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How Online Rehab Works

The Tummy Team began as a physical therapy clinic in Camas, WA (outside of Portland, OR). Our reputation of being a resource for women and men struggling with diastasis recti and functional core weakness quickly spread around the country. We started to work online with clients worldwide with great success. With a desire to make The Tummy Team approach available to more clients everywhere, we developed several comprehensive online programs. These programs follow the same approach we use with clients in our clinic on a weekly basis.

The Tummy Team online rehab programs are set up with weekly access to:

  • a description of the focus of that week  
  • a series of videos (some educational, some instructional)
  • detailed instructions on what to expect that week
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • downloadable charts and assessments
  • downloadable pictures of the exercises or stretches for that week
  • access to an online member forum to ask questions and get support

How It Works

The videos are intended to be watched at the start of the week and then the content is applied and implemented into your everyday routine. Once you watch the videos, you don’t typically need to rewatch them to do the work.

The Tummy Team approach is all about functional integration which means we give you practical strategies to build it into your daily life until it becomes a habit. Rather than needing to set aside time to “exercise” daily, we will provide easy, creative ways to work your rehab into your daily movements. It is more about intentionality than about intensity and exercise.

Each new week you will receive access to another training module and downloads. Because this is rehab and not fitness, it typically takes a week to integrate the content from each focus and build enough strength and awareness for your body to be able to progress to the next level.  

As you move through the modules, you can always review past weeks of content as needed. As with any physical therapy, the program is most effective when you consistently build week by week. At the end of the course, there are 2 additional weeks of full access built into your program to make up for any delays (such as illnesses or conflicts) that may have happened. In addition to the online videos, we have a private client-only Facebook Forum where you can ask questions, share strategies, and get support from our therapists, staff, and thousands of other clients.

The courses are designed to help you personalize our approach for your specific needs but there are times when you may want to meet one on one with our therapists. If this is something you’d like, you can purchase an eSession with us or check our Endorsed Tummy Team Trained Professional list to find a specialist near you.


Not sure what program is best for you? Take our online program questionnaire HERE. Still have questions? Check out our online programs FAQ page HERE or contact us HERE.