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COVID-19 Compassion Discount

The Tummy Team is here for you in this current COVID-19 pandemic.


In light of the current national recommendations to limit social interaction, many of you are encouraged to stay home and limit appointments. Even in the midst of a pandemic when so much of our lives are disrupted and routines are unfamiliar, our physical needs persist and often worsen. The stress of this pandemic can be hard on your already struggling body. The Tummy Team wants to help by offering compassion discounts at this time.

The Tummy Team has been offering online physical therapy in the form of online programs and eSessions since 2012. We have a very effective functional core and pelvic floor rehab approach that helps you in the convenience and privacy of your home get the care you need.

In addition to isolation restrictions, we are also aware of the change in the economic climate and the uncertainty of many of our finances. For all of these reasons, we are offering promo codes on ALL of our online services effective immediately through May 31st (when we will re-evaluate if we need to extend these discounts based on the economic climate). 

Compassion Discounts

*Limitations include: 1 online program/user, 1 membership/user, 4 eSessions/user, 1 CEU course/user*

Online Rehab Programs – 30% off Promo Code: COMPASSION

Don’t know which program to take? Here is our Online Rehab Questionnaire

Memberships (applicable to 1-time payment option ONLY) – 30% off Promo Code: COMPASSION30

eSessions  – $50 off Promo Code: COMPASSION

Online CEU Professional Courses – 30% off Promo Code: COMPASSION

Remember to spend some time to focus on some essential self-care and rebuild your core at home by catching up and implementing what you have learned so far. Functional core strength positively influences every part of your life. When you are strong, connected and pain-free, you are able to be emotionally and physically present with your family and community. Stress is reduced and your brain becomes more focused and calm when you are not dealing with instability, pain and physical fatigue. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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