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Online Program Memberships

Tummy Team Memberships gives our Alumni the ability to have ongoing access to their rehab courses beyond the 6-10 week timeline of the rehab course.

We firmly believe in the timeline assigned to each course as being essential for clients to get the most of their initial rehab process.  Physical therapy is most effective when the rehab process is timed with one piece building on the next while allowing the body time to build strength, connection and range of motion between steps. For this reason, all of our clients begin in the structured rehab courses.

However, we also realize that we provide a lot of information in our courses and often clients want ongoing access to their courses to review, revisit and reinforce their new core strong lifestyle well beyond their 6-10 weeks of course access.  For this reason, we have the ability for rehab clients to extend their course access through Tummy Team Online Program Memberships.

How It Works

What are Tummy Team memberships? 

Online Program Memberships give you full access to ALL courses you have previously completed and course-related BONUS material for one low membership price.

ie. If you have previously completed Prenatal Core Training and Core Foundations, your membership will give you full access to both courses.

Who would benefit from a Tummy Team Membership?

Memberships are available to Tummy Team clients who have completed at least one of our online rehab courses but would like to have ongoing access to their course(s) as well as exclusive membership BONUS material.

Memberships are ideal for…

  1. Clients who need additional access time to complete their rehab course.
  2. Clients who want a refresher to the content in a previously completed rehab course.
  3. Clients who need to revisit specific portions of their rehab process.
  4. Clients who have medical complications that require them to go more slowly through the rehab course.
  5. Clients who would like to continue access to their course and new BONUS material for any reason.

How do I sign up?

  • First go to our online store HERE
  • Choose your payment schedule (one-time or monthly payment)
  • Choose your subscription length (6 months or 12 months)
  • Add to your cart and complete the order process.
  • After you purchase your membership Login
  • Click “My Courses”
  • Your Membership will list all of the Tummy Team courses. However, you only have access to the courses that you have previously done. (Courses not previously done will not open)
  • Select the course that you want to review, you will have full access to the course material as well as “BONUS material”

What is included in BONUS material?

BONUS material are extra videos that we add to each program membership that we feel would be of interest to our alumni as they continue their Core Strong Lifestyle.  This section has many of the rehab exercises, stretches and strategies in short videos for easy review as well as additional content that we are continually adding to per our members requests.  As a Tummy Team Member you have the opportunity to request new content to be added to your membership and we will do our best to include the content that seems most relevant.


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Have any additional questions about our online programs or about memberships? View our online program FAQ page here or contact us here!

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