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8 Steps to Meeting Your Goals

The Tummy Team is passionate about helping you live the life you LOVE! That often starts with core rehab but hopefully continues with you being able to live the life you were meant to live. For Kelly that includes competitive swimming.  This month Kelly attended the US Masters National Swimming Championships, and she shared her…
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2023 New Motivation (& Strategies to Create the Discipline to Meet Your Goals)

What’s YOUR motivation?  Have you forgotten what really matters? Life feels like a heavy grind right now in so many ways. It is so tempting to throw up your hands and just give up or give in to apathy or complacency.  Don’t do it! Resist!  You are important to the world around you. The best…
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21 Days of Core Connection

21 Days of Core Connection Daily Tools to Expand Your Capacity to Be the Mom You Were Meant to Be Are you feeling maxed out, burnt out or worn out and ready for a change?  Tired of being pushed beyond your capacity but at the same time tired of having such limited capacity to do…
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The Beauty of Being Strong, Connected and Pain Free at 50!

Turning 50 is a big milestone.  Over the last 21 days we have unpacked what turning 50 truly means to me. Some of you may wonder what this has to do with The Tummy Team?  I am a physical therapist and many of our followers, readers and customers may just want to know how to…
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Embracing the NEW – 8 Reasons Turning 50 is Actually AWESOME!

Yes, I am about to turn 50!  I honestly thought I would be dreading this transition, but I am actually feeling pretty great about it.  I think that growing older can be synonymous with loss and grief and negative changes.  We can focus on what we can no longer do or how we no longer…
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