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Core Foundations for Men Rehab Course

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Core Foundations for Men is an 6-week online program designed specifically for men to build the foundational strength of your internal core muscle and gradually integrates that essential strength into your everyday life. This course specifically addresses diastasis recti rehabilitation as well and functional core weakness.
This course is good for: Men with functional core weakness, low back pain, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness, sciatica, sacroiliac instability, rib pain, abdominal hernias, upper-back pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, and prostate surgery recovery.
Access: You will have 8 weeks of access to this 6-week course.
Learn more about this course HERE.
**To avoid any confusion, please do not share accounts when going to purchase a course.  To direct family and friends to our programs, you can either refer a program to someone with a link to our site or purchase a gift voucher for someone. Thank you!



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Course Outline:

Week 1: Anatomy and Awareness
Week 2: Core Connection
Week 3: Neutral Pelvis Alignment/Prostate Health
Week 4: Neutral Rib Cage Alignment
Week 5: Core Challenges
Week 6: Core-Strong Lifestyle

2 reviews for Core Foundations for Men Rehab Course

  1. Vince

    I didn’t know I had a diastasis until I ended up in A&E with another problem, when I did a sit up the doctor noticed it and said I had a hernia. My own doctor thought it was a hernia also, not until I went to see a surgeon did he tell me not to worry it was a diastasis and that it was not a good idea to operate on it as the operations usually fail. If not for going to A&E I would probably have not found out about it for years. I have a strong suspicion that it happened when I was straining to lift a job at work, which I shouldn’t have been doing.
    I am 55 and I am semi retired but active so I was not happy at the thought of having something that may inhibit what I want to do.
    Having looked around the UK there is very little information or advice about diastasis. I wanted to find out if I was okay to swim with it and looked online and found Kelly’s video on swimming with diastasis and followed the link to the Tummy Team.
    In fact I have just managed to see a physio who specialises in it and has confirmed that what I have been doing with the Tummy Team is absolutely right.
    As daft as it sounds, the single biggest impact on my life was learning to breathe. Having started yoga just before finding out about my diastasis I did not get what they were going on about with breathing. I seem to have spent a life with my tummy going out when I breath out and in when I breath in! Trying to change an action that seems to embedded in your subconscious is challenging.
    I would like to thank Kelly and the team for creating this program as here in the UK there is very little awareness of it, especially if you are not a pregnant woman. I do feel a whole lot stronger in my core.

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    I knew I had a diastasis recti as I went to my doctor to make sure it wasn’t a hernia. Once I found that I had it I researched to find out what exercises I needed to do in order to repair myself. I had great difficulty finding exercises that were not designed for women who had just given birth or for women in general.
    My doctor having diagnosed the condition only suggested doing google searches to find exercises that I could do to fix the issue. I don’t think she knew much about helping men with the condition.
    I found exercises online for women and was in the process of modifying these for me when I found The Tummy Team’s site and signed up for the Core Foundations for men.
    I am 60 years old and I do a lots of computer work. Lots of sitting and talking with clients. Fitting in exercise when I can. Bushwalking and hill climbing. Gym work, group classes in Pilates and RPM. I noticed I had back pain after doing yard work and back pain after playing golf. Tiredness. The diastasis recti prevented me from exercising the way that I wanted.
    When I started the program, I thought I would just get a bunch of exercises to help me overcome my immediate problem, the diastasis recti that I had developed. I am glad the program was not focussed just on the exercises to fix my immediate problem.
    By getting me to understand how my body works and the role the transverse admoninis plays in stabilising my body and what I needed to do to engage it was a game-changer.
    It meant that once I finished the program I understood why I was doing the stretches and exercises that help me to strengthen my core and how to incorporate them into my daily life.
    It frustrated the hell out of me that I couldn’t skip ahead to the next lesson to see what was coming up without finishing the lesson I was doing but I now understand why the program is set up that way and I wouldn’t recommend changing it.
    The single biggest impact on my life was knowing that the diastasis recti was a problem that I had could be fixed and fixed without surgery.
    I was committed to the program so was motivated to finish it. Time was my biggest issue but this was important enough for me that I found time for it.

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How It Works

We have a thriving community of online clients from all over the world in our private member’s forum. You can use this to ask our therapists questions, get encouragement, or receive additional instruction. You are not on your own during this journey! And we don’t revoke access to the forum when your program ends – you can continue to ask questions as you continue your core strong journey.

We also offer eSessions (virtual appointments) if you need more 1-on-1 instruction.

Category: How It Works

We recognize that it can be hard to understand exactly how this online rehab thing works. Rest assured, our programs are based on research and functional anatomy. Each of our online programs is a direct reflection of what we do with clients in our clinic in Camas, WA. Because we spend so much time on education in how the body was designed to function, it is easy to translate this into a guided online program. Each week you have educational videos, instructional videos, exercise cards, charts, assessments, and a rehab plan. You’ll watch the videos, print your handouts, and then apply what you’ve learned throughout the week. We have even more information on how online rehab works here.

We also have extensive information on what to expect for each specific program. Find the program you are looking for in our store and then click “View Sample Videos and More” to learn about what that program offers.

Category: How It Works

Splinting is a valuable part of the rehab process, but it is not the whole program. It is possible to rehabilitate your core without a splint; however, we have seen many benefits of splinting alongside our rehab program. It can speed up the healing of diastasis recti, it provides sensory feedback to help you understand what your core muscles should feel like, it increases blood flow to the damaged tissue, and ultimately reinforces what we teach in our core rehabilitation program. See more FAQs about splinting here.

Category: How It Works

Program Access

Our programs are rehab based, not fitness based. We spend a lot of time educating you on how your body is designed to function and how to address pain and dysfunction. Because all of our rehab “exercises” are functional, they are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily habits. By the end of our program, these routines will be second nature to you. There is no real need to re-watch the program once you’ve intentionally made these changes in your lifestyle.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

This is physical therapy and as such, clients need to be progressed at a certain pace to see results. The effectiveness of the program is due in part to the accountability and structure of the programs. Each piece builds on the previous training, allowing the body the ideal amount of time to build strength before taking on more. 

Category: Program Access

If you know you will be traveling or something will prevent you from keeping up with your program, please contact us to discuss the option of manually pausing your program access. We don’t recommend starting and stopping rehab if you can help it because it can hinder your progress, but we understand life happens.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

Yes, our platform is now optimized for use on these devices.

Category: Program Access

No. Online programs are for Tummy Team clients only. If friends are interested, please encourage them to sign up! We cherish your referrals and appreciate your honesty.

Category: Program Access

We don’t provide DVDs and are not currently on any streaming devices. However, the program can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or even a mobile device.

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Diastasis Recti Questions

Diastasis healing times vary by person and depend on two things: the depth and width of the diastasis, and how effectively you implement your Tummy Team program tools. Most Tummy Team clients with a 3-4 finger gap or less can close their diastasis and initiate the functional core strength rebuilding in about 3 months of intentional functional core rehab.

There are other factors that can influence healing such as sleep, nutrition, chronic parenting postures, and hormones.

No, it is never too late to restore your core! Diastasis recti, functional core weakness, pelvic floor symptoms, and other related issues can be repaired no matter how long it has been since it began. We have helped thousands of men and women reverse these things and we can help you too. See our offering of online programs.


Refunds are not given for online programs. We stand behind the effectiveness of our programs, but as with all physical therapy, the effectiveness is in part determined by the client’s application and integration of the content provided in the programs.

Please see our full policy information here.

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