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Diastasis recti is a common condition caused by consistent, forceful forward pressure against the abdominal wall. However, no matter your age or stage of life, you can heal your core!

Functional Core Strength is essential to a pain-free active life. Often our clients confuse fitness exercises with functional strength. It is not the same. The core is designed for posture, breathing, and stability for all movement. How you connect to the internal muscles of your torso in upright, daily movements can make all the difference in how you live your life especially as you age.

The Tummy Team specializes in prenatal and postpartum women because they have the highest incidence of diastasis recti (a separated abdominal wall) and they have the most dramatic change in core strength over the span of their pregnancy. But functional core weakness is not limited to prenatal and postpartum women, it is an epidemic in our culture.

The Tummy Team’s most popular online core rehab program is Core Foundations (and now Core Foundations for Men) and it is designed to systematically rebuild your true core strength no matter what age you are or how severe your symptoms might be. You are absolutely NEVER TOO OLD TO HAVE A STRONG CORE!

Check out this amazing story from one of our online clients, Beth age 60.


I am a married 60 year old woman with a 25 year old.  I am a retired but active lady. My husband and I walk daily, love to travel and explore. We have a fun convertible car that requires bending to get in and I spend a good portion of my week on my computer writing. I also work hard at cleaning, laundry and other household chores. 

Initial symptoms…

Sciatica and back pain were both nagging issues that started began to have an affect on everything I did, from housework to sleeping at night. I knew from years of being a dancer and being active that my core was weak.

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Things I tried…

I was constantly in search of exercise and stretches that would help my symptoms. I bumped into an online exercise site that had core workouts, which I tried but nothing helped. The one thing I gained from that site was hearing the term diastasis recti for the first time in my life. I began to research, found Fit2B and joined. It was there I began to understand the disconnection I had developed from my core or tummy through the years and I was introduced to The Tummy Team to look past exercise to functional core rehab. I was so excited and hopeful to start.

The impact The Tummy Team has had on my life…

Oh my goodness, where do I begin. It has been incredible. I can actually tighten my core and feel the muscles lift and pull in. My posture has greatly improved and my sciatica issues are basically gone. My diastasis is within the normal levels now (25 years after having my daughter I might add) and my back pain is so much better. I am sure there is probably damage along my spine due to my age and my years of dance, normal falls on my tailbone, etc., but the stronger my core gets the less pain. I am also sleeping so much better. You could say I have a new lease on life!

Not only do I feel better but I have a plan moving forward…

Absolutely! I will continue to strengthen my core and stretch out those compensating muscles, focus on a long and lean posture, active standing, walking with eyes on the horizon and pushing back on the earth…all of the things!!!!

The single biggest impact this journey has had on me…

Helping me connect to and strengthen my transverse abdominis!

Initially I had some concern about spending the money for the program, but what an investment into my quality of life this course has been. This 60 year old is so grateful to have found the tummy team and will continue to tell everyone who gives me the chance about this amazing program. In fact, my 67 year old husband has been so impressed with my success that he started the Men’s course last week.


This is just one of many stories from The Tummy Team clients. If you have been thinking, “it is too late for me” or “I am just going to have live with the pain for the rest of my life,” reconsider. Take a look at The Tummy Team, we have several online programs to help you be strong for the life you were meant to live. If you are in the Camas, WA area you can book an appointment on our clinic site. Otherwise, take a look at the programs we offer! Click the images below to learn more about Core Foundations & Core Foundations for Men.

life changing
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