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What is an eSession?

A virtual appointment with one of our Core Rehabilitation Specialists™ on an online video chat platform. We offer 30 min consults or 60 minute full treatment eSessions depending on your need. All eSessions can be recorded so you can review the personal instruction after the appointment. 

When should I get an eSession? 

You can get an eSession at any time.  Most commonly eSessions are set up with one of 3 goals in mind.

  1. eSession to supplement your Online Program: Although, our online programs are very comprehensive, there are times when clients will benefit from a personal one on one session with our rehab specialists. We recommend online clients do 2  eSessions, one after week 3 of their course and one at the end of their course. This helps us effectively customize your rehab process for you and give you an ongoing plan to continue healing and building strength beyond rehab.
  2. Purchase a series of eSessions to work 1:1 through your entire rehab journey: Some clients prefer to have all of their rehab process 1:1 with our specialists for accountability, personalization and to feel confident in their rehab progression. Based on your personality and learning style, you may prefer to work weekly or bi-weekly with Kelly as you would seeing a PT or trainer in the clinic or gym.  We offer discounts for eSession packages to make this option more economical.
  3. eSession/Consult for specific instruction: Many clients have seen several specialists prior to finding The Tummy Team and want to have a discussion about their specific case prior to moving forward with our program.  This is a perfect use of the eSession to get 1:1 time with our specialists to get the best advice on how to move forward.

What is covered in an eSession?

The Tummy Team approach focuses on partnering with our clients to help them connect with their body, understand the signs and symptoms of functional core and pelvic floor weakness and identify strategies to retrain the brain body connection to those essential postural muscles.

Through eSessions our rehab specialists can:

  • Concentrate on the clients personal experience and history
  • Evaluate sitting, standing, walking and bending postures
  • Instruct in proper core and pelvic floor activation and integration strategies
  • Recommend key muscle releases to treat compensations patterns
  • Problem solve difficulties the client is having in their rehab journey
  • Address unique concerns the client may have.
  • Develop a personal plan to progress their rehab process.
View our online programs here or take the online program questionnaire here.


eSessions are especially helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed in the rehab process, confused about what program is best for you or you feel like you unable to keep up with the week by week rehab progression.   Our specialists will help you get the most out of your online program and feel supported moving forward.

Make It Work

Here’s how to purchase and schedule an eSession: 

  1. Click the “SCHEDULE YOUR eSESSION” button below. You will be redirected to our Appointments page on our clinic site where you will click “eSessions” and select the “eSession/Online Virtual Tummy Team Appointment” drop down.
  2. Choose your PT, time zone, and appointment date.
  3. Enter your name and contact information and share any other important information with us.
  4. Pay for your appointment and now you are on our schedule! (Preview setup instructions & videos below)

After your appointment has been paid for and scheduled you will receive a confirmation email from The Tummy Team with some information to set up your computer for the eSession. Follow the instructions in this email to be sure you are set up for your meeting.

You will also receive an additional email from The Tummy Team inviting you to our Any Meeting Online Conferencing Platform. You will get a reminder invite email the day of your eSession as well. This email includes the link you will need to connect to your appointment.

To make sure you are properly set up for your eSession, preview the setup videos below. You will also recieve these in an email when you schedule an appointment with us.