Introducing Online Program Memberships

You asked and we have delivered!

After years of client requests, The Tummy Team is now offering Online Program Memberships. The Tummy Team Memberships will allow clients who have previously completed at least one of our online programs to enroll in a 6 month or 12-month membership option to have full access to ALL of their previously completed courses as well as exclusive access to BONUS material created by The Tummy Team.

We recognize that our courses are packed with content and intended to help clients engage in a core strong lifestyle so ongoing access can help achieve this goal.  In addition, some clients need extended access to address all of their rehab needs and other clients would benefit from a review of previous courses due to life changes (like a new pregnancy or an unexpected injury). Tummy Team program memberships will meet all of these needs and help us continue to support our loyal Tummy Team Alumni throughout all of these needs.

The Tummy Team has been offering online functional core and pelvic floor rehab since 2012. Our courses are comprehensive and practical and are designed to help clients get the rehabilitation they need from their homes regardless of where they live in the world. Tummy Team memberships will build on this by offering ongoing support to maintain your core strong lifestyle.

You probably have some questions.  Let us explain how it will work…

Who qualifies for a Tummy Team Online Program Membership and what is included?

Any Tummy Team client who has previously completed at least one online Tummy Team rehab course.  Memberships do not replace the rehab process but they are supplemental access after you have gone through the initial rehab process. You will receive full access to every Tummy Team online program that you have previously completed with The Tummy Team as well as access to exclusive BONUS material that we are creating just for our memberships.

How long does a Tummy Team Membership last and how much does it cost?

You can choose between a 6-month or 12-month membership option. There are also several affordable options for payment…

  • 6-month Membership: $18/mo recurring payments  OR  $100/6 month one-time payment
  • 12-month Membership: $12/mo recurring payments  OR  $120/12 month one-time payment

Will Memberships replace the timed access online rehab programs?

No. We still require all clients to begin with our online rehab program and we firmly believe in the benefits of the timelines attached to each program.  Rehab works best when one piece is built upon another with consistent progression.  Our strategic step by step process with the timing is essential to helping clients at home progress at the appropriate pace to be successful.  After you have completed a rehab course, you can choose to get a membership to that course for ongoing access to review, revisit and reinforce what you learned in your timed access course and implement it into your ongoing core strong lifestyle.

I have done several online programs, will I need several memberships?

Nope! When you sign up for a Tummy Team Membership, you get full access to every course you have ever taken with us for one all-inclusive price.

What if it has been years since I completed a course with The Tummy Team?

That is the beauty of it!  You qualify for our Tummy Team Membership regardless of how long it has been since you did your original program.  If you completed your Tummy Team course on a previous platform with us, you will simply need to contact us after your purchase so we can update your new account.

Can I have a Tummy Team Online Program membership AND sign up for a new course?

Yes, you can have an ongoing membership to your previous courses AND purchase courses you have yet to complete with no complication.  Once you have completed your new course, it will seamlessly be added to your membership access.

Are there still course extension/refresher options?

The Tummy Team Online Program Memberships will replace our previous course extension/refreshers.

What is included in BONUS material?

BONUS material sections will be added to each course and new material will be added to these sections every month. Initially BONUS material will be an inventory of all of the strategies, exercises, and stretches. This allows clients to view just what they need to review. For instance, you can watch a 1-minute video on the Forward Hamstring Stretch without having to watch a 12-minute Neutral Pelvis video from the course that introduces that stretch.  In addition, we will add client-requested education to this section as well, so if a client has a request for a specific video we can add that to our filming list.

We are very excited to offer this option to our Tummy Team Alumni and future Tummy Team clients. Our goal is to help you be strong for the life you were meant to be. Memberships will help us help you meet that goal. Click on the image below to view the memberships in our store!



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