Online 10-week Transitional Fitness Course

This course takes you week by week from the rehab process into an effective Core Smart daily fitness routine. Each week will give you five intentionally designed workouts that progress in intensity and complexity throughout the course. Workouts include expert cueing and instruction to ensure full core activation and proper technique.

This is a follow up course to the initial rehab process and is recommended after taking Core Foundations, Core Foundations for Men, Floor of Your Core OR Prenatal Core Training.


This Course Is Ideal For Clients Who...

  • have completed the initial functional core or pelvic floor rehab process with The Tummy Team
  • are ready for the next step of healing
  • are unsure of how to return to or begin fitness
  • prefer a step by step fitness plan by a core rehab specialist
  • can commit to 8-20mins of exercise 5 days a week for the next 10 weeks
  • still have some core/pelvic floor weakness after initial rehab

What’s Included In This Course?

Over 50 intentionally designed Core Smart Workout videos

Step-by-step progression in fitness each week.

Specific cues to ensure proper use of the core and pelvic floor during fitness

Strategies for modifying exercises as needed for personal progress  

Consistent instruction in neutral pelvis alignment throughout each exercise.

Transition into fitness with Fit2b Tummy Safe Fitness specialists for the last 2 weeks of the course.

Downloadable Core Smart Fitness progress chart

Lifetime access to our online forum for personal support 

20 weeks of access to complete the 10-week course

How It Works

Weekly Fitness Videos with Kelly Dean, MPT

Each week, you will have access to a series of five different fitness videos that range from 8-20 minutes in length. The goal is to do one video a day for 5 days. Each week provides a new series of videos that increase in difficulty and challenge. You can revisit any videos you have done and can pace yourself by taking two weeks for each lesson if needed.

Make it Personal

Each video gives you options to modify or adjust the exercises as needed for your current level of strength and fitness confidence. You can do more than one video a day or repeat the same video that week if you need more confidence before moving to the next week.

Structure of the Course

5 workouts per week x 10 weeks

  • Workout  1- Standing Core/Balance Workout
  • Workout 2 - Resistance Bands Workout
  • Workout  3 - Lower Body Workout
  • Workout 4 - Upper Body Workout
  • Workout 5 - Fit2b Workout
  • The last 2 weeks are all workouts with Beth Learn)

Weekly Progression

After a week, your body is ready for the next step and you will receive access to more content with a new focus. This timed progression is intentional because this is based on physical therapy and your body needs time to master each concept. Each new training module builds on the previous content.

Don't worry, you get 10 extra weeks of full access to the content is provided to allow for illness or other delays in the program.  

Equipment Recommended:

  • Door Anchored, handled resistance tubing bands (5lb& 8lb)
  • 2-3 sets of hand weights (3lb, 5lb, 8lb)
  • 2-3 therapy type resistance bands (light and medium weight)





Restore Your Core. Relieve Your Pain. Reclaim Your True Self.

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