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How Online Rehab Works

The Tummy Team International Online Physical Therapy Clinic

Our unique clinical approach to functional core (and pelvic floor) rehab based on over 20 years of clinic application focused on neuromuscular rehabilitation and  functional integration of true core strength.  We focus on education and partnering with you in a comprehensive and very effective online video and virtual appointment setting.  Our Online Clinic allows us to work with clients worldwide to  provide highly specialized physical therapy to everyone at reasonable prices.  The Tummy Team offers 3 options for Online Physical Therapy:

Comprehensive Online Courses:

We offer 10 different comprehensive online courses that provide weekly engaging video content, helpful handouts and specific step by step guidance through your functional core or functional pelvic floor rehab journey. These programs follow the same week by week approach we have used for years with clients  in our physical therapy clinic. Check out all of our online programs here.

Online Physical Therapy Appointments:

Our founder and physical therapist, Kelly Dean offers 1:1 online physical therapy appointments over our video chat platform to provide you with the specialist you need right in your own home. Kelly has the experience, the compassion and the creativity to help you meet your personal goals. Learn more about Online PT Appointments with Kelly here.

Combination of Online Course and Online Clinic Appointments:

Clients can get the benefits of the comprehensive video content of our online course combined with the personal instruction and support of our specialist Kelly Dean.  Clients can supplement their online program with 1 or multiple Online Clinic Appointments based on their preference and personal goals.

FAQ about How Online PT Works

If you have questions about our online rehab programs, please search this page first. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Click on a category below to view FAQs or put keywords in the search box to search all FAQs.

How Online Tummy Team Programs Work

We have a thriving community of online clients from all over the world in our private member’s forum. You can use this to ask our therapists questions, get encouragement, or receive additional instruction. You are not on your own during this journey! And we don’t revoke access to the forum when your program ends – you can continue to ask questions as you continue your core strong journey.

We also offer eSessions (virtual appointments) if you need more 1-on-1 instruction.

We recognize that it can be hard to understand exactly how this online rehab thing works. Rest assured, our programs are based on research and functional anatomy. Each of our online programs is a direct reflection of our clinical practice of over 2 decades. Because we spend so much time on education in how the body was designed to function, it is easy to translate this into a guided online program. Each week you have educational videos, instructional videos, exercise cards, charts, assessments, and a rehab plan. You’ll watch the videos, print your handouts, and then apply what you’ve learned throughout the week.  Specifically, each week you can expect:

  • a description of the focus of that week
  • a series of videos (some educational, some instructional)
  • detailed instructions on what to expect that week
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • downloadable charts and assessments
  • downloadable pictures of the exercises or stretches for that week
  • and access to an online member forum to ask questions and get additional support

We also have extensive information on what to expect for each specific program including outlines for each course and sample videos on our Online Physical Therapy Program page.  Simply click the learn more tab on the course you are interested to get more details.

The Tummy Team programs were developed by physical therapist Kelly Dean, who personally healed her core with this approach. It is based on the neuromuscular retraining of the core. The biggest difference we hear from clients is that this program is simple to apply because the “exercises” are made for real life. Rather than a regimented set of exercises and protocols, our programs support the optimal function of the whole body and were designed for use in real life scenarios like picking up kids, sitting at a desk, mowing the lawn, etc. Learn more about our approach here.

We offer a lot of different programs and we understand it can be confusing which one is best. That is why we made this questionnaire to help you narrow it down. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Splinting is a valuable part of the rehab process, but it is not the whole program. It is possible to rehabilitate your core without a splint; however, we have seen many benefits of splinting alongside our rehab program. It can speed up the healing of diastasis recti, it provides sensory feedback to help you understand what your core muscles should feel like, it increases blood flow to the damaged tissue, and ultimately reinforces what we teach in our core rehabilitation program. See more FAQs about splinting here.

Yes! When you purchase your course (or courses), it is placed in your account under “My Courses” and will remain there until you are ready to begin. You will then click the “ENROLL NOW” button which will officially begin your access time.

If you bought 2 courses and one of them does not show up, please contact us at

The videos are intended to be watched at the start of the week and then the content is applied and implemented into your everyday routine. Once you watch the videos, you don’t typically need to rewatch them to do the work. The first week in most of the courses has about 1.5-2 hours of videos to watch, each following week has 45-60 min of videos. The daily implementation takes 3-5 mins 3-4 times during the day.

The Tummy Team approach is all about functional integration which means we give you practical strategies to build it into your daily life until it becomes a habit. Rather than needing to set aside time to “exercise” daily, we will provide easy, creative ways to work your rehab into your daily movements. It is more about intentionality than about intensity and exercise.

Each new week you will receive access to another training module and downloads. Because this is rehab and not fitness, it typically takes a week to integrate the content from each focus and build enough strength and awareness for your body to be able to progress to the next level.  

As you move through the modules, you can always review past weeks of content as needed. As with any physical therapy, the program is most effective when you consistently build week by week. At the end of the course, there are 2 additional weeks of full access built into your program to make up for any delays (such as illnesses or conflicts) that may have happened. In addition to the online videos, we have a private client-only Facebook Forum where you can ask questions, share strategies, and get support from our therapists, staff, and thousands of other clients.

Program Access

Our programs are rehab based, not fitness based. We spend a lot of time educating you on how your body is designed to function and how to address pain and dysfunction. Because all of our rehab “exercises” are functional, they are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily habits. By the end of our program, these routines will be second nature to you. There is no real need to re-watch the program once you’ve intentionally made these changes in your lifestyle.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

This is physical therapy and as such, clients need to be progressed at a certain pace to see results. The effectiveness of the program is due in part to the accountability and structure of the programs. Each piece builds on the previous training, allowing the body the ideal amount of time to build strength before taking on more. 

Category: Program Access

If you know you will be traveling or something will prevent you from keeping up with your program, please contact us to discuss the option of manually pausing your program access. We don’t recommend starting and stopping rehab if you can help it because it can hinder your progress, but we understand life happens.

Remember: There are two extra weeks of access built into each program AND we offer 6-month & 12-month membership options that are available in our store HERE.

Category: Program Access

Yes, our platform is now optimized for use on these devices.

Category: Program Access

No. Online programs are for Tummy Team clients only. If friends are interested, please encourage them to sign up! We cherish your referrals and appreciate your honesty.

Category: Program Access

We don’t provide DVDs and are not currently on any streaming devices. However, the program can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or even a mobile device.

Category: Program Access

Yes! When you purchase your course (or courses), it is placed in your account under “My Courses” and will remain there until you are ready to begin. You will then click the “ENROLL NOW” button which will officially begin your access time.

If you bought 2 courses and one of them does not show up, please contact us at

We have replaced our $40 4-week access extensions for a more cost & time efficient membership option! You have the choice to do a 1 time or monthly payment on a 6-month or 12-month membership where you get all access to past programs you’ve done with us along with exclusive BONUS material. Memberships and other details are available in our online store HERE.

Category: Program Access

Diastasis Recti Questions

Diastasis healing times vary by person and depend on two things: the depth and width of the diastasis, and how effectively you implement your Tummy Team program tools. Most Tummy Team clients with a 3-4 finger gap or less can close their diastasis and initiate the functional core strength rebuilding in about 3 months of intentional functional core rehab.

There are other factors that can influence healing such as sleep, nutrition, chronic parenting postures, and hormones.

No, it is never too late to restore your core! Diastasis recti, functional core weakness, pelvic floor symptoms, and other related issues can be repaired no matter how long it has been since it began. We have helped thousands of men and women reverse these things and we can help you too. See our offering of online programs.

No. The pressure of these movements counteracts their strength benefits. But, we will guide you in a Tummy-Safe fitness regimen that builds your strength without wreaking havoc on your core. Learn more about diastasis recti and Tummy-Safe Fitness™.

Pregnancy Related Questions

We recommend you start Prenatal Core Training during your second trimester after nausea has passed and you have a bit more energy. You’ll want at least six weeks before your due date to train your abdominals and pelvic floor for labor, delivery, and recovery. The more time you have, the stronger you will be.

However, if you just found us and don’t have six weeks, our Prenatal Crash Course would be more beneficial than nothing.

If you did Prenatal Core Training with us during your pregnancy, it is safe to slowly start back as soon as 24 hours after delivery. This healing process will help you connect with and care for yourself and your baby. If you did not do core training with us during pregnancy, we recommend waiting 6 weeks before starting Core Foundations for postpartum rehabilitation.

It is recommended to at least make your diastasis smaller and improve core connection before getting pregnant again. However, if you do get pregnant and have not yet done core rehabilitation, it is best to start as soon as you can to keep the diastasis from getting larger. Our Prenatal Core Training program is completely safe to do while pregnant.

We have a course just for you! Our Core Preparations for Cesarean Birth course is designed to strengthen your abdominals during pregnancy to reduce recovery time. It will also give you the muscle memory to more easily do the exercises after the birth.

Questions about Other Symptoms

Most likely. The number one response of clients in our programs is relief from lower back pain. A strong core does a great job of taking the pressure off your back. We’ll show you how!

Yes! Whether you have diastasis recti or a poorly functioning core, our program can help you. Our comprehensive programs address pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic back pain, hernias, digestive issues, and so much more.

Explore the What We Do section of the website to learn how we can help with other symptoms.


At this time, medical insurance companies do not cover online services. However, many FSA/HSA accounts will reimburse the cost of your program. Please verify that your plan will allow reimbursement. You can contact us for supporting documentation to provide to your insurance provider by emailing

Category: Miscellaneous

Refunds are not given for online programs. We stand behind the effectiveness of our programs, but as with all physical therapy, the effectiveness is in part determined by the client’s application and integration of the content provided in the programs.

Please see our full policy information here.

Category: Miscellaneous

We set aside a number of partial grants for clients who are in financial and physical need. We offer these on a case by case basis and determine the cost of the program or splint based on the specific situation of each client. If you feel you might qualify for a partial grant, please reach out to our staff at

Category: Miscellaneous

FAQs about Online Appointments

  1. You need to have a computer or device that supports our video chat platform (see details).
  2. You book your appointment online just like any other doctors appointment.  (Our system will be sure you are adjusting for time zone differences.)
  3. You will receive and email reminder with a link to access your appointment.
  4. At the time and date of your appointment, click on your link.
  5. Kelly will meet with you, listen to your story, assess your alignment, address your symptoms and give you strategies specifically focused on your concerns to create a personal plan to move you forward.
  6. We will record your appointment and send you the recording to review after your appointment.

We offer several different types of appointments with different fees attached.

  1. 30 min Online PT Consults = $100
  2. 60 min Online PT Appointments = $200
  3. 60 min Birth/Trauma Processing Appointments = $200
  4. Discounted 3 session and 5 session packages are also available

Learn more about our different types of appointments HERE.

This is your time with Kelly and you can use it anyway you desire.  Most clients schedule appointments with the following goals in mind:

  1. 30 min Clinic Consult: To meet with Kelly prior to signing up for an online rehab course to ensure the best course of action for your specific symptoms, history or concerns. A 30 min consult can also be helpful as a follow up to a previous session or to discuss just 1-2 specific concerns.
  2. 60 min Clinic Session: Kelly can hear your history, address your alignment, problem solve compensations, give specific strategies and create a personal progress plan.  You can add these sessions to your online program for extra support and guidance or you can work with Kelly 1:1 for a series of Online Clinic Sessions to help you with accountability and to work alongside you as you progress through your rehab journey.  We offer package discounts and can work with you as frequently as once a week or once every other month depending on your goals and preferences.
  3. 60 min Birth/Trauma Processing Session- Often the condition of your core is a result of a trauma.  The Tummy Team believes that processing this trauma with a specialist can be key to your healing process.  Kelly can walk you through the traumatic event and help you reconnect to your body in a very gentle and nurturing way to support your overall healing.
  4. 60 min Professional Training Session: The Tummy Team trains medical, birth and fitness professionals world wide. Kelly offers specific training sessions to help you learn more about what we do and can specifically help you problem solve client concerns you may have your clinical setting.  The Tummy Team provides extensive professional courses as well at
  5. 3 and 5 session packages- Kelly can work with you for several sessions to help you meet your personal goals.  Kelly can progress your rehab journey, create a specific fitness plan, problem solve complications and simply encourage and support you on your personal core rehabilitation journey. Our packages help you get more sessions at a discounted rate.

Kelly Dean is a licensed physical therapist who graduated from University of North Dakota Physical Therapy with a Masters of Physical Therapy in 1997. She worked for over a decade as a neuro specialist working with brain injury, stroke rehab and neuromuscular rehabilitation in the hospital, rehab facility, outpatient and home health setting. After being diagnosed with a 6 finger wide diastasis with no rehab options made available to her, she shifted her focus and dedicated all her training to functional core (and pelvic floor) rehabilitation. She created The Tummy Team in 2008 to meet a desperate need in the Physical Therapy community for the treatment and prevention of diastasis recti and the related functional core weakness symptoms. Kelly has designed a comprehensive rehab approach that not only closed her own diastasis but has helped thousands of clients around the world heal. Kelly has spoken at Medical Schools, National and International medical conferences and has created several comprehensive professional training courses to help train fitness, rehab, and birth professionals internationally. Kelly has the perfect match of education, experience, compassion, creativity and communication skills to effectively help clients online. To learn more about Tummy Team Founder, Kelly Dean, check out her story here.

Currently medical insurances do not cover online physical therapy. The Tummy Team is able to bill your HSA/FSA card and provide you with documentation for reimbursement. We work hard to keep our prices reasonable so you can work with a specialist no matter where you live or what type of insurance you have.

This really depends on you. If you are doing one of our comprehensive online physical therapy programs, you may only need 1 individual PT appointment. Some clients do 1-3 appointments with their online program and other clients work with Kelly once a week or every other week for 3-5 sessions. Kelly can work with you, consider your rehab needs and your budget and help you find the right fit. Even 1 session can be incredibly helpful in your personal rehab journey.

You will need a computer, tablet or phone that has a camera and microphone and can connect to our Any Meeting Online Conferencing Platform.

After your appointment has been paid for and scheduled you will receive a confirmation email from The Tummy Team with some information to set up your computer for the appointment. Follow the instructions in this email to be sure you are set up for your meeting.

You will also receive an additional email from The Tummy Team inviting you to our Any Meeting Online Conferencing Platform. You will get a reminder invite email the day of your Online Clinic Appointment as well. This email includes the link you will need to connect to your appointment.

To make sure you are properly set up for your appointment, preview the setup videos below. You will also receive these in an email when you schedule an appointment with us.

Our scheduling system automatically adjusts for your timezone. If there are no appointments available to that work for your schedule, please reach out directly to Kelly Dean ( so she can work with you to find a time that will work for both of you. We understand that there is a need for core rehab specialist internationally, we are happy to adjust our schedules to help you get the care you need.

Typically we instruct clients in our courses to wait until week 3 of the course to schedule your first session. Most of the initial questions are answered in those first few weeks of videos and then we can spend our time focused on customizing your personal plan. However, if you have a complicated history and have concerns or questions you want answered prior to starting then schedule your first appointment after you want your intro videos in week 1 of your course. After your first appointment with Kelly, she will recommend the best time to do any additional appointments based on your needs and your goals.

While Kelly can work with you on anything core or pelvic floor related, most commonly these are the areas that are addressed in an Online Physical Therapy Appointment.

  • Concentration on your personal experience and history.
  • Evaluation of your sitting, standing, walking and bending postures.
  • Instruction in proper core and pelvic floor activation and integration strategies.
  • Recommendations of key muscle releases to treat your specific compensations patterns.
  • Problem solving difficulties you are having in your rehab journey.
  • Addressing any unique concerns you may have.
  • Development of a personal plan to progress your specific rehab process.
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