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Core Smart Fitness Transitional Fitness Course

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Core Smart Fitness is a 10-week transitional fitness course intended to be a follow up course to Core Foundations, Core Foundations for Men, Floor of Your Core OR Prenatal Core Training.  (If you have not done the rehab work first, we highly recommend starting there.)

This course takes you week by week from the rehab process into an effective Core Smart daily fitness routine. Each week will give you 5 intentionally designed workouts that progress in intensity and complexity throughout the course. Workouts include expert cueing and instruction to ensure full core activation and proper technique so you workout smarter not harder.

This course is great for anyone who has done the initial functional core or pelvic floor rehab work and are ready to gently and safely transition into fitness that will not damage your healing diastasis or your pelvic floor.  If you are new to fitness this course will be a perfect place to start.  If you have a fitness background but are unsure how to exercise AND reinforce your functional core strength, this course is perfect for you too.

Access:  You will have 20 weeks of access to this course.

**To avoid any confusion, please do not share accounts when going to purchase a course.  To direct family and friends to our programs, you can either refer a program to someone with a link to our site or purchase a gift voucher for someone. Thank you!


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From Core Rehab to Core Smart Fitness:  10 week Transitional Fitness Course

5 workouts per week x 10 weeks

  • Workout  1- Standing Core/Balance Workout
  • Workout 2 – Resistance Bands Workout
  • Workout  3- Lower Body Workout
  • Workout 4- Upper Body Workout
  • Workout 5- Kelly Dean’s Selected Fit2b Workout
  • (Last 2 weeks are all workouts with Beth Learn)

All workouts are between 8 min and 20 minutes in length with an intensity appropriate for back to back daily exercise.  Each week builds on the work/strength from the week before.

Access: You will have 20 weeks of access to this 10-week course.

Learn more about this course HERE. 

We recommend having the following equipment to fully benefit from this course:  Three sets of hand weights (3lb, 5lb and 8lb), a door anchor handled band set with 5lb and 8lb resistance bands and two TheraBands (light and medium resistance). See Kelly’s Amazon Favorites for our recommendations.

$20 of your purchase will be donated to The Tummy Team Scholarship fund for clients in need.

3 reviews for Core Smart Fitness Transitional Fitness Course

  1. Beth Forsberg (verified owner)

    This course was amazing. Even though I learned a ton from Core Foundations and Floor of Your Core, this course was exactly what I needed to transition back into fitness with confidence. It taught me to keep my core engaged and maintain alignment (Kelly’s cues are the bomb) while growing in strength and embracing each new challenge! Thank you Tummy Team and especially you, Kelly Dean, for yet another wonderful tool for our tool belts.

  2. Molly Byerly

    I just completed the Core Smart Fitness course and I just wanted to say- it was so beneficial! I am fairly new to fitness, and I appreciate Kelly’s approach so much! I think the focus on small steps, body alignment and self care are so important! It also is flexible enough to revisit with heavier weights later on. I especially liked the band workouts! I am so thankful for the direction and encouragement! I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to move into a fitness routine!

  3. Mackenzie

    I completed the Core Smart Fitness program during my postpartum period. This was my second child, and after having significant pelvic floor dysfunction with my first (due to complications with delivery AND not returning to fitness in an appropriate way) I wanted to be kinder to my body this time to allow it to heal completely. I honestly cannot recommend this program enough. It builds on the rehab programs that you have already taken, but in a way that is challenging and not repetitive. I have to admit, there were times where I wasn’t sure that I was ready for what they were throwing in there, such as when they started adding in jumping. That was something that was scary for me, especially because I had significant pelvic floor symptoms (incontinence, pelvic floor heaviness) with jumping during my first postpartum period. But things are so well thought out and gradual that I felt confident following Kelly and dialing it back if needed (there was never a time that I felt like it was too much- the program was designed so well!). The difference in strength and confidence I had at the end as compared to the beginning of the course is not even comparable, and I finished the program feeling ready to get back into my normal fitness routine. I will, with 100% certainty, be going through this program again if/when I have more children in the future. Taking things slow postpartum and gradually returning to fitness is something that is not emphasized in our culture of “getting your body back,” but I can tell you that after being on both ends of the spectrum that it is SO worth it!

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