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Online Core Trauma Recovery

Online Core Trauma Recovery

Do you feel completely disconnected from your body?

After over a decade of working with thousands of clients struggling with functional core weakness we have discovered that Physical Disconnect is the biggest issue impacting functional core strength. 

You simply cannot heal what you cannot feel.

Reconnection is Possible

More often than not, we stopped feeling after a traumatic event. Reconnecting requires us to slow down, rewind those tapes, nurture, soothe and support those structures so we can reconnect and rebuild our foundational strength from the inside out. This is why we have not only included the emotional and physical healing component to every course we teach, but we have also designed two core trauma recovery courses to help clients navigate their way through the past trauma into lifelong strength.


Trauma Happens

How do we live on?

Trauma is an individual experience. Two people can experience similar traumatic events and have completely different responses to them. Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s, but also know that you are not completely alone in your healing journey. We are all on a journey to learn how to honor, respect, nurture and empower our own body. That journey is what we are here to support and facilitate.

Emotional pain is important to acknowledge and validate. It is ok to not be ok. AND there is a pathway back to feeling ok again. 

Withdrawal and disconnect are our body’s built in survival strategies. We are survivors by nature with an incredible capacity to endure and heal. But surviving is a short term strategy, not a long term lifestyle

Most trauma care focuses on our mental and emotional health. There is another component to healing from trauma. The body physically holds tension and stress and trauma in the muscles of your body. Often the area that holds this pain is between our chest and our pelvis. We stuff it in and push it down and then do everything we can to ignore it so we can move on with our lives. 

We often believe we are mental/emotional beings with a physical body, but more often we realize our physical body is controlling our mental and emotional experiences. It is all connected. 

Numbness can be a refuge. It is ok to cling to it for a time. 

But disconnect has physical consequences especially when maintained as a long term lifestyle.

We have designed two core trauma recovery courses to help clients navigate their way through the past trauma into lifelong strength.

These courses are going to help you identify the ways your body may be storing past emotional and physical trauma in the muscles of your core and pelvic floor and give you a gentle process to release it.

Muscles have a memory. They respond to fear, pain, anxiety, sadness, and strain in very protective ways. We will go into those muscle memories to nurture and replace the support that was missing or unavailable at the time of the trauma and reframe your body’s response to similar movements or sensations so you can move forward with your healing and your life.

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