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Category: Client Testimonies

The Most Ridiculous Pelvic Floor Advice I Got From A Doctor

the tummy team, pelvic floor

Have you noticed how quickly pelvic floor issues are dismissed by the medical community? The sole reason that The Tummy Team exists is that I (Kelly Dean, MPT, and founder) was completely dismissed by the medical community and I refused to give up my search for answers to why my body was falling apart. When the doctor or physical therapist dismisses or minimizes your valid symptoms, you start to dismiss them too. You are either…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 3

We have been heading into the new year embracing the theme of fearlessness. We’ve encouraged our fans to consider what they would do if they weren’t fearless? And what fearless things have they done that they can share with others to inspire them to live fearlessly. We’ve heard many amazing stories over the past couple weeks and we have been quite inspired by our fans. To live fearlessly can mean anything for anyone. But there…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 2

When we turn the corner on a new year most people can’t help but stop and reflect on their life. For many this means making New Years Resolutions – most of which seem to center around body image. While there is nothing wrong with setting those kinds of goals, most women get trapped in the mindset that they need to be a certain shape or size. But at The Tummy Team, we encourage women to…
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Fearless Living, Testimony 1

This month we have been celebrating the new year by embracing fearlessness. Kelly, our founder, has been leading the way by sharing the fearless things she’s faced down. From ropes courses to swimming meets, she’s been an inspiration to the rest of us to live our lives fearlessly. But it’s difficult to be fearless when your body holds you back. For some people, a swim meet is an attainable goal to reach. For others, just…
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Fearless: Kelly’s Story

  I haven’t always been in this place. It’s taken me a long time to cultivate a fearless attitude towards life. It started when I was 38 years old. At the time, I was not at all sure what was happening with my body. I certainly felt weak and very frumpy, and I seriously believed this is simply what happens after several pregnancies. Even when all my usual exercise routines failed to make an impact, I felt like this is…
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Gillian – A Story of Transformation

  My name is Gillian Sukachevin. I am a physical therapist at The Tummy Team. I received intensive training from Kelly Dean, the founder of The Tummy Team, to be a core rehabilitation specialist. I also have a special interest in the pelvic floor and was trained by Tami Kent, the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care. Both women are pioneers in their fields of women’s health physical therapy. I’ve been a physical therapist for about…
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Diastasis Recti in Men

Move over ladies! The Tummy Team is for men too!  Diastasis recti in men is more common than we think. Read the testimony of a 71-year-old man who healed his diastasis and relieved his pain through our program. David started with a 6 finger wide diastasis and a 38″ belly when we started with him. During the course of only 4 sessions, he completely closed his diastasis, relieved his back pain, and measured only 34″ at on his…
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Healing an Umbilical Hernia

At the Tummy Team, we offer Prenatal Core Training to prepare the abdomen for carrying and delivering the baby – both which can cause or worsen diastasis and other problems. We encourage our clients to journal their story so they can see the changes. Below are the first 2 inspiring journal entries from an online client who suffered from an umbilical hernia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ First Journal Entry… “At 17 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby, I was already…
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Healing Sciatica Pain From Pregnancy

We believe women do not have to fall apart after birthing children! We offer a Core Foundations course that can help heal sciatica pain, diastasis recti, and other symptoms of core weakness. We have helped many moms and welcomed many babies into our little family. Below is the story of Katie (and baby Lydia too!) about how she was able to strengthen her core and pelvic floor during pregnancy. _______________________________________________________ “I wanted to share my birth story to tell…
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Is Core Rehab Really Possible Online?

The question we asked for a long time: can you *really* achieve core rehab through an online program? Rehab is personal and specific, and people have the best results when we can see them and treat them specifically.  But the reality is there are a limited number of therapists who do what we do and yet so many women (and men) who need core rehab. So we set out to answer this question. I (Kelly, PT, and owner of…
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