

    Before Floor of your core, I struggled with most of the symptoms described in the program description; diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult pregnancy, hernia, and constipation. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed an improvement in my functional core weakness, prolapse, and incontinence. I now experience more enjoyable intercourse and better self esteem. The biggest impact though has been on my confidence. Thank you so much.

  6. Dara (verified owner)

    I have taken 3 of your courses now. One a year for the past 3 years. Core Foundations, Floor of Your Core and Prenatal Core Training. I am 38 and have 4 kids ages 13, 4, 3 and 1 and my body was falling apart. I suffered from diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult pregnancy, difficult prior delivery, constipation, and more. I was unable to walk very far or at a normal speed without intense pain. I used a cane in the morning and a walker by evening. Eventually I rolled around in an office chair at home. I had to wear a support belt. Sex hurt. Sitting and standing longer than 10 min hurt. Hemrroid etc. I had no ability to do anything without terrible pain. I was desperate and grateful to find The Tummy Team. I started seeing a difference in the first 1-2 weeks of the course. ALL my symptoms have improved!!
    I’m far from perfect. I have a long way to go, but I am no longer on any assistive devices. I can sit for an hour and walk at a reasonable pace. The single biggest impact is the ability to sit and walk almost normally. Thank you so much for all you do!

  7. Julie

    I am 54 and have 3 adult children ages 24, 26 and 28. I found The Tummy Team via social media and took Floor of your core as I had all the symptoms:
    back pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, and intestinal issues. I realized quickly that I lived in constant compensation. I did whatever I had to to avoid leakage or pain. I knew it wasn’t the way to live life–nor was it the way God intended for me to live life, but I felt I was too busy to slow down and properly address the issues. In a way it a was paralyzing. While I still lived life I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing because I knew I was continuing to worsen the symptoms.

    In addition, years ago I had been suffering from chest pain when my second child was just a few months old. I sought medical help, and it was diagnosed as stress. Their solution was that I do aerobic exercise. Thus started my journey on high impact exercise which was my stress buster. I loved how it left me feeling mentally, but if I am to be totally honest within a few years I didn’t like how it left me feeling physically as I started the lightest bit of leaking. I ignored it and am now kicking myself that I didn’t address it sooner.

    I work from home as an administrative assistant and am on the computer 8-10 hours of the day. I have a standing desk but can also take breaks by sitting down (with proper form, of course). My weekend (Saturday specifically) has become a marathon to complete all of my domestic chores as that is the only time I’m not doing my admin job. So, cleaning (dusting, cleaning bathrooms, vacuum, laundry, beds) are all done in one day. It can be a challenge to remember proper form each time I bend or stoop or whatever. But there is usually something that causes a trigger for me and while I may not do it right all the time every time, I do try to correct myself as soon as I become aware.
    I visited a local pelvic floor physical therapist in the summer of 2020. However, I felt very disconnected with her, didn’t feel the chemistry was there, and felt very rushed through my sessions. I didn’t feel she was listening to my concerns but rather had an agenda that she wanted to accomplish. It wasn’t a good situation, so I stepped away from it and was left discouraged…and feeling more broken than ever!
    I was doubtful and desperate and hopeful when I started Floor of Your Core.
    I noticed an improvement in the first 2-3 weeks especially in my intestinal issues and incontinence. I’ve begun to have hope again that things can heal completely. I still struggle with some issues, but I realize this is a process–a lifestyle–not a four week instant “problem solved” program. I feel more confident in my day to day life. I walk long, lean, and lifted now. I’m very aware of how I sit and what my posture is like. I’m so grateful for the small victories already achieved. The biggest impact has definitely been the hope it has been given that full healing can come. This is a journey, and I can finish strong if I continue to use the tools given to me. The biggest take away for me though has been realizing that this is retraining the muscle memory. What I do on a daily basis is how my body will function. Game changer for me!
    Deciding to start this, finances were definitely an issue. However, I realized that in order for me to be available and active for and with my family I needed to invest in me for once instead of taking that back seat as I’m so prone to do. Time was an issue, but I made it my priority for Sunday afternoon. I went in the office, shut the door, and watched the videos for that week, took notes, and participated in the activities. No one bothered me. They knew it “mom time”.
    I am so grateful to Kelly and Gillian for their willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom. They have such an encouraging way of communicating. They gave me that hope that I needed to stay the course and finish the “race”. Thank you both so very much!

  8. Dawn

    I am 60 years old with 2 adult children (ages 42 and 31). I did Core Foundations in the fall and just finished Floor of Your Core! I have been struggling with
    diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, and a hernia for so long. For the past 20 years, I have live with people telling me I just need to diet and exercise to lose my belly, but that never worked! I feel so much stronger now that I have control of my pelvic floor and tummy muscles!
    Over the years I had umbilical hernia surgery, but it did not help because my tummy muscles were still too weak! I went to a pelvic floor physical therapist for about a year but had to stop because it was not covered by my insurance. I’ve been to other Drs who told me I just needed to lose weight and exercise, but because of a previous head injury, I could not do most of the exercises they were suggesting.
    I could not believe the difference I felt in just the first few weeks of each of these Tummy Team courses. The best part has been that I can do this work from home. Thank you so much for give me hope and a plan to continue to get stronger in my every day life.

  9. M (verified owner)

    I am 46 years-old and a mother to 9 children, ages 21 to 7. I began the Tummy Team’s “Floor of Your Core” program in January 2021 with little understanding of what had happened to my core over the years, and with no knowledge of how to fix the mess my core had become. In 15 weeks (I transitioned from the “old” program to the “updated” version and thus restarted my timeframe) I can honestly say I’ve learned many times over and above what I expected to learn! I began with a 4+ finger-wide diastasis and a stage 3 uterovaginal prolapse, bladder prolapse, and rectal prolapse. Those were the issues that drove me to find help through the Tummy Team. But when I began the process of “peeling back the layers” of disconnection in my core, it became apparent that there were so many more issues I’d been dealing with, which I’d dismissed or simply “managed” over the years! Walking the difficult path of this kind of discovery has been hard, and I did struggle with the voices of fear and doubt. However, with a new awareness that this program taught me, and all of the techniques for building strength and reconnection to my core, I am definitely on the path to being healed. I don’t struggle anymore with fear or doubt because I can literally see and FEEL the progress I’m making, progress which I didn’t think was possible. With so much damage to my core (I had almost all of the symptoms mentioned in other reviews), I’m not completely healed yet, and I’m also not perfect in my posture or my alignment, but I catch myself much more often and I know what I’m supposed to be doing and feeling instead. The switch from “old” to “new” strategies becomes more ingrained and integrated with every passing day. I feel stronger and more confident than I’ve been in over 10 years. I am so pleased with the positive results of this program (too many to list here, though I’ve counted every single one!) that even with some symptoms remaining, I am confident that I will continue forward on this journey toward healing my core! I am so very grateful for the life-changing work that the Tummy Team is doing! God bless you!

  10. Erika (verified owner)

    I am 40 years old with a 2 year old and 7 year old and I had many of the symptoms this course mentioned. (Diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, and constipation). I felt broken, embarrassed and In constant pain. I am a SAHM and managing a chronic illness, and constantly carrying a little one. I had tried several treatments with some improvements and even came to The Tummy Team clinic for several in person sessions but the online rehab program was the holy grail for me! I started out desperate and hopeful but so many of my symptoms have improved in just a few weeks that the impact on my life has been profound. I believed I was broken and that I would be living in chronic pain forever, too weak to care for myself and children. I’m still healing and have regained so much function and confidence. I’m beyond grateful and love my body once again.
    The single biggest improvement has been I GOT MY POWER BACK! A million thanks to you all.

  11. acasper3

    I previously completed Core Foundations at the end of 2018 and went from a 7cm gap at my weakest location to 4cm in 3 weeks. A couple months ago I began the Core Fitness course and was loving it, but I started to notice leaking/dripping incontinence right after doing some of the weights/bands. I felt so sad having to put it on hold and felt like I was going backwards in progress but knew I needed to do FOYC add-on before I began the Core Fitness again. I will be honest, I mostly stuck with remembering to do the engage Kegel holds/releases on the toilet when I went to the bathroom. One day about 3 weeks in, I noticed that I hadn’t had any dripping in a day or for a couple days. I have been told that my PF can tend to be more hypertonic, so I have been afraid to do any type of kegel because I can get rectal spasms or my PF wouldn’t want to release in the past. However, I’m not having that problem anymore. I do have a Therawand that I use to help release my PF at home. I’m definitely engaging my core and PF when I lift things, sneeze, cough etc and didn’t really know how to support myself in those situations. I look forward to returning for the prenatal course once I get pregnant again. I feel like I know and have the tools I need when I am feeling weak in my PF or disconnected now. Thank you guys!

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