Learn How to Improve Optimal Fetal Alignment

optimal fetal alignment

The Tummy Team specializes in functional core strength – training your internal corset muscle (the transverse abdominis) to be able to hold your body upright, while aligned and stable for real-life functional activities like sitting, standing, lifting and, in this case, supporting the uterus in pregnancy and labor and delivery.

As Physical Therapists, we have the benefit of seeing clients during their entire pregnancy to help them prepare for pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth recovery. In the video blog below, we are going to share how functional core strength impacts optimal fetal alignment and how this benefits both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, during labor and delivery and even postpartum. You can learn more about functional core strength and optimal fetal alignment here.

**The promo code provided at the end of this video will expire at the end of April 2017 and will be voided after 20 uses. Limit one use per person.**

Our passion is to educate and give you options. The Tummy Team specializes in training expecting moms for optimal fetal alignment and functional core strength throughout your entire pregnancy. We work with clients in our clinic and we also offer very effective online programs to walk clients step by step through preparing the core and pelvic floor for pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth recovery.
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