/ May 3, 2021

Essential Tummy Team Resources for Every Stage of Motherhood

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Motherhood is… (fill in the blank)

Amazing, exhausting, life changing, overwhelming, never ending, incredible, unexpectedly difficult, emotionally demanding, physically taxing, and so much more.

The Tummy Team loves moms. We believe that mothers are the lifeline of our families and the infrastructure of our communities. Yet, too often, mothers neglect themselves and do not recognize their value. As a result, they do not make the necessary investments into themselves to be strong physically and emotionally for the ultimate demands of their roles. 

Every state of motherhood flourishes with the right support, education and tools. The Tummy Team has worked for over a decade providing essential resources for mothers so they can be strong and pain free to be the moms they were meant to be. In honor of Mother’s Day we are compiling these resources in one place.

Conception: A strong core supports and encourages health blood flow to the womb prior to conception.

The design of the core is to support the uterus and reproductive system. A strong and connected core wraps around the body and encourages healthy blood flow and a physically stable mother. A functionally weak core can lead to chronic instability, increased compensation pain, increased cortisol (stress hormone) and increased physical disconnection – all of which influence our reproductive health.  

The Tummy Team believes that investing in mom before conception helps prepare the body for the unique needs of pregnancy and birth.  Like starting to train for a marathon weeks/months before the event.  

Pregnancy: A strong core helps with optimal fetal alignment for a smooth delivery.

The core plays a vital role in the stability and support of the pregnant body as it stretches and expands.  A functionally strong core helps to place the uterus and baby in optimal fetal alignment which places less pressure on the abdominal wall and decreases complications in labor. 

A strong core helps you stay connected and pain free throughout your pregnancy.

The Tummy Team recommends Prenatal Core Training for all expecting mothers to help build the supportive functional strength of the core and to train mothers in the essential coordination between the core and pelvic floor for the pushing phase of labor. The core plays a vital role in the birth process, and being proactive and prepared will dramatically impact the birth and birth recovery process. Learn more about Prenatal Core Training in our course list.

Postpartum: Newborn care requires physical and emotional core strength.

Birth recovery requires core strength. The Tummy Team has a step-by-step process to help moms in that initial birth recovery phase. We outline this plan with our Prenatal Core Training program, knowing that most moms who need help (all of us) will be too tired and overwhelmed to reach out for it for weeks or months after delivery. 

Functional core strength in postpartum includes:

  • abdominal splinting
  • belly breaths, setting up your environment to support your newborn parenting postures
  • abdominal massage
  • nurturing core connection exercises &
  • gentle stretches

Being physically connected to your core minimizes postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms and helps you be emotionally connected to your baby and your family.  Motherhood requires strength, and we help you recapture that foundational strength.  Learn more about Abdominal Rehab Splinting HERE and Postpartum Recovery HERE)

Newborn Stage: It is from our strength that a baby develops, survives and ultimately thrives.

Most women do not consider the physical demands of newborn care and therefore are NOT prepared for it. The Tummy Team has created many resources specifically designed to use the repetitive routine of newborn care to help moms not only heal from birth but reclaim their initial postpartum functional core strength at the same time. We show moms how to set up the ultimate “Nursing Throne”  so that feeding your baby does not hurt your body. We have created strategies for the changing table, the car seat, the crib and so much more to help you have tools to not simply survive this sleep deprived season but actually thrive within it.  Learn more about Newborn Parenting postures HERE.

Little One Stage: Core Strength for the fun mom moments.

For the first several years of our children’s lives they are physically dependent on mom. In the beginning they need support to eat, sit up and need to be carried everywhere. When they can walk, they still need help getting in and out of bed, learning to use the toilet and safely taking a bath.  For years, they need help getting dressed, tying shoes, reaching water fountains, and brushing their hair. Then they need help learning to swim, ride a bike, throw a football and climb on the monkey bars. Motherhood of little ones requires strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence.

The Tummy Team has designed a comprehensive Core Foundations online program to help moms step by step restore their core and be strong to be the moms they were meant to be. We offer tons of resources to help you do all the mom things and do them well.  Your strength (and lack of it) has an impact on everyone in your life.  Learn more about Core Foundations HERE and more Parenting Postures Solutions HERE.

Elementary Stage: It takes true strength to be present, available and intentional with our children at every stage of motherhood.

Motherhood during the elementary years is often a bit of physical reprieve and not quite as emotionally demanding as the teenage years. This tends to be the time when moms can consider doing some self care and investment in reclaiming their bodies. It is also the time when moms think it is maybe too late and instead fill all their spare time and resources on kids activities (sports, music lessons, art classes, etc.) and continue to put their needs last on the list. It is not too late! Moms need to take this time to do the essential self care and core work so they are ready for the next stages. Carve out the time to reconnect and rebuild your core now.  Core Foundations is still the course you need, learn more here.

Teenager Stage: Helping you be physically strong (& pain free) to be emotionally present in order to be the mother you were meant to be.

As our kids become teenagers, their physical needs become replaced by emotional needs.  Motherhood requires a firm foundation that can adjust to mood swings and driving lessons, dating, break ups, and identity crisis. We are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual beings, and we need to invest in our core (in every sense of the word) so that we are strong when strength is needed.  The Tummy Team looks far beyond simple physical healing and physical strength and focuses holistically on the big picture.  We want you to be strong, connected and present and we believe that can begin on a physical level by understanding the role of your core in your stability and foundational strength.  Learn more about our foundational strength courses Core Foundations and Floor of Your Core.

Adult Stage:  Because you’re always the mom.

Motherhood does not end when your kids graduate from high school and turn 18. You are always a mom. Being a mother to adults requires resilience and endurance. Again this is less about the physical demands and more about your ability to be available physically, emotionally and mentally when your adult children need your support. Investing in your core as you age and experience menopause can make all the difference in your ability to engage in your life. Keep in mind… at some point there may even be grandchildren and you want to be physically strong to be the grandma you always dreamed you would be.  It is never too late to do Core Foundations or Floor of Your Core to be functionally strong for all that life sends your way.

Motherhood is far more than getting pregnant and giving birth. From the very beginning moms are the lifeline for another human being. It is from our strength that the baby develops, survives and ultimately thrives. It is from our strength that our kids grow and enter the world.  It is from our strength that we impact our families and our communities. The Tummy Team is passionate about helping moms get the resources she needs to be strong, pain free and present to be the mother you were meant to be.

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