/ October 21, 2015

Changes for Life

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Everyone wants immediate changes. In the world of instant downloads, instant streaming, instant everything…We never seem to heal fast enough for our standards. But if you think about it, what you really want more than immediate results is lasting results. Think about the times when we or someone we know dropped a lot of weight on a drastic diet, only to then be devastated to gain all the weight back.Kellyism - results

Small consistent changes that build into the function of your life are where you can make a sustainable difference. To achieve these results, we often need to start from the bottom and rebuild the foundation and that takes time. Changing firmly ingrained habits is not something that happens overnight…or even over a week. And to make it harder, we have to try to make these major changes in the midst of a busy life. But don’t give up! There is hope. To make sure you meet your goal, let’s refocus exactly what those goals are.

Goals are great and can be motivating. But my encouragement is to make goals that are meaningful to how you want to feel, not just what size you hope to be. At The Tummy Team, we are much more interested in how you feel and how your body functions than in how you look.  When you feel and function well, you embrace life with newfound freedom and as a result, you look amazing.

It’s no secret. Women who are confident and free to embrace their uniqueness tend to “look” better. What people are actually attracted to is freedom. What captivates people is freedom. When you feel connected to your core, you feel freer to embrace life. It’s hard to explain but every one of our clients can agree…there is just something about it. So, make goals. Work hard. But above all, aim to be free. That’s the best lifelong change you can make.

The Tummy Team has helped thousands of clients locally and internationally with their comprehensive online core rehab programs. The core is the foundation for all your movement all day long. If you are struggling to really connect to your core, let us help you. Check out our online courses HERE or click the images below to preview our most popular programs.

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