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Core Foundations Rehab Course

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Core Foundations is an 8-week online program to build the foundational strength of your internal core muscle and gradually integrates that essential strength into your everyday life.
This course is good for: Anyone with functional core weakness, low back pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, sciatica, sacroiliac instability, rib pain, abdominal hernias, upper-back pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, and postpartum birth recovery.
Access: You will have 10 weeks of access to this 8-week course.
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Course Outline:
Week 1: Anatomy and Awareness
Week 2: Core Connection
Week 3: Neutral Pelvis Alignment
Week 4: Pelvic Floor
Week 5: Neutral Rib Cage Alignment
Week 6: Core Consistency
Week 7: Challenge
Week 8: Core-Strong Lifestyle

57 reviews for Core Foundations Rehab Course

  1. Catie

    Core Foundations has given me my life back by teaching me how to put myself back together after two pregnancies. I am stronger than ever and able to take care of my family. I can’t thank Kelly enough for the amazing program she has put together; the incredible amount of information and practical application available here is life-changing.

  2. Katie

    I have seen countless chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists for my back pain after a car accident. No one spent as much focused time strengthening my “core” as I experienced in this program. I am amazed at the difference not only in my waist (which shrunk by three inches in six weeks), but also by the dramatic improvement I have felt in my low back pain.

  3. Elizabeth

    The Tummy Team has been extremely helpful physically, and emotionally. After my first pregnancy, I was left feeling pretty wrecked. It took me about 4 weeks of consistently following the exercise through the Core Foundations program before I noticed a marked reduction in my diastasis recti opening and my back pain. The program has been super informative and I’ve gained knowledge and tools I plan to use for the rest of my life.

  4. Jackie

    I started out discovering a small umbilical hernia and The Tummy Team was one of the few websites that helped to give me hope and understand my condition. Through the self-assessment for diastasis, I discovered I had this too. The Tummy Team got me started on the right path to healing and understanding that a DR can be improved. I did end up needing to work with a physical therapist who specializes in DR where I live. The online videos were very helpful to follow each week to begin taking action and helped to ease the emotional stress that I was feeling from the diagnosis.

  5. Kiersten

    I had a 6.5-finger diastasis and 30inch waist. Three weeks later and I had closed it to a 3-finger diastasis and had a 28-inch waist. My bellybutton even went back to normal! The results were amazing. I am still working on closing it up completely, but I feel and look totally different! Everyone around me has noticed my flat stomach and my smaller waist. I am so excited to share this information with everyone.

  6. Angela B (verified owner)

    I am 57 and have 6 kids and suffered from diastasis recti, functional core weakness, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult pregnancy, difficult prior delivery, constipation and more before I started this course. I did fit2b for a while and while it did improve things, I clearly needed more help than fitness alone could offer. I was hesitant but noticed subtle improvements every step of the way. I think it’s the first time I’ve completed an online course.. maybe ever.. the sense of the accomplishment is huge and the fact that the ideas are all finally gelling together in my mind gives me a lot of hope for my future. I also did an eSession with Gillian part way through the program which I highly recommend. Being validated by Gillian was huge.. I’m still not used to that, but I sure appreciate it. She clarified many things for me and gave me focus.. I love that I can watch the video of the eSession and make more notes to keep applying. So many of my symptoms have improved. I love the sweet spirit and the kindness along with professionalism from The Tummy Team. Thank you for that.

  7. Jess

    Before this course, I felt so broken. I couldn’t workout because I felt like it was just making everything worse. I love working out because it helps calm my anxiety so I just felt like I was at an impasse. I was frustrated and couldn’t even hold my smallest kids without pain. I was having difficulty with intimacy and going to the bathroom. My periods were erratic and painful. I just didn’t like how I felt or how I felt about myself. I felt pretty hopeless. I am 30 years old with 3 kids and suffered from so many of the symptoms you describe: diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult pregnancy, and constipation. I tried a few different exercises from other Physical therapists and different exercise mentors, but nothing was working. I just felt weaker and like I couldn’t do what I needed to do. So I was desperate, hesitant and excited to try The Tummy Team. It only took 2 weeks to notice a difference in my symptoms. I now feel stronger and more hopeful. I feel like I have the tools and power to change how my body works and how I function day to day. I still feel some pains here and there mostly from collapsed postures but I’m working on it. I know what I can do to fix it. I don’t feel broken, I feel like I am healing. I know what exercises I can do and what releases help. I still have some really tight pec muscles, but I know that I can fix that as I’m consistent. The single biggest impact was that Core Foundations gave me hope that I can feel something other than broken. I almost did not do the program as I felt a lot of fear and hesitancy because I’d tried things before and nothing worked. I wasn’t sure how this could be different but right from the get go Kelly explains everything about your body and helps you take that power back. I was also unsure of how much time I could dedicate to the exercises and releases, but she has solutions for that too which was amazing! I want to give a HUGE thank you to Kelly and everyone at the Tummy Team for giving me the tools and power to change how I feel about my body!

  8. Lois (verified owner)

    You are doing profoundly valuable work, please keep doing it and I hope other women can benefit from the program as I have. Thank you so much.
    I am a 38 year old mom of 4 (including 2 year old twins) and before I started Core Foundations I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, prolapse, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, difficult pregnancy, and constipation! I was in pain almost every day and struggled with poor posture and a weak core. I thought the pain was from food allergies, but I learned quickly that it was connected to my core weakness! I also was getting migraines and bad headaches which began as right shoulder/back pain often. I stay at home and homeschool my children. I also am earning a degree and am responsible for 99% of the household work and care for children, as my husband has a very demanding job. I went through 6 weeks of physical therapy after my twins were born for exactly this problem. It did help quite a bit, but I stopped doing the exercises, and slowly the diastasis recti came back. I couldn’t afford the time (child care) to go back to physical therapy, so this program was wonderful for me. I was a bit hopeful, a bit doubtful and pretty desperate when I signed up. Within a few weeks every one of my symptoms had improved! I rarely get headaches (big change for me). I don’t have abdominal pain (which stopped me from cuddling my family and sometimes landed me on the couch). My gut is much happier and functioning well. My incontinence (urine when coughing/laughing) is generally resolved, it hasn’t happened in about 2 weeks or more. Symptoms of prolapse has greatly improved although hasn’t completely resolved. I feel much stronger, much happier and much more comfortable in my body. My diastasis went from a 3 finger deep gap at my navel, to a very shallow 1 finger gap right at my navel (and nowhere else). My waist reduced by 2 inches. My biggest obstacle was sometimes it was hard to fit in the videos, but I made time for them. I felt really hopeless and desperate at the beginning and now I feel joyful and proud of the work we’ve done. I’m glad I did this program!

  9. Kristi

    I wish I had done this years ago! I noticed differences in my diastasis, functional core strength and low back pain within 2 weeks. I am able to function much better throughout my day now. I can better carry out my responsibilities, and am even getting more done because I’m able to stay on my feet longer without pain. I can sit in the floor without support. I can lift and carry without pain. Thank you so much for helping me with pain that I didn’t even realize was related to my core. There were 2 obstacles to me starting this sooner: Finances – I waited for a big sale, but now I think it would have been worth it even if I had paid full price and Time – I hesitated because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time to do it, but it was very easy to fit into my day!

  10. Rachel (verified owner)

    I am a 31 year old mom of 5 and before I started Core Foundations I was in so much pain and couldn’t do what I wanted to. I consistently went to the chiropractor but I just kept having to go back. I struggled with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, intestinal issues, and pelvic instability and all of my symptoms have significantly improved. I feel like I have a chance at living a normal life again! I feel like I can tackle the future now and I am empowered with knowledge to make a change. The biggest thing is that my body pain has went away almost completely. I felt hopeless and was scared to pay for the program but you totally proved me wrong, it was worth every penny. THANK YOU Kelly! YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON!

  11. Erin (verified owner)

    I am a stay at home mom and was struggling a lot when I started Core Foundations. Pain from my hernias and a weak back kept me from being active with my children. I had to stop running and generally exercising because I could not figure out how to without further damaging and worsening my core and hernias. Back pain was also an issue and made me uncomfortable during the day and unable to sleep at night. Also I was changing my pants several times a week because I could not make it to the bathroom. It was embarassing.
    I tried pelvic floor work, but their advice made me feel like I was tearing my abs apart. Surgery was offered, but I was often pregnant or breastfeeding. I was hopeful and hesitant to try online but I noticed all my symptoms have improved and I had a lot: diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, hernia, and constipation!
    Now I am not having incontinence issues nearly as often – only once or twice a month vs. a few times a week. I can sleep at night without back pain. My belly feels stronger, and I can lift and move in ways I have not been able to. I feel stronger, even as I am slowly working back up my other areas of strength. The biggest impact has been my hope for healing. My DR closed at least 3 finger widths when I did not feel like I had done all that was required. I feel stronger and hopeful that I have the resources I need to continue to heal. I just need to do it 🙂

  12. James Blaney (verified owner)

    I’m doing the Core Foundations Rehab course/ for my diastasis recti. I’m beginning week 3 and was suffering with a lot of back pain when going walking I’d be in horrible pain and have to stop and stretch my back constantly even over time the pain didn’t lessen. I started my online d/r program and now my back pain is almost gone! I’m excited every week to do my online course I can’t wait to see what other improvements I’m going to get! I wish I started years ago. My baby is 8 years old and it’s never to late! I tried everything under the sun to heal my back pain! I’m excited to take my measurements my clothes fit better already. I’m wearing shirts that are in my closet I didn’t look good in before!

  13. Kelli (verified owner)

    I am 33 with 2 kids 3 and 5. I looked at Core Foundations because I had diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain and GI issues. I was overall weak and had pain any time I tried to power through. I realized I was telling my girls all the time not right now my back hurts. I had completely stopped all fitness because it made my pain worse. I work full time and I am in a very repetitive motion job. A lot of arms out, looking down, and mostly sitting although one area of my work does that a raised desk where I will alternate sitting and standing, but I still am looking down. I’m a histotechnician.I did PT a few years ago after my second baby. I was told I had a diastasis and referred by my OB but was only given the exercises where you lay down on your back. It helped a tiny bit and was very discouraging. She told me to never run again. I admit that I was doubtful and hesitant to try online rehab but I started feeling significantly better in the second week. Now, I am more active with my children and can’t remember the last time I told them I couldn’t play with them because of my back pain. I’ve started walking for exercise again and look forward to moving back into running!! The biggest impact for me has been making me feel like the pain in my life wasn’t normal and being more active and enjoying my children and actually playing with them.
    I wish I would’ve done it a long time ago. I had saved the website for 2 years but didn’t invest the money because I had PT before and it didn’t work for me. I was worried about spending the money and it not working again… so definitely finances, skepticism, a little hopelessness and fear. I am so grateful I finally did it! This is exactly what I needed from the start.

  14. Leann (verified owner)

    5 stars all the way! I loved the program, feel stronger than I have since having my second child and feel that I can now safely carry a 4th and however many more babies that the Lord blesses us with! And I am interested in taking the prenatal core class when I am expecting in the future.
    Thank you so much! I will be recommending the program to friends.

  15. megan (verified owner)

    I have 4 kids now and I did a few weeks of Physical Therapy in 2017. It was specifically to target diastasis recti. I think it did help a little, but beyond a few stretches targeting those muscles, I did not change the way I moved or functioned on a day-to-day level. I was still sore, slouched, weak and discouraged.
    Core Foundations was different. I noticed better posture almost immediately. It took much longer for the soreness to lessen. After 2 weeks I noticed improvement in my diastasis recti, functional core weakness, and back pain. I am still building muscle memory but I am feeling hopeful that I will get stronger as I move forward with the exercises, stretches and awareness I have learned to engage my core properly.

  16. Christine (verified owner)

    I did Core Foundations at 38. I have 2 kids ages 4 and 8. When I started, I was not able to wash dishes very much because it irritated my back pain. I had a hard time moving from one position to another because of week core and diastasis. I couldn’t walk or stand very long because I had a lot of pressure in the pelvic floor and when I would cough or sneeze I would sometimes pee a little. I noticed improvements by 3 weeks of the 8 week course. I am so grateful I can do a lot more of my homemaker responsibilities. And I don’t have to rest often daily any more. The single biggest impact on my life has been that I can get stuff done more often instead of laying down and resting most of the day. Thank You!

  17. Hillary (verified owner)

    I am a 34 year old mom of a 5 year old and 3 year old twins. I started Core Foundations with a diastasis, back pain, weakness and intestinal issues but really because
    I couldn’t hold my babies while sitting anywhere other than on the couch. It hurt to hold them on the church benches, or any hard chair. I couldn’t hold them while walking for more than a few minutes at a time before my back started to hurt. I would start hurting after bending over doing anything for more than a few minutes.
    I did regular physical therapy a year after my first child was born. I went 2-3 times a week for 2-3 months. I didn’t really notice any change. I didn’t do any after my twins were born. This January when I started the tummy team I had just started with a regular PT again. I went to 3 sessions before I decided that they were not the right PT for me. They were having me do all of the exercises that Kelly was saying were not good for DR or Core instability.
    Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my core strength, back pain and diastasis. My upper back started to feel straighter and less inflamed, I was standing up straighter.
    I didn’t accomplish all that I had hoped to while doing the program, but I hope to continue to add exercises and movements into my daily routine to continue to strengthen my tummy. Most importantly, I am able to see that when I focused on the program I was able to start the healing process all on my own. I can see that little changes here and there do make a difference if I just stay consistent. Thank you for this great resource.

  18. Katie Marquardt

    I found the Tummy Team when I was 30 and pregnant with baby #4. I had a DR and then following birth I had a bladder prolapse. When I started healing my prolapse we had 4 kids 7 and under and my husband was working and going to college. I was so overwhelmed. I took what I could from the program and did the best I could at the time. I worked standing TA holds in throughout the day. In the beginning I could hold for about 10 seconds. The pelvic floor exercises I did every other time I went to the bathroom. When I started I couldn’t hold them for 2 seconds. Slowly over time I could do it longer and longer.
    I tried an in person PT to make sure I was doing a kegel correctly. I was but the pt told me, “just do kegels all the time until you feel different. Then come back.” 🙁 I did some lifestyle changes that Kelly talks about and that was a game changer for sure. Standing to fold laundry (utilizing dining room table), my kids were old enough to pick up their toys but when I help I’d sit on the floor and hand them stuff to “run” places, and I took a year off gardening completely. I stayed consistent and was able to completely heal my DR AND my bladder prolapse. I have been fully healed for over a year now and I am so grateful to The Tummy Team for giving me the tools!! I would encourage any woman to just start on the road to healing no matter what stage they are in. Don’t give up!

  19. Patricia H (verified owner)

    I had core instability with diastasis recti even before my last pregnancy but the only thing discussed by my doctor was surgery for a hernia repair. I avoided it and delivered my 4th baby. I had to immediately get a hernia repair surgery w in 6 weeks of a c-section. A year later my core still wasn’t good. I hurt myself twice significantly trying to work out within that year to get my core stable due to back pain and si pain so severely that i couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days each time. In February prior to starting the program i got injured again simply kicking a ball around with my kids in the back yard. Laid up in bed for 3days, with prescription pain meds. They recommended physical therapy which again hurt my weak core and i had bad muscle pains etc. Went back to my surgeon to see if my hernia was messed up or i had another one. I was so discouraged and a friend recommended this. I never usually do things like this, but i was desperate and my friend had been through the program and was amazed with how she improved. I too now am flabbergasted (!) at how no one from the medical community had a referral for a program like this. The physical therapy they sent me to hurt my core! I was told to push myself and do planks and abdominal crunches! Those are damaging to a weak core!

    Initially I was hopeful but very hesitant. But I noticed things improving in week 1! It’s just changing your physical approach to life. Start getting stronger with supportive postures, etc instead of hurting yourself each time. Through this program I saw a huge improvement in my diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, pelvic instability, and my hernia!

    Oh my gosh I’m tearful at finishing this program, so thankful. I have my life back. I know there is still more strengthening to do but i now know that i have to use my core and assess my strength to do something. If I’m not strong enough to hold my baby for 2hours on a hike (I’m not yet), I’ll hold him for 45 min while splinted. I’ll take breaks. I’ll listen to my body. I’ll live myself through the process and value west my body has been through. But the biggest impact on my life has been that I feel strong and confident and… I guess the biggest thing is that my hope is back. Prior to this I was so discouraged thinking that I’m only 33 and I can’t even kick a soccer ball around with my kids. Now i realize why I couldn’t and how to continue to strengthen my core . I don’t have to live in pain, and one day I will be able to run and jump and all that again!! But for now I’m enjoying a lot of low impact play with the kids, and lots of it bc I’m strengthening while i play, not damaging!
    A resounding thank you to the high hills!! I was told several times the only way to fix diastases recti was through surgery. This is just NOT true. I’m living proof. I sound like an infomercial! Ha. I’m just so surprised and so so so thankful.

  20. Christine (verified owner)

    When I started Core Foundations the biggest thing for me was my pooch. My stomach bulged even though I had lost all my baby weight. It was depressing to say the least. Also, the incontinence was very frustrating. Who likes leakage?

    I was misdiagnosed by 2 physical therapists. One said I did not have DR and gave my keegles to do only. The second believed I had a DR, although couldn’t say how far/wide/deep. Seeing her once a week did not improve my condition. She did not address my entire posture/life! Also, I saw 2 doctors, one of which said I had a massively weak core and referred me to the second PT. Then I saw an OBGYN/chiroporactor/DO and she said my condition wold not get worse, only better or stay the same. She insisted that it had been long enough since my son had been born (1.5 yrs), and I needed to get back into core work. Everything, planks etc. I knew from all my own research that I should NOT be doing any sort of planks with my core. I tried 3 other online programs along the way and though there were some great exercised to assist, they did not address the whole big picture and therefore did not give me the results I was looking for. I was waiting to call the Tummy team and when I did, I was given hope and assurance. I purchased the program and am so grateful that I did.

    Within 2 weeks in my pooch went down considerably! I have a completely new outlook on every aspect of how I move my body now. I had very quick results in my pooch, and I now am constantly aware of my core. Thank you!
    Even though this is an online program, I was thankful for the facebook group it was really nice to be able to ask questions and get feedback.
    I am just so thankful I stumbled across the fit2b website which is where I first saw the tummy team. I felt so hopeless after 3 medical professionals failing me and 3 other online programs as well.

  21. Katie

    I have a long story but I had to share!
    My 4th pregnancy was incredibly hard. I was diagnosed with a DR at my 8 week appointment with a midwife. Fast forward to postpartum and I now had a DR and bladder prolapse. It felt like it impacted everything. I couldn’t carry my kids without feeling like something was going to fall out. I was so embarrassed and worried about my symptoms that intimacy with my husband nose dived. I had almost daily incontinence. I couldn’t jump on the trampoline with my kids. I was scared, depressed, and discouraged. My husband got a vasectomy because I said “I’m so broken! Absolutely no more babies.”

    I had taken the Prenatal Core Training during my 4th pregnancy. I continued to implement the exercises and lifestyle techniques discussed throughout the program. I kept my notes from the course next to my bed and would review them throughout the week. Over time, and through consistency, my DR began to close and my prolapse is completely HEALED. When I received news of this my husband ended up getting a vasectomy reversal. We’re now pregnant with our 5th child!

    I signed up for Core Foundations because I still had a small DR and I want to life a Core Strong lifestyle. When I completed Prenatal Core Training I was in “crisis mode.” I wanted to do Core Foundations because I knew I would be able to take more in, I’m no longer nursing, and I was to continually equip myself with tools and knowledge to live a healthy life.

    I had tried other therapy. When my bladder initially prolapsed I went to a women’s health PT. She told me to “kegel until something feels different and then come back.” That was obviously not helpful. Since I had completed the Prenatal Core program I knew I needed to find someone else.

    I was able to find a local pelvic floor physical therapist who confirmed I was doing a kegel correctly and did a correct physical examination (checked me laying and standing). I appreciated the in person confirmation that I was doing things correctly but the exercises she assigned me were wayyyyy past what I was even capable of. For example, hold a kegel for 10 seconds while standing…..I couldn’t even hold a kegel for 10 seconds while sitting! So after a few visits I just continued to do what I had learned from the Tummy Team and I didn’t go back.

    When I went back to my midwife for my annual check up she was so impressed by how my DR and prolapse had healed she wanted to know what I had done.
    With Core Foundations, I was able to close my DR that last little bit while being pregnant! That was such a huge mental hurdle for me I can’t even describe it. I’m aware I very well could have a separation again by the end of the pregnancy but if I closed it once, I can do it again.

    I feel more confident and capable in my body to carry and delivery another child. I feel like I learned SO MUCH from Core Foundations and am continually integrating into my lifestyle and daily work.

    Healing my prolapse definitely led to improved intimacy with my husband. I am able to enjoy it instead of avoiding, dreading, or worrying about it.
    This gave me back the life I wanted, led us to reversing a rash decision we made (vasectomy), and now our family is expanding and I’m not scared!

    I also did an eSession with Kelly. Honestly at first I was like “ahh I don’t need one,” but I decided since I’m committed to this lifestyle I better do all the options and have one! Before the eSession I had been really good about the exercises but not about the stretches. I kind of had the mindset that “stretches don’t do much. I just want my organs where they need to be.” Kelly talked with me about how valuable they are and even picked 3 stretches that would be best for me and my lifestyle. She gave me ideas on how to work them in and now I’m faithfully doing them. Since I’ve begun doing them I see how much of a difference they make! Also talking about the difficult 4th delivery and how that impacted my body was helpful. It gave me a confidence boost that my 4th delivery wasn’t my new “norm”….just an exception then I didn’t need to anticipate happening again.
    I just want to thank you for all the work you’ve done to get these programs up and running. Thank you for all the education you try to do within your field. Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time to help change the lives of others.

  22. Emily (verified owner)

    I recovered relatively well after having my first child but after my second (both C-section, less than 18 months apart) my body felt broken and I was experiencing a lot of lower/mid back pain as well as having digestion issues. In the midst of caring for two children so young, the pain/discomfort was overwhelmingly stressful.
    I was not aware that there were physical therapy programs that could specifically treat diastisis recti until I happened to be discussing my symptoms with my chiropractor who recommended The Tummy Team.
    Less than two weeks in, I felt reconnected with my inner core which was absolutely life-changing for me. My lower/mid back pain has decreased by about 80% thus far. The pain/discomfort I was previously experiencing made it hard to complete daily tasks and enjoy meaningful moments with my kids, I felt hopeless. This program has made me whole again, I can now make it through the day with so much less struggle and I feel like my body is familiar again. It has allowed me to be more present (not in pain) for these precious moments with my small babies. This program has been extremely helpful and empowering.
    I was hopeless previously and did not hesitate to try The Tummy Team as soon as I heard about it. I was desperate for help and The Tummy Team exceeded my expectations and provided practical, easy to implement strategies.

  23. Olivia (verified owner)

    I started Core Foundations with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain and sciatica. I wasn’t aware of how my fitness routine was poorly impacting my core. I regularly have had upper and lower back pain and I didn’t realize how much of that pain was related to poor posture and poor functional movements. The education I received has been so helpful and will continue to guide me as I go forward in gaining strength postpartum.

    I really appreciated Kelly’s focus on being strong for everyday life. As a mom, functional strength is very important! I feel stronger and better able to care for my own body as I meet the demands of everyday. Learning about the anatomy and function of my core has been such a game changer and has made me much more mindful of how I use my body.

  24. summer (verified owner)

    I am 25 and I had an injury at 12 years old. I spent years in physical therapy, getting MRIs and X Rays, and even steroid injections to solve my intense chronic back pain. Everything was difficult. It effected my social life, my work life, and my marriage. Being in pain constantly took a toll on my energy level making me constantly miserable and exhausted. I had tried physical therapy, steroid injections, and pain medicine. Nothing was effective. Physical therapy made the pain worse. I noticed a difference in my functional core weakness, back pain, and pelvic instability within 2 weeks!
    I am no longer in pain! I have more energy and don’t feel controlled by pain.
    Thank you for making this available. This program has changed my life!

  25. Carrie (verified owner)

    I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, constipation and painful sex and felt hesitant that this program could help. But I am grateful. I have seen improvements in every area and I am so much more in touch with my core.

  26. Nicole (verified owner)

    The Core Foundations course has really helped change the way I look at self-care. Yes, I’m stronger physically, and have a better sense of balance when I move about my life, and yes, my diastasis gap has gotten smaller. But as important, or perhaps even more important, was the message that I am someone worthy of taking good care of. That it is important to take care of myself SO I can better care for my family. The Tummy Team provides a step-by-step way to help yourself feel better. Thanks!

  27. Yvonne T (verified owner)

    Diastasis recti really took its toll on my body image and my relationship with my husband. Also, assumed it was normal to have backpain and to have a weak core after having a baby, especially with having a large baby over 9 pounds. I felt fatigue and just going through the motions and trying my best to take of my 40 pound 2 year old who was regressing and wanted to be held more often. When speaking to my doctor, the only option suggested for my diastasis recti was surgery. That’s not something I want to do and only see it as a last resort. A friend told me about The Tummy Team and within 2 weeks of being introduced their was a discount on Core Foundations. I was excited to start feeling changes in the first 2 weeks. My back pain, and core weakness started to improve.

    Not being in pain anymore has given me more energy. Learning the proper ways to lift my children has helped with back pain and feel stronger when picking up my toddler. Nursing with more support has helped my upper back, shoulders and neck pain – that I once perceived as normal fatigue. Listening to my body for compromising of other areas of my body and just being more aware of proper alignment. The biggest help has been the education and tips on proper alignment through everyday activities- from nursing and taking care of my kids to doing laundry- and ways to stretch those muscles.
    I started with a 6 finger gap (diastasis) that is now almost a 3 and I feel like I have tools to continue to heal. I was skeptical at first especially with not seeing the results I wanted, but can feel the difference in my overall strength of my core and body (and progress in my gap) makes me hopeful that my diastasis recti will continue to close.
    Thank you for this program and including exercises that can be easily implemented in our everyday life, and to remind us to use what works for our needs and not be overwhelmed by trying to do it all.

  28. Pat (verified owner)

    I am 70 years old and Core Foundations was recommended by a friend. I was able to do daily activities but I had to tolerate the pain to do them. I tried years of physical therapy without much improvement. But with Core Foundations I noticed improvements in my back pain, core weakness AND diastasis recti in the first 2 weeks of the course. The education provided to increase life quality and I can participate in increased activities without so much pain! It was an investment in time, but it was worth working the time in for The Tummy Team Course even during a visit with family. Thank you so much!

  29. Janie Allen (verified owner)

    I started the Core Foundations 6 weeks after giving birth to my second 10 lb baby. Before pregnancy I had a bad back that would “go out” and even after seeing a physical therapist a few times was clueless as to why is was happening or what to do to improve it. The birth of my first daughter left me unable to walk for two months after her birth due to prolonged pushing that exacerbated my SI joint dysfunction and sheered the nerves in my upper legs. After birth number two (I walked out of the hospital!) I was determined to build up my core and improve my SI joint instability. Due to covid-19 I didn’t want to see a physical therapist in person and a friend recommended Tummy Team. While my rehabilitation is still a work in progress, the thing I like most about this course was the focus on rehabilitation, connection/awareness, and focus on implementing the things learned into day to day activities. I feel much stronger than when I started and have a clear plan on how to continue getting stronger. I plan on taking the Floor of my Core course next.

  30. Gretchen G (verified owner)

    I knew I had DR of between 3-4 finger lengths, depending on which area of the abdomen you checked. I had functional core weakness. I would tell my girls, “Don’t hit mommy’s tummy! Mommy has a weak tummy!” when we’d play together, because any bang into my abdomen hurt a lot and felt like my organs would be damaged. I also had hip and lower back pain on my right side, which I did not think was related to this at all. The pain during the day was manageable, but it sometimes the pain kept me awake at night.
    I tried some physical therapy with my hip/lower back pain. It did help some, and the therapist did tell me that I had an anterior tilt to my hips in my standing posture. We were working on stretches and pain relief therapy to alter this. I also googled things about DR on the web, and did my own exercises to close my gap.
    I was so excited to find The Tummy Team online. 1-2 weeks into the program, I noticed I could “feel” my core and actually sit up straight for some time; my hip/lower back pain started to feel better between 4-6 weeks into the program.
    I feel much, much stronger in my core now! My hip/lower back pain is very minimal, and it randomly shows up. When it does, the pain is not nearly as bad, and I haven’t had problems with sleeping due to that pain for weeks now. Just as an FYI, I do the scar tissue massage (2 C sections fifteen months apart) and tummy massage most nights before bed. My DR at my navel at the time of the program was 4 fingers and medium depth. My DR 3 inches above my navel was 3-4 fingers and deep. At the end of the 8 weeks, my navel DR was 1-2 fingers and shallow, and above my navel was 2-3 fingers and med/shallow. This was very encouraging to me!
    The Tummy Team has given me hope, education, and the skills that I need in order to reconnect and strengthen my core.
    Core Foundations was worth anything sacrificed in finances or time!
    I just want to thank you, Kelly and The Tummy Team, for all of the help that you have given me to heal my core. I am still in awe of how much my DR has closed up in 8 weeks time, and again, I had no idea that my right hip/lower back pain was caused by my functional core weakness! I appreciate your approach to educating us as to what is going on in our cores, which was motivating for me to make changes in my lifestyle. I also very much appreciate your very practical approach to the exercises and stretches–they truly are doable in real life, even though we all are so busy. I finally have hope as well as results for my DR and core.

  31. Lisa M (verified owner)

    I have 8 kids including 15 month old twins so my biggest obstacle was time. But I am thankful for the choice I made to invest in my health/fitness.
    When I started this program I felt very weak in my core, I always felt the need to recline or lean against something to hold me up. I now feel more strength to do my daily work, less back pain and improvement in my diastasis. I enjoyed learning about how our bodies work. I really appreciate all the knowledge about our core. I appreciate all you have put into help women regain strength and healing after pregnancies. Thank you!

  32. Heather D (verified owner)

    I am 38 with 3 kids 3, 11 and 15 and a friend recommended Core Foundations as I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, and constipation. I would have lower back pain all the time, my hips would hurt after going for a walk. It is embarrassing to talk about but it needs to be said, coughing, sneezing or laughing would cause me to pee my pants. Intimacy with my husband was painful. i felt like a broken person like my body had failed me. It made me depressed.
    I did talk to my doctor about my symptoms and her advice was just breathe and try not to stress.
    I did try some other Diastasis Recti exercises from some other program, but theirs wasn’t effective. I still was in pain and my Diastasis Recti didn’t close at all. I was pretty hesitant and it was hard to hope that this would help but I noticed improvements in all of my symptoms in the first 2 weeks and I have now finished the course and everything is much better.
    I’m so happy that i did this program, I notice that my core is so much stronger, I’m not peeing my pants coughing, sneezing or laughing. YAY!!!! My back pain isn’t as bad as it was, I have a long and lean posture that I’m sporting now, and I really don’t have pelvic pain while walking.Tummy Team also had me address some hurt and emotional scars that my body was holding on to, With a lot of praying and doing the tummy massages, I was able to reconnect with my core. I thank God for the Tummy Team!!!
    Thank you for helping me to connect to my core.

  33. Katie G (verified owner)

    I am 27 with 3 kids that are 5 months, 21 months and 3 years old! I heard about Core Foundations but was already so discouraged and I was worried about the time commitment. With the ages of my kids, I don’t have the time to dive into rehab or even lifestyle changes 100% but this program has equipped me to build on my rehab by working it into activities that I am already doing. Learning how to strengthen my core and integrate stretches and exercises into my daily life helped so much.
    I had a difficult birth and birth recovery. I had a torpedo belly with my last pregnancy and any time I stood up it felt like the bottom of my belly was about to rip open and drop my baby. My last delivery was really difficult. Whereas with my first I pushed for 8 minutes and my second I breathed out my 7lb baby within about a minute, I had to push with all my might for about an hour. I felt absolutely powerless, like my body wasn’t working the way it had previously. It felt like I didn’t have a core. Additionally, I felt very weak. It was difficult to hold my children or even stand up straight. When I would be on my feet very much or if I did any lifting or strenuous work my belly would ache. Sometimes, I would have sharp pains or a fullness and pressure as if I was about to begin my menstrual cycle.
    I saw improvements in the first 2 weeks with Core Foundations. Now, I feel better picking up my children and I don’t have to tell them that I can’t carry them because my belly hurts anymore. This is huge for me. I also feel a lot better about the way my tummy looks, I think taking my more to touch my tummy and get used to the stretch marks, along with postural changes and being able to engage the core has all made a difference. Even my husband has commented on how much it is healing. I plan to continue integrating exercises and stretches into my daily life and to continue working on activating my core throughout the day. Additionally, I plan to begin some fitness.
    I really appreciate this program and I will continue to share it with others.

  34. Emma (verified owner)

    I started Core Foundations at 30 with 2 kids as I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, a difficult pregnancy, a difficult prior delivery, and a hernia and I was feeling a bit desperate.
    I really wish I’d known more about this during my pregnancy, I had a lot of pain and instability (had a limp and had trouble walking from the pelvic pain, my belly button completely popped out and disappeared, baby was born facing the wrong way. I’ve struggled with a weak core with 2x Harrington rods (96 degree curve reduced to 40) since my early teens. I originally had a prolapse after birth, but was able to heal that with lots of kegels before starting the program. I saw a physiotherapist, and seeing that I was doing the kegels right was helpful, but it wasn’t very helpful for my DR.
    Core Foundations really helped my diastasis. It really gives me hope that I can actually heal/significantly improve my DR and core strength and hopefully future pregancies will be a lot less painful! My DR has reduced and my core feels stronger.
    The biggest impact I feel like was that knowledge was so empowering. I feel like I know enough to properly look after my core now and that’s such an incredible feeling. Thank you so much!
    At first I was worried about the financial investment but having done the program I’m really happy I did – I feel I got way more out of it than any other health appointments for my DR and I will definitely be looking into purchasing other programs (I would definitely get a splint for next time though- if/ when pregnant).
    Just wanted to thank you so much! This program came across as so kind and encouraging- I tend to be really hard on myself and beat myself up for not doing everything 100%, but having the videos on prioritizing and fitness minutes etc has been so helpful. I know so much more about my core and I’m so thankful to have completed this course! Thank you for such an amazing, empowering program!

  35. Misty (verified owner)

    I am 39 years old with a 2.5 year old baby.
    I’ve always had self esteem issues and severe body image issues. I got pregnant at 125 lbs gained over 75 lbs. during that pregnancy which was hard on me as I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. I had to have an emergency c-section and “delivered” a beautiful healthy almost 10 lb boy. During the surgery, my doctor cut “a major uterine artery” and I lost a lot of blood leading to anemia issues that I didn’t get under control until about 2 years after. I was so very tired and so broken feeling ALL THE TIME. I had googled a ton of things trying to figure out what was wrong me. The more weight I lost the more and more pregnant I looked. I knew I had diastasis recti, but could that really be the whole issue? I did a few weeks of one of the well known “postpartum boot camp”. My belly even looked bigger as the rest of my body was getting smaller as I was very near my pre-baby weight but my waist was still 9 INCHES bigger around.I spent a lot of money….$1800 in chiropractor visits, $600 on an abdominal ultrasound, only to be told by my OBGYN there is nothing wrong with you “you are just an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck and they sew all that stuff right back together”. She was nice about it, she had had one. But that’s not me. I would never spend $10,000 and risk what could go wrong in a major abdominal surgery over vanity, not at almost 40 years old. I just felt broken and helpless.
    I had felt desperate and doubtful when I started this program. I had diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, difficult prior delivery, and constipation starting this. Within 3 weeks I felt stronger actively sitting and had lost two inches around my waist. All of my symptoms are better.
    I feel super hopeful that I continue to feel this strong. My diastasis is nearly closed above and below by belly button, but am still open about two fingers at the belly button. But I have hope I can continue to heal from this. And I’ve had to make myself a priority to get through this program…..making time for mom. That is so valuable. I’m a better mom after I take care of me a bit first.
    It’s crazy to feel so cared for by Kelly Dean, when I haven’t even met her. Thank you so very much Kelly. What you do matters!!!!
    I knew about the Tummy Team (started following the facebook page) a long, long time ago. I could have saved so much money and time if I would have got over my skepticism of online help. I doubted that access to videos was worth it. It was more than worth it. It’s incredibly cheap actually.
    Also, one more thing: The grief session was very good. I had a miscarriage at almost 8 weeks prior to my successful pregnancy. I spent my last Lenton journey (I’m Catholic) focused on facing that loss even though it was three years ago. The excitement of the next pregnancy came so fast I didn’t really acknowledge my feelings of loss. The grief session felt very peaceful and calming knowing that I had overcome that and helped me reflect on Lent. The timing was just good for me. It’s worth keeping in the course for sure.

  36. Kaitlin (verified owner)

    I am 35 years old and I have not had any children yet.
    Symptoms of start of program: functional core weakness, back pain, intestinal issues, constipation
    How these symptoms impacted life: Looking back, I would say functional core weakness effected every moment of every day of my life, but I didn’t realize that was the source. I had terrible posture starting very young and just assumed I “grew” that way and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I felt and looked awful, despite being blessed with svelt genes and enjoying an active lifestyle – I would wake up in the morning looking thin and light, but would go to bed looking pregnant – my belly expanded several inches throughout the day and I felt bloated and terrible. I thought it was diet-related but I could tell it even happened just from drinking water! My ass was completely flat, the bottoms of my ribs flared out, shoulders rounded forward. I struggled being on my feet, especially standing for more than an hour at a time. I had poor body-image and self-esteem from feeling weak and easily exhausted. Each day felt like a struggle.
    Physical demands of clients life: My daily routine is anything but. I work seasonal jobs and travel a lot between them. The work is physically demanding – involves hiking with a backpack, driving long distances, camping on lumpy ground. I was constantly exhausted and experienced back and neck pain regularly. I tried to jog regularly to stay in shape but sometimes during the jog I would feel shock waves of pain going down my sides and would take time off, so I struggled to be consistent. Other jobs I’ve had like service industry or housecleaning I would come home completely exhausted from being on my feet all day.
    Have you tried other therapy?
    Nothing I tried seemed to help – chiropractic, yoga, Alexander technique, and occupational therapy. To be honest, I couldn’t even stick with any of those things because they either seemed too esoteric or didn’t seem to address the deeper issue and therefore I was unmotivated. Chiros gave me “rows” exercises to strengthen my shoulders. Alexander technique is completely opaque. Yoga made my back pain excruciating, which makes sense now because I can see I was using my glutes to stabilize instead of my core. PT helped somewhat but I could tell something was still missing. Just before starting this program, it was the first few months of COVID and I turned to exercise to get through mentally. I was being very consistent – following videos on youtube that involved cardio, HIIT movements, crunches and planks. Instead of developing wash-board abs, it seemed like my belly kept getting bigger and bigger. I tried to start meditating to manage my stress – only to find that I couldn’t even sit up straight without back support for a 10-minute session! I was really at my wits end.
    Starting the online program I felt: doubtful, desperate, grateful, hesitant
    Amount of time to see first symptoms improve: 4 weeks a tiny bit but 8 weeks for it to start feeling natural
    Symptoms client noticed improved in program: functional core weakness, back pain, intestinal issues, constipation
    How these improvements affected my quality of life: Even just the incremental amount of difference I’ve experienced in the past 2 months has me very hopeful and excited. I can both feel and understand the difference between the way I used to move and the way I am learning to move. I understand “where” my hip alignment needs to be for optimal functioning. I can sit and stand up straight longer without straining, I feel stronger and lighter when I move. I can actually walk with my head held high! This helps me feel more confident and capable. My bowel movements are inconsistent, but that’s better than being consistently constipated and I don’t get nearly as bloated over the course of the day. I feel more connected to my own body and my own physicality.
    Do you feel like you have a game plan to continue to improve moving forward: Yes, I can tell that if I continue the stretches, transverse exercises and being mindful of my movements, I will keep getting stronger and stronger. I am interested in checking out fit2b too and appreciate having that option.

    Single biggest impact on my life: I thought my body was permanently damaged, and this program proved that belief wrong! It helped me prove to myself that I have the potential to be strong and stand tall, I just needed to reconnect with a part of my body that was neglected for so long I had no idea it even existed. No other fitness or anatomical expert understood what I was missing or how to show me how to reconnect with it. The best part is getting these results not from punishing workouts, pharmaceutical band-aids or expensive surgeries, but from paying attention and consistent self-care. The “work” isn’t very difficult but it makes such a huge difference.

    Did you do an eSession? Yes
    If yes, what was the impact on the rehab process?
    It was helpful feedback and validation that yes, this program really is speaking to me as much as I think. Kelly was so encouraging and understanding, and it helped me feel dedicated to continuing with the program.

    Were most needs met within the program and the forum? yes

    What were your obstacles to starting: I was worried it was a scam, that it wouldn’t work just like all the other things I tried. I had trouble fitting it into my crazy travel-heavy schedule, and I had trouble being in one place long enough to receive the splint – I didn’t start using it until week 6 but I still think it is valuable and I don’t regret getting it. In the end it was so worth it – once I started feeling a difference I knew it was legit and I felt more motivated to continue despite the obstacles. In the end I felt empowered not only physically, but in taking the time to care for myself in the face of all the obstacles. Kelly’s encouraging and empathic approach is super motivating and comforting. I can tell that Kelly and the Team are extremely dedicated to helping their clients and advocating for tummy-safe medicine and fitness.

  37. Rachel (verified owner)

    I am 33 with a 4 month old infant. I had a small core separation of less than 2 fingers that was very much impacting the way my body felt and looked. I had lower back pain in almost all positions, even lying down, and especially from breastfeeding and caring for the baby. Intimacy was painful and not just where the stitches were– it ached afterwards and I couldn’t sit. I was constipated most of the time.
    Prior to The Tummy Team, I tried kegels and cross-over crunches (recommended by midwife). did not notice improvement when doing just those and don’t think the crunches were actually helpful. I was hesitant to do online rehab but I noticed improvements in the first week!
    My lower back pain has decreased, which helps me sleep better. My bowel movements are regular. I believe the separation of my core has decreased and my waist looks smaller. Intimacy pain has also decreased. I feel confident moving forward as I will continue the daily work of transverse holds, stretches, postures. Perhaps begin fit 2 b and definitely continue to integrate what I learned in any other work outs I do. The biggest impact has been improving overall postures in everyday life activities.
    My main obstacle to the program was motivation. sometimes boredom with the videos. I got used to it though. I think at first I was hoping for some more diagrams/ illustrations or dummies or something to show what was being talked about instead of just a person describing it. That is the only reason I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 stars.

  38. Maria (verified owner)

    I am 41 with 3 kids and I felt like my belly and insides were “loose” or “falling”. My back hurt when I stood to do dishes or just standing for a long time, sitting on bleachers at the kids games. My tummy stuck out like a torpedo. I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, intestinal issues, difficult past pregnancies, and more. I was told by my doctor that there was nothing that could be done for my Diastasis Recti and that she could refer me to a plastic surgeon. After having 3 Cesarean sections another operation was not what I wanted.
    I was doubtful, desperate, and hesitant when I started Core Foundations but I noticed improvements in the first 2-3 weeks. Now I am aware of how I stand, walk, bend in my daily life. I have less back pain, the “falling” and “loose” feeling is minimal. All of my symptoms are better and I am hopeful to continue to gain strength. I want to go through the course again as a member, spending more time on each week building on the strength.
    My biggest obstacle is myself. I have a hard time putting my needs before my families. Even feeling guilty when I take time to myself. However, the fact that I can do these exercises while I’m helping my kids with homework, driving them to their activities or even while they are getting ready has been so wonderful and easy to incorporate into my life. Thank you so much.

  39. Ally (verified owner)

    I am 34 with a 14 month old baby. I started Core Foundations with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability and a history of a difficult pregnancy. I didn’t become aware of what seemed to be a “very slow” recovery postpartum until I was about a year postpartum. Physically, it was painful having my stomach hang atop my c section scar, and my back would hurt from my stomach pulling forward often. I peed when I sneezed and my stomach was upset a lot of the time (diarrhea).
    I had inquired about it with my OB and they didn’t really acknowledge what I brought up nor provided info about it, so I assumed since they hadn’t seem worried that I probably also did not need to worry about it. It wasn’t until I noticed myself getting worse and worse that I decided to look into physical therapy to see if that’s what I needed.
    I heard about The Tummy Team from a friend and I was doubtful but desperate when I started. I saw significant improvements in the first 5 weeks! My DR isn’t completely healed yet– but I started out with an almost 6 finger separation at my belly button and 3-4 fingers above and below and now I am at about 3 fingers in the belly button and 1 below belly button and 2-3 fingers above the belly button. Having some sign of improvement motivates me to keep at it as best I can and it’s nice no longer peeing when I sneeze. Also the mental/emotional aspect of massaging my core and scar was pretty hard at first and I feel like the more I’ve done that the less anxious I am about that area of my body.
    I really feel like I have an ongoing plan to continue to move forward with my healing. My game plan is to continue doing what worked best for me to do consistently (transverse holds) and eventually ease back into exercise while being mindful. I appreciate how throughout the program the emphasis is placed on not overwhelming yourself with pressure to be perfect but to try and find some things that you can do, and try to do them consistently throughout the day. It made me feel reassured that I could do it – and I’m usually terrible about doing things consistently for more than a week.
    The biggest impact for me was that I feel empowered by my body. I can touch my stomach and massage my scar and do some exercises that I can maintain consistently for life. The program has made me realize that you really needn’t compare your progress to others because we all progress in different ways, and what matters is our mental and emotional perspective with how we use the tools we acquire. This program showed me how to navigate that and it is FABULOUS.
    I really appreciated how Kelly approached the program with such a “you can do this and you will see it all the way to the end” attitude. She covered such a huge amount of topics and possible scenarios for a huge variety of people and that is no easy task. The fact that she herself has done it, and she gets vulnerable in the videos and shows her own stomach, tells her story, it really resonated with me. I’m thankful I came across this program and did it all the way to the very end! I will be recommending this to anyone and everyone who could benefit from it. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!

  40. Jessica (verified owner)

    I am 36 and I had done the prenatal program during pregnancy, so my postpartum recovery plan was to do the Core Foundations course. I started at 3 months postpartum and was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, mild prolapse, and some pelvic instability and pain. I noticed a difference in the first 2 weeks of the course.
    I feel SO much stronger. When I did a fitness minute in front of the mirror the other day, I could SEE my TA working underneath my skin. I’ve never felt “ripped” in a fitness sense before, but that day I did! I can do housework now without worrying that I’m hurting myself or feeling overly fatigued or in pain. Carrying the baby around is still a challenge but I feel up to it. I am genuinely excited to continue building core strength. It is incredibly empowering. I also feel so much better about myself to see my prolapse healing. It’s not 100% better yet, but my symptoms are much better and I can feel the difference when I check things out down there. It’s such a personal area to have a lingering injury and it is a huge load off my mind and heart to see and feel it healing.
    The single biggest improvement has been Strength! I had so many fears about the physical changes of pregnancy, but I really feel as though these programs have supported me through those changes, both the prenatal program and core foundations. I tell all my new mom friends about these programs because feeling strong has made such a physical and emotional difference in my life. I am so grateful to have access to this information, especially online during this pandemic year!
    Just to say again how grateful I am for these courses and for the way that they are designed not just with physical but also emotional health in mind. I’m also so grateful for all the guidance for how to move forward and all the resources I can continue to draw on to build strength and protect my body. I really enjoyed getting to talk to Kelly for the podcast as well. I hope The Tummy Team continues to flourish!

  41. Cassi

    Thank you for all your incredible help and knowledge you have provided me. You have been a true life saver for me – your caring, your understanding and kindness have helped as much as your incredible knowledge about the human physiology, ingenious work-arounds and exercises.

  42. Kelsey (verified owner)

    I am loving the program. It is holistic, trauma informed and informative. I feel like I’m learning a lot without being overwhelmed. It’s infused a lot of hope and empowerment in the way I think about what my body can do. I’ve felt broken for a long time. Now I feel like there’s actually something I can do.

  43. Amy S (verified owner)

    I am 34 and have 4 kids- 5 months, 4, 10, 11.
    When I started Core Foundations, I had overdone it by lifting something and was not able to even sleep without pain. It was horrible. After my last child my first apparent thing that I noticed was that my hip did not seem stable. I wrote it off as the hormones still having my joints loose. However, it didn’t improve. If I would walk to fast or rotate the direction I was going without moving just right I would almost fall because my hip wouldn’t hold me. It was really scary to the point where I would ask everyone else to carry the baby for me. I had bladder leakage with a cough sneeze or laugh which meant I had to always wear a pad.
    I am a stay at home mom so all of the motherly household demands. Caring for a very large for his age baby. We have a farm with a very large garden and animals. (currently bottle feeding calves)
    After the self assessment it was clear that I had: diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, and pelvic instability. I was desperate and hopeful. During the first week I had less pain, the 2nd week I started to feel like I was going to be normal again at some point.
    Now, I can do almost everything that I need to. I have learned that I stop doing what I am doing as soon as my belly begins to feel tired so I don’t overdo it. I only wear a pad maybe once a week but don’t even need that now. I have noticed that when I do experience belly tiredness I notice more of a sensation in my pelvic floor.
    It is hard to pick just one significant impact that this course has had on my life. I would say recently living without pain. Lifetime impact is pelvic floor improvement.
    We have had significant impact financially from COVID so trying to make the best of what we did have I asked if there were any sales. I was so grateful to receive a grant. Honestly without that I probably would not have spent the money because I tend to put myself last. This really was a WONDERFUL program! Thank you so much!

  44. Christa V. (verified owner)

    I am 36 years old with 5 kids (youngest 4 months) and I took core foundations because I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, and some incontinence. I had some pain in every day duties, especially lifting. Difficulties in each pregnancy, getting worse with each one. Difficulty walking with sciatic pain. I am a stay at home mom of 5, homeschooling, secretary for my husband’s roofing business. I was hopeful that this would help.
    I noticed some significant improvements by week 4 of the course specifically in my diastasis and sciatica. I noticed easier walking. I don’t notice the pain with bending/lifting like I did right after delivery of my 5th baby. But the biggest impact was in my awareness. I continue to work on engaging my corset during activity. Trying to keep better posture. And I hope to be able to start walking on the treadmill consistently.
    Unfortunately, I am not on FB so I could not utilize the private client forum and I still have a few questions about my diastasis as it did not close as much as I hoped in the 8 weeks and seems to flucuate somewhat and I am not sure what that means. I am considering doing an eSession though to get those questions answered.

  45. Dawn (verified owner)

    I am 60 years old and was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, intestinal issues, pelvic instability, hernia, and constipation.
    I gave birth to my oldest daughter in 1978 (when I was just a teen) and I gave birth to my youngest daughter in 1990 (6 months before I turned 30) and was in decent shape within 3-6 months after her birth.
    I always had a slight “tummy” (after having my 1st daughter) and ended up having a partial hysterectomy in 1994 because of uterine prolapse. I thought this would solve my tummy problems, but it did not.
    I joined a gym a couple of times and tried several exercises; and though I did get in better shape, I never stayed in shape. My weight fluctuated for years (+/- 15 pounds or so) because of my asthma and being prescribed prednisone.
    I lost weight when going through some personal issues in 2002, but never quite had a flat tummy. I joined a gym again in 2007 (for a year) and had a personal trainer once/month-the other visits, I just rode the stationary bike and did circuit training. On my last visit to the gym (in August 2008), I worked out for approximately an hour (doing all the exercises I had learned). The last exercise I did at that time, was sit-ups on a slant board with a weight on my abs…something I had done with my trainer previously. I over did the reps and started to feel nauseated and thought maybe I had pulled a muscle. I left the gym and had to pull over on my way home because I thought I was going to be sick! I took it easy for a while, all the time just thinking I had over done my workout and I never joined a “gym” again.
    I had been wearing sundresses to work all summer and felt I was in good shape, because I had lost weight and toned up that summer (and was actually wearing a 2 piece bathing suit again). But, when I tried to wear my pants the following month, none of them would fit me around the waist! I ended up buying new pants that were a size bigger in the waist than what I had previously worn (and they were too big in the butt and legs)!
    I shared my problem with my family and friends (and finally a few Doctors) and was told by everyone that I just needed to diet and exercise more! I went as far as having a consultation with a local plastic surgeon who suggested a tummy tuck (and years later another plastic surgeon suggested the same thing-if I would loose 30 pounds first)!
    I ended up trying both “fat-dissolving injections” (which didn’t work completely-even with extra injections) and “laser lipsuction” (which also didn’t work completely, and I was told afterwards that my muscles were in the way)!
    I ended up having “bladder prolapse” surgery in February 2013 (2 months after getting remarried) and 6 months later was bitten by a spider and had to have surgery again and a wound vac for a month (but I was able to stand at my desk temporarily).
    I finally researched my condition more (ignoring the Doctors’ opinions) and realized I had DRA and looked for ways to repair this without surgery. I found a Physical Therapist that specialized in Pelvic issues; but before I could see her, she had moved to another facility (but the receptionist at the clinic I called was nice enough to give me the information of her new clinic). I saw her several times over the next 6 months, but therapy sessions were expensive ($125/session) and my insurance would only reimburse me 60% (after I met my deductible). The exercises she gave me to do were similar to the ones I learned on your website and she worked with me with similar therapy of relaxing tight muscles and toning the weak ones.
    I decided, after almost 30 years of sitting at a desk at my job, that I needed to try a ball chair (and I got permission to purchase one for my desk-after a referral from my Chiropractor). A year or so later, I got permission to have a stand up desk (after my Chiropractor and my Naturopathic suggested I needed to stand because of chronic lower back pain).
    When I moved home to work (in March 2020), I was so excited because I felt that I could sit or stand or walk around more while I worked and that would help…but I stand most of the time at my desk and am usually too tired by the end of the day to do much walking!
    When I found your website, I was thrilled to try your classes (even though I never seem to make enough time to do the exercises on a regular basis). I feel like your “teaching” and your “therapy” makes the most sense and is in-line with what I have realized actually works. I don’t feel like I’ve practiced the exercises enough, so I don’t feel like I’ve had a lot of progress, but I have had enough to know that this has helped me feel better about getting into better shape!
    Sorry, this is so long-I’ve had a lifetime of trying to get back into shape (like I was “before” children)!
    Core Foundations made me feel hopeful, grateful, and excited! I started feeling better in the first 2 weeks!
    I feel like I’m getting control over my body again-and now I have exercises that will help me continue to get more control! I have noticed significant improvements in my diastasis recti, functional core weakness, intestinal issues/ constipation. I am going to do this course again as I know I can feel better when I dedicate even more time to it. It is so inexpensive (and you can do on your own time)! I have recommended this program to my daughter (who just had her 1st daughter in February-a month before she turned 30)…since my mother, my sister, and I all have had uterine prolapse!

  46. Athina (verified owner)

    I am 36 and have a 1 year old and 3 year old. I learned about Diastasis Recti only after my 1st pregnancy. I had a very big DR of 5 fingers and felt like I had no strength at all. I always remember myself having back pain. This made my everyday life difficult because I have an all day sitting job and this did not make it easy. I have a full time desk job. Because of the kids and also of my work load I have not much free time to exercise anymore, but I am trying to find a way to get exercise back to my life because I always was an active person.

    After my 1st pregnancy I had a course for my core which is recommended in Switzerland. But none really gave much attention to my problem and at that time I was not so much informed of what DR is and how serious it is. I never had any treatment for my back pain. For some reason I was determined that it was related to my scoliosis problem and had accepted that I have to live with it.
    Core Foundations has been great. I noticed improvements in the first week and it gave me so much hope.
    Throughout the course all of my symptoms have improved. My DR is now less than 1 finger wide and my core is definitely so much stronger. This made me feel great and happy because not only I am much stronger in my everyday life but also my belly looks so much better and flat again!! Unfortunately by back pain is better but it is still there. I am continuing my exercises and stretches because I can feel they are good for my body, and I am sure I will be better soon.
    The most important thing is I now feel strong and confident. I know what to do for my body and how to deal with the everyday demands. And I have an ongoing plan to continue to improve! The only obstacle was that I never got my splint. It was an international delivery and did not work as expected. But I did well despite not having the splint. I am very grateful.

  47. Melanie (verified owner)

    I am 36 with 1 baby and I heard about The Tummy Team from a friend. I had a very difficult pregnancy and traumatic c-section delivery. I was really struggling with functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, and a challenging birth recovery. The back pain made it hard to hold my baby and it changed my sleeping patterns but the incontinence is my biggest annoyance. I really dislike it!
    I’m a stay at home mom with a very curious and active 13 month old – so I am busy all day with everything that entails. I also live in Germany away from family, so we don’t have any help with our little one. We have also been living during lockdowns in Germany from the pandemic, so we can’t really go anywhere, or see anyone else.
    I did see a pelvic floor PT prior to taking this course. She recommended that I take this course, because she felt like my core was so weak, it was hurting my pelvic floor more. Which I agree with… I had a c-section with a VERY HARD recovery. I know c-sections are pretty brutal, but I swear mine was worse. I had to be put under general anesthesia for the procedure this medical issue I was having at the time, and the doctors didn’t want my baby to
    feel the anesthesia, which I appreciate! My baby was also breech, so my incision was 7 inches.
    My core is much stronger than it was after this course and my lower back pain is much better. It felt great that I can hold my baby without low back pain all the time. But I still have some incontinence. And I want my pelvic floor to be completely better. I am considering doing an eSession now that my core is stronger so I can get more direction on fully healing my pelvic floor. I still gave this course 5 stars as it has helped me tremendously.

  48. Amanda (verified owner)

    I am 38 years old and have 3 kids (9month, 3 and 6) and when I started this course I felt like my body was broken. After having my third baby I felt as if I had physically aged thirty years. My back was in constant agony, and I kept injuring myself in random places. Even after sitting and nursing the baby I’d be in pain. I had a three finger width diastasis, my belly was distended, and I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes even 8 months postpartum.
    I’m a stay at home mom. I care for a baby, an energetic three year old, and a six year old who is home doing virtual school. I exclusively breastfeed my baby. I manage the home: cleaning, tidying, organizing, as well as cooking. I also manage a fairly large garden. My life has a lot of physical demands.
    I looked at other programs but the other programs advertised themselves as using fitness to heal diastasis, and I couldn’t even imagine myself being able to do the workouts when I could barely lift my baby.
    I noticed significant improvements within the first 2 weeks of the course. My diastasis, functional core weakness, back pain, and intestinal issues all improved. My body no longer feels broken, and I feel my actual age again. I can lift things without hurting myself. My back is no longer in constant agony. My diastasis has closed a little bit. I feel that I’m better able to manage things in my life. I plan to continue my transverse holds and stretches and continue to implement the strategies I learned.
    Due to my family demands,it was a bit difficult to find the time to watch the videos and implement all of the strategies. I found the program very helpful in finding ways to implement the strategies into every day life. Thank you so much!

  49. Shelby (verified owner)

    I am 41 and have 3 kids (ages 6,10 and 12) and chose Core Foundations as I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, incontinence, pelvic instability, and a hernia. I had done several weeks of Pelvic Floor PT but needed something more. I was embarrassed by my symptoms, feeling broken, not strong to share in heavy lifting that is required in daily life. I had postural pain just from simple things like brushing my kids’ teeth and sitting in a chair, doing dishes.
    I noticed improvements within the 1st week! I was excited, hopeful and really grateful. My posture and strength immediately improved, my pain from compensating postures (back and glutes) was reduced, and my diastasis (based on eval from a live PT at week 6) was improved by several inches of length. The biggest impact was the strength and knowledge I have gained! The program was very flexible. It’s easy to make this fit even a very busy life.

  50. Heather C

    Hi, there! I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for helping me rediscover my core strength. My plastic surgeon told me about your services and beliefs during my six month post-op appointment. I told her how great I felt since and that I feared not knowing how to maintain all of the gains made after surgery. She said her daughter had recently given birth and was successfully using your program. I signed up for your online classes as soon as my appointment was over.

    To give you some background information, I have given birth twice (only two pregnancies). One was in 1998, and the other in 2000. After many years of hating my post-baby body, I had an extended tummy tuck. My surgery took place in June of 2020. I know your videos talk about surgery not being necessary and women should learn to love their post-baby bodies. I tried doing that for 20 years, and I got to the point where I was tired of tucking my belly “flap” into my pants each day. It was embarrassing and did not match the rest of my body. I had been told by my OBGYN after delivery that my skin would bounce back, but it never did. To make a long story short, I had my diastasis recti repaired and five pounds of skin removed during my surgery and have zero regrets. I wish I would have had the surgery 20 years ago. It was, hands down, the best thing I have ever done for myself. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t bore you with the details regarding how long I hated my body because of my belly. I am sure you have already heard these types of stories over and over.

    I did not really know anything about diastasis recti until I began researching tummy tucks. Nobody I knew talked about this issue or said they had it. I was told years ago by my OBGYN that I had a separation of the muscles, but that was it. It was during my six week checkup after having my first child. She did not tell me what it meant, what it could lead to, or how to repair it. As a matter of fact, she told me it was normal. I continued to look pregnant for 20 years. TWENTY YEARS! I tried and tried to get rid of that gut. I lost weight, began fitness programs, ran marathons…it did not matter what I did, I continued to have a “beer gut”. The worst part was that I wasn’t even allowing myself to have beer or anything else fun. I literally ran so often that I ended up with multiple overuse injuries that led to surgery that I will never fully recover from.

    Last March, I made an appointment to see a plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck, and during that appointment, I let her know that I was going to schedule an appointment with my OB so that I could schedule a bladder lift. I wanted the bladder lift to take place prior to the tummy tuck surgery because the need was so great in comparison. My incontinence issue had gone from leaking only when I laughed/sneezed/coughed to leaking urine throughout the day and night for apparently no reason. I smelled like urine all the time, and I was wearing panty liners 24/7. My mother and grandmother suffered from the same issue, and I thought bladder surgery was the only way to fix the problem. My plastic surgeon asked me to please hold off on having bladder surgery because research shows that many women noticed incontinence issues no longer being an issue after a tummy tuck with muscle repair. After my surgery, I noticed right away that I was no longer leaking urine. I thought for sure it would start up again as soon as I coughed or sneezed. I worked diligently to NOT cough, sneeze, or laugh for a solid three weeks after the surgery. (Do you know how hard that is to accomplish?) As soon as I did cough, no leakage. Same with a sneeze. Same with a laugh. I was thrilled to see my incontinence had been fixed. I could not wait to tell the doctor this news.

    When I did finally share this information with her, she let me know how significant my diastasis recti was. She asked if anyone had told me about it after having my kids. She went on to say that they normally tell women about this at their six week checkup. I had completely forgotten about being alerted of this all those years ago by my OBGYN until the plastic surgeon asked me if I had been told about this at my six week checkup. From there, she linked my muscle separation to a number of medical issues I had been experiencing over the years, and she was not even aware I had been suffering from most of them. As she spoke, I was frantically trying to keep track of the list of symptoms. I was shocked that all of this was aligned with having weak muscles. I was so strong from years of working out, but I was also so weak that it was breaking me.

    I look back at this and think, “How sad. Why didn’t anyone tell me this happens? None of my friends have ever talked about this.” I want to help educate others about this issue – so I am sharing my story. Do I think your services could have helped me prior to having surgery? Of course. Would your course have eliminated the need for my tummy tuck? No. It might have prevented the muscle repair, but I had an enormous amount of loose skin that needed to go. There is no need for anyone to suffer through skin infections, embarrassment, having to buy clothing that does not fit the rest of their body in order to accommodate five pounds of skin. Like you said in one of your videos, you should not walk away from having babies feeling broken, and I felt so, so broken. I am so glad I took the path I did, but I am also grateful for your classes. Your videos helped me learn how to properly exercise, position my body, and were explicit at telling me WHAT I needed to feel within my abdominals. Prior to my tummy tuck, I could not feel anything in my abs. I was so blown out and felt 100% “unzipped”. Once my doctor zipped me back up, I knew I did not want to lose that feeling ever again. (It was in that moment of confessing that to her that she told me about you.) I honestly had forgotten what it felt like to feel put together. Your course helped me recognize that I can keep feeling this great forever. Your Core Foundations course taught me why a functional core is so important for those of us who have suffered from diastasis recti and all of the issues that go with it. You are a true blessing from above!
    Thank you for all you do, Heather.

  51. Erica M (verified owner)

    I have herniated disks in my back four times since 2009 causing severe pain. I also have sciatica periodically. I am a relatively thin person but look about 3 months pregnant often, especially in the evening after dinner. It is super frustrating. I mostly simply feel unstable and like I’m going to herniate another disk at any moment. I am 47 and it feels very difficult to be a mom of four kids with this pain. I am a stay at home mom of four kids from ages 15 to 3. I still carry my three year old way more often than I should, but our family is on the go so often that I often feel compelled to scoop him up just to hurry everything along.
    I have tried many other solutions. I’m sure this is the same story you’ve heard over and over again. I’ve discussed my diastasis with my OBGYN – not helpful. I’ve discussed my diastasis with my GP – not helpful. I’ve been to more than 5 physical therapists – all not helpful. The first was when I had excruciating back pain when I was pregnant with my first child. The back pain was horrible, but I was 32 years old and totally naive. I just thought this was a normal part of pregnancy. I saw a physical therapist, but the most she was able to do was offer back massages. I carried all four of my children like torpedos way out in front when I was pregnant. I was extraordinarily unstable. But remarkably, I had four vaginal, “uneventful” births and healthy kids. I went to a second physical therapist after I herniated a disk in my lower back the for the very first time in 2009. She was moderately helpful (probably the best out of everyone.) The disk eventually healed, but I went on to herniate disks another three times over the span of more years and more kids. A third physical therapist at Columbia University, was also unable to help. And the a group of young women right out of PT school with an office at the local Equinox Gym were so clueless, it was astounding. And then I found you, Kelly, the answer to my prayers. It’s also worth noting that when I was 14 years old, my appendix ruptured and I very nearly died. It took me almost a year to recover fully. To this day, almost 35 years later, I find myself hunching over “to protect my belly” during stressful times. And I mean low doses of stress like hurrying my kids around or trying to cook dinner. It is a very ingrained way my body handle stress. Kelly was the first person EVER to mention that this might be impacting my life today. What a breakthrough realization!
    I started Core Foundations hopeful but the pandemic hit and I hit pause. I actually restarted it a few months ago and am so happy I did. I have noticed improvements in my low back pain, my sciatica, my diastasis and my functional core weakness! I am much more hopeful that I can make lifelong changes. After watching the videos for a second time, it finally dawned on me that this is a lifestyle change and not really an 8 week course. The biggest thing has been gaining the understanding about how my body works!! And to realize this is a day by day commitment. Small things add up and that like nutrition, I will never stop thinking about my alignment and how I use my core. I will never ever do another crunch again!!! Thank you so much Kelly!

  52. Angela L (verified owner)

    I am 43 and have 3 kids ages 11, 13 and 15 and started Core Foundations to help my diastasis, functional core weakness and back pain. I had pretty regular upper back and shoulder pain. I always attributed the pain to stress. Occasionally, I would also hurt my lower back. I am overweight and my belly protrudes, so I also occasionally get asked if I am pregnant which I find mortifying.
    I am a stay at home mom and have enjoyed Fit2b for years and learned about The Tummy Team there. I already had learned so much in Fit2b that I was hesitant that this course could really help me but I noticed my upper back pain had almost disappeared after the first week! Prior to the program, my back ached most mornings when I woke up. My upper back would also ache throughout the day. After the first week of working on my posture, the frequency and severity of upper back pain was greatly diminished! This was not something I expected. I didn’t realize that pain was a result of my poor posture.
    The course helped me so much and gave me an ongoing plan to continue to heal and build strength. I know I need to keep checking in and working on my posture throughout the day. I also need to keep working on my core holds and squeezes and stretches. I have done really well with these some weeks, and not so great with them on other weeks. I believe that these will continue to help. I still have a d.r. and my tummy still protrudes, but I have lost an inch around my navel (without loosing weight) and my belly button seems to be less protruding as well.
    The cost prohibited me from starting it earlier, which seems dumb. I just needed to budget for it.
    I was also a bit skeptical about doing an online program, but it was very helpful. My upper back pain is greatly diminished. It made me aware of my poor posture and how that was negatively effecting my core. Thank you so much.

  53. Vaidile (verified owner)

    I am 42 and I have a little hernia and belly kind of lower than normal. It was uncomfortable and sometimes a little painful. Not having enough data I wasn’t sure what I could do. Most of the times on the web’s idea is to do surgery but I am not into it. So found your course and decided to do it. I am a sailor and live very active life. Live on the boat as well.
    I was excited to start and saw improvements in the first week. I feel much better. No more pain or discomfort. It really educated me on my body and helped me to understand what is happening with it. I feel much more confident overall in my life, my body feels much stronger and I know what I need to do everyday to keep my core strong.
    This program is absolutely fantastic. It gave me totally different viewpoint of treating my body, educated me about my body and it’s functions, increased my awareness of it. Things can be fixed if we understand them and just help our body to heal. Thank you!

  54. Juliana (verified owner)

    I am a stay at home, homeschool mom of six children infant to 10 years. The littles are poor sleepers and are clingy night and day so my body feels constantly drained. Knowing the significance of good posture is life changing!
    I had so many things going on when I friend recommended The Tummy Team. I would eat really healthy and drink a lot of water and tear when I would have a bowel movement. I was in constant pain there and in my back. I lived in a tucked tail position and my lower back would go out somewhat regularly. I thought planks were good. I knew stretching was important but didn’t prioritize it until now. I didn’t know I could do such an all over body workout in my home without supplies and with my children. My hernia from the end of my 3rd pregnancy has held me back but I am hopeful now. I know I can engage my core without hurting myself. I use to run and swim and lift. I grieved missing it and feeling good about myself but I wouldn’t trade my mommy life for that. Thankful for the pain free and empowering lifestyle I have learned here.
    I tried chiropractic care and it helped but was not preventing symptoms like this is. I noticed an improvement in the first 2 weeks. Now, I do not get back pain but if I start to feel it I realized I got sloppy in my posture and movements caring for children. I can make the necessary changes and feel better almost instantly. I will not go back to tucking my tail and hunching my back. Stretching feels like a privilege instead of a chore.
    I loved the tummy balm and massage. It is my favorite part of the day! Kelly’s constant encouragement and humility made me want to be like her. Thanks so much!

  55. Renate (verified owner)

    I am 39 with 4 kids (ages 2, 5 and 6year old twins) and I chose Core Foundations to work on my functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, and pelvic instability. With 4 young children, we have a very active household. It was hard just to get out of bed in the morning. I would be so sore. As the day would wear on, I’d go to work and be sitting in a chair that was ergonomically fitted for me but still didn’t help my back. I’d seen countless chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists but the pain would always come back. No one ever focused on strengthening more muscles.About once a year I would throw my back out picking up a kid or one of their toys. That would lay me up for a few days. I really just wanted to be pain free so I sought out this class.

    I started to feel my sciatica and pelvic stability improve in the first few weeks. I remember being at my standing desk at work and doing a belly breath. My entire core engaged and it felt like a hug. I then realized that the program was working and I had hope for a pain free life. I was able to start and end each day with the specific stretches and gradually my pain decreased. I also noticed that my rib cage to hip curve, which had always been asymmetrical, with my left side being a deeper curve than my right, was starting to even out and match.
    The Tummy Team has given me a game plan and the tools to handle my pain myself. No co-pays for the rest of my life to get temporary relief. Thank you so much!

  56. Teja (verified owner)

    I am 38 with 3 kids under 6. I started Core Foundations with diastasis recti, functional core weakness and a history of difficult pregnancies. My symptoms made me feel really unmotivated and sad. I see a great physio and this complemented the work I do with her. Sometimes we are on lockdown and I can’t see her because of covid restrictions. So this helps. Initially I was a combination of hopeful, desperate, hesitant, and excited. I noticed improvements in the first week. Including in my incontinence which I did not think was related.
    I feel like a new person! The hardest part was taking the first step. And now I feel I can do anything. Thank you!!

  57. katelyn (verified owner)

    I am 34 years old with a 1 year old and 3 year old. I was struggling with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, sciatica, and difficult prior delivery when I decided to do Core Foundations. I started in 2019 and then decided to do it again in 2021. After baby number 2, I had some core weakness, saggy tummy, and regular back pain. I knew things could be better.
    I went through core foundations almost a year after my first child. I had a small diastasis and wanted to heal it, which I did. I had my second child in April 2020, and even though I went through Prenatal Core Foundations, I had a difficult birth. She was stuck and it took a long time to get her unstuck. I was so spent and just did what my doctor told me to do–hold my breath and push. A couple hours later I had a severe hemorrhage. I had no help at home after the baby was born because of covid/stay at home orders except for my husband for one week after the birth and in the evenings. Then when the baby was 6 weeks old my husband had to travel for work. Needless to say I was at my wit’s end with a 2-year-old and a newborn. I did A LOT of baby wearing and all my core knowledge/work went out the window. We just had to do what we could just to get through the day. I thought I could try doing my exercises on my own again but I wasn’t consistent and found out from my doctor that I had at least two-finger diastasis. I knew I needed to take the class over again. My core was not what it had been and I knew I didn’t want to stretch things out more. I bought the membership and am so glad I did. I picked up a lot of things I didn’t the first time around and going through the class again gave me the motivation and discipline I needed to do my exercises.
    I feel so much better. I just feel stronger. It’s nice not to have the pain. You don’t think of it when it’s gone. Thank you for everything.

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How Online Tummy Team Programs Work

We have a thriving community of online clients from all over the world in our private member’s forum. You can use this to ask our therapists questions, get encouragement, or receive additional instruction. You are not on your own during this journey! And we don’t revoke access to the forum when your program ends – you can continue to ask questions as you continue your core strong journey.

We also offer eSessions (virtual appointments) if you need more 1-on-1 instruction.

We recognize that it can be hard to understand exactly how this online rehab thing works. Rest assured, our programs are based on research and functional anatomy. Each of our online programs is a direct reflection of our clinical practice of over 2 decades. Because we spend so much time on education in how the body was designed to function, it is easy to translate this into a guided online program. Each week you have educational videos, instructional videos, exercise cards, charts, assessments, and a rehab plan. You’ll watch the videos, print your handouts, and then apply what you’ve learned throughout the week.  Specifically, each week you can expect:

  • a description of the focus of that week
  • a series of videos (some educational, some instructional)
  • detailed instructions on what to expect that week
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • downloadable charts and assessments
  • downloadable pictures of the exercises or stretches for that week
  • and access to an online member forum to ask questions and get additional support

We also have extensive information on what to expect for each specific program including outlines for each course and sample videos on our Online Physical Therapy Program page.  Simply click the learn more tab on the course you are interested to get more details.

Splinting is a valuable part of the rehab process, but it is not the whole program. It is possible to rehabilitate your core without a splint; however, we have seen many benefits of splinting alongside our rehab program. It can speed up the healing of diastasis recti, it provides sensory feedback to help you understand what your core muscles should feel like, it increases blood flow to the damaged tissue, and ultimately reinforces what we teach in our core rehabilitation program. See more FAQs about splinting here.

Program Access

Our programs are rehab based, not fitness based. We spend a lot of time educating you on how your body is designed to function and how to address pain and dysfunction. Because all of our rehab “exercises” are functional, they are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily habits. By the end of our program, these routines will be second nature to you. There is no real need to re-watch the program once you’ve intentionally made these changes in your lifestyle.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

This is physical therapy and as such, clients need to be progressed at a certain pace to see results. The effectiveness of the program is due in part to the accountability and structure of the programs. Each piece builds on the previous training, allowing the body the ideal amount of time to build strength before taking on more. 

Category: Program Access

If you know you will be traveling or something will prevent you from keeping up with your program, please contact us to discuss the option of manually pausing your program access. We don’t recommend starting and stopping rehab if you can help it because it can hinder your progress, but we understand life happens.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

Yes, our platform is now optimized for use on these devices.

Category: Program Access

No. Online programs are for Tummy Team clients only. If friends are interested, please encourage them to sign up! We cherish your referrals and appreciate your honesty.

Category: Program Access

We don’t provide DVDs and are not currently on any streaming devices. However, the program can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or even a mobile device.

Category: Program Access

Diastasis Recti Questions

Diastasis healing times vary by person and depend on two things: the depth and width of the diastasis, and how effectively you implement your Tummy Team program tools. Most Tummy Team clients with a 3-4 finger gap or less can close their diastasis and initiate the functional core strength rebuilding in about 3 months of intentional functional core rehab.

There are other factors that can influence healing such as sleep, nutrition, chronic parenting postures, and hormones.

No, it is never too late to restore your core! Diastasis recti, functional core weakness, pelvic floor symptoms, and other related issues can be repaired no matter how long it has been since it began. We have helped thousands of men and women reverse these things and we can help you too. See our offering of online programs.


Refunds are not given for online programs. We stand behind the effectiveness of our programs, but as with all physical therapy, the effectiveness is in part determined by the client’s application and integration of the content provided in the programs.

Please see our full policy information here.

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