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Frequently Searched Questions About Diastasis Recti on Google

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Do you have several questions about diastasis recti? You can end your search now. The Tummy Team has compiled the most frequently searched questions on Google about diastasis recti to provide you one space that can give you all the answers you need. Take a look at the questions below as well as our answers…

Solutions to Diastasis Recti

Often Diastasis Recti developed over months or years of muscle imbalance and poor movement strategies, but it typically does not take as long to heal.  Depending on the severity of your separation, it could take 6 weeks to several months to completely heal. However, most Tummy Team Clients feel a difference in the muscle tone and connection in the first week of rehab.  We focus not just on immediate results but on lasting results. Full diastasis recti rehab includes reconnection to the sensory and physical aspects of the corset during functional activities and time to allow for revascularization of the connective tissue to stabilize the abdominal wall.   

Diastasis Recti can be effectively treated at home.  The Tummy Team provides several comprehensive online Functional Core Rehab and Prenatal Core Training programs that walk clients week by week, step by step through the rehab process.  It is important to look beyond a series of exercises but to treat the big picture.  Diastasis Recti results due to disuse or misuse of your postural core muscles so retraining your posture in your everyday activities is key. Then spending time on rebuilding your upright core muscles and integrating that strength into your real-life movement patterns is the next step.  This type of rehab is actually best done at home. Check out how our online rehab programs work here.

Yes! It is never too late to treat Diastasis Recti! The cause of diastasis recti is muscle imbalance combined with collapsed postures and bulging the tummy on effort.  We can treat the cause of diastasis no matter how long the diastasis has been present.  The body has an incredible capacity to heal when given the right tools and when it is not compensating for weakness.  The Tummy Team has worked successfully with diastasis recti clients who have been struggling for decades and some clients who are well into their 70’s and 80’s. 

Diastasis Recti treatment is more than a series of exercises.  It requires retraining functional postural use of your internal corset muscle: the transverse abdominis. With The Tummy Team, the initial rehab exercises include active, elongated sitting, belly breathing with focus on exhaling, elongating, and engaging the core and abdominal massage to increase blood flow and sensory connection to the abdominal muscles. The bigger question here is what exercises DO NOT fix diastasis recti as many people are unintentionally making diastasis recti worse doing the wrong exercises. We instruct you to avoid crunches, sit-ups,  planks (when your tummy hangs down and tents), and other high-intensity exercises that require bulging, breath-holding, or tenting your tummy. Simply avoiding exercises that create additional forward forceful pressure on the connective tissue of the abdominal wall will help the healing dramatically. You can learn more about true core strength here.

Yes! Surgery is not the best option. Diastasis Recti (even severe cases) can be effectively treated with Functional Core Rehabilitation.  It is best to find a specialist like The Tummy Team that has the experience and focused training in this work because not all Physical Therapists are trained in the treatment of diastasis recti.  Treatment includes retraining the internal core muscles that are responsible for your upright posture and stabilization combined with removing movement and exercise patterns that bulge or tent your tummy.  The Tummy Team provides this type of treatment online to help diastasis recti sufferers get specialized treatment anywhere in the world. 

No. Body weight has little to do with healing a diastasis. The internal abdominal muscles can be retrained and repaired regardless of your shape and size.  Often repairing your diastasis with functional core rehab gives you more energy and less pain which can help you become more active and kick start some other healthy habits if you are carrying extra weight.  Often clients are told or feel like they need to lose weight before they address the pain or weakness of their diastasis but we encourage clients to start rehab as soon as they know they have a diastasis. 

A bulge that runs down the midline of the abdomen that tents up or pushes out when doing a crunch like activity, coughing or straining is most likely a diastasis recti.  Poor movement patterns combined with muscle weakness forces the belly to bulge and stretch the underlying connective tissue causing a separation of the abominable wall. The separation in the muscles allows what is inside of the abdomen, typically intestines and belly fat, to push through and create a bulge.

Diastasis recti can be effectively corrected in as little as 6 weeks but also could take longer than 6 months. Healing time for diastasis depends on… 

  • The severity of the separation
  • The time the client has suffered from diastasis recti
  • If the client is currently pregnant or nursing (hormones affect healing time)
  • Additional trauma related to the diastasis
  • The health of the client (nutrition, sleep, immune system, and hydration all can affect healing time)
  • How consistent the client is with the treatment plan

Diastasis recti can be effectively treated regardless of the severity and additional factors when the client receives the right treatment and is consistent.


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If you are wondering how you can heal your diastasis, you’ve come to the right place. The Tummy Team specializes in healing diastasis recti and other symptoms of pelvic floor weakness as well as prenatal training. We highly encourage you to check out Core Foundations, Core Foundations for Men, and the other programs that we offer at Not sure what course may be best for you? Take our online program questionnaire and do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!



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