Irritable Uterus Healed

Many of the clients we see are often surprised that their seemingly unrelated, mysterious symptoms can be related to a weakened core. This can especially be the case in pregnancy. Irritable Uterus is an uncommon symptom where the uterus contracts in a disorganized way. It does not in any way lead to labor but can be incredibly irritating and restless. After suffering through four pregnancies with an irritable uterus, and with a fifth baby on the way, this mom had enough. Read her testimony below…

I’ve had Irritable Uterus (IU) throughout all of my pregnancies and it’s only in the last two that I have come to the point where I said, “Enough is enough! There has got to be an answer to this irritable uterus thing that doctors have no explanation for!” In my third pregnancy, my contractions began at just 7 weeks! I just dealt with it…and tried my best to avoid situations that would trigger it (a full bladder, seat belts, under the belly maternity pants, sitting for periods longer than a few minutes).

With my fourth [pregnancy] I started having contractions around 9 weeks and they were not the kind I was used to in other pregnancies. After talking with my homebirth midwife I ended up going to a chiropractor…he told me about something called a “buckled sacrum” and he adjusted my tailbone as I stood up against a wall like I was being frisked by a police officer. It felt like he didn’t do anything and I was skeptical. I went home and the contractions didn’t come back for a couple of days… After that, I went in weekly to have my sacrum gently coaxed back into place. I was contraction free!

This pregnancy I was shocked when I got to 15 weeks and still hadn’t had a single contraction. I thought for sure it had something to do with the core work I had already done with Fit2B. But then, in my 16th week, they started up. My core had reached its limit. After the first day of contractions, I got really concerned because I had some spotting the next day, so I contacted Kelly. She spoke with me over Skype and we figured out that, for me, the biggest trigger of an irritable uterus is my posture and alignment. I have a tendency to sit on my sacrum and that’s what causes it to buckle. When the sacrum buckles, it tilts my uterus forward causing more pressure on my cervix and stresses the uterus out which causes contractions. So, by strengthening my core I’ve been able to keep from slumping into that habitual sitting on my tailbone that I do. I’ve also had to avoid sitting in bed and on recliners. Very, very bad for me. As long as I am sitting on my “sit bones,” as Kelly calls them, and my core is supporting me, I don’t get contractions. (The only exception is if I let my bladder get too full!)

I have four little boys and am on my 5th baby (7th pregnancy) now and I am already feeling huge success from the rehab and my skype session with Kelly. My core is getting stronger and my posture and alignment is so much improved. I am getting to the point where I can sit correctly unsupported for much longer now. I’ve seen amazing changes in my core strength and I’ve worked on my alignment and I am not having contractions anymore due to an irritable uterus (it’s not irritated when it’s locked in place where it should be).”

Her doctor could not help her with her irritable uterus and her chiropractor only brought temporary relief to a symptom. The Tummy Team focuses on finding the cause of the symptom and teaches you to fix it. That’s what rehabilitation is. You may not think your symptoms are related to a weak core but they very well could be. You don’t have to just “deal with it” as this client and so many others have done. We can help you restore your core, relieve your pain and reclaim your true self.

The Tummy Team has helped thousands of clients locally and internationally with their comprehensive online core rehab programs. The core is the foundation for all your movement all day long. If you are struggling to really connect to your core, let us help you. Check out our online courses HERE or click the images below to preview our most popular programs.

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