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Category: Pregnancy and Birth Prep

Learn How to Improve Optimal Fetal Alignment

optimal fetal alignment

The Tummy Team specializes in functional core strength – training your internal corset muscle (the transverse abdominis) to be able to hold your body upright, while aligned and stable for real-life functional activities like sitting, standing, lifting and, in this case, supporting the uterus in pregnancy and labor and delivery. As Physical Therapists, we have the benefit of seeing clients during their entire pregnancy to help them prepare for pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth recovery….
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How to Set Up Your Nursing Throne

Congratulations on your baby! This is going to be a time of wonder, a time of joy…and a time spent mostly sitting down. That’s right. Mothers of newborns can spend up to 11-14 hours a day in the nursing position! During our core rehab programs at The Tummy Team, we will focus on all the aspects of your life. What you do throughout the day and how you do it matters tremendously. Because we work with so many new moms, it…
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How to Train for the Pushing Phase of Labor

prenatal core training

The Tummy Team works closely with pregnant women to help physically and emotionally prepare the body for labor, delivery and birth recovery. You’ll often hear us tell clients, “Giving birth is like a marathon, with a dead sprint at the end.” (Tweet This!) Labor is the marathon. The sprint at the end is the pushing phase. It is the most difficult and most intense part of birth. Everything builds up to that moment when the baby has made…
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A New Standard for Postpartum Care

In the medical world, there are “standard of care” guidelines for specific scenarios based on what some group of medical professionals had deemed best. It refers to the expected treatment approach for any given diagnosis or patient type. For example, at a 4-month prenatal appointment, the standard of care would likely include urine analysis, weight check, blood pressure check, fundus height measurement, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. There are some things some practitioners will…
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3 Easy Ways to Improve Diastasis Recti While You Are Pregnant

  Diastasis recti – a separation of the abdominal wall at the linea alba – is very common during pregnancy for many reasons. At The Tummy Team, we’ve seen that it is most commonly caused by the pressure of the growing baby combined with an already weak core, poor alignment, and excessive pregnancy hormones. The pregnancy hormone known as relaxin is what causes ligaments and connective tissue to relax and stretch, increasing the vulnerability of…
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Birth Plans

  While brainstorming for a fresh take on childbirth classes, a fellow midwife and I were in search of a way to turn birth plans upside down and shake them so that parents could really see them for what they were and to be able to embrace their birth outcomes in a better way. What’s going to make you feel good about how your labor and birth went? What would leave you feeling really disappointed…
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What Every Mom Needs to Know About Cesarean Birth

Each and every birth is a unique, powerful, challenging and amazing experience. We live in a culture that often places a lot of importance on the route of birth rather than the experience a woman has during the birth process. My goal as a doula is to help families to have a positive experience during the birth process – regardless of the route in which the baby enters the world. When a cesarean birth becomes…
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Healing Sciatica Pain From Pregnancy

We believe women do not have to fall apart after birthing children! We offer a Core Foundations course that can help heal sciatica pain, diastasis recti, and other symptoms of core weakness. We have helped many moms and welcomed many babies into our little family. Below is the story of Katie (and baby Lydia too!) about how she was able to strengthen her core and pelvic floor during pregnancy. _______________________________________________________ “I wanted to share my birth story to tell…
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Prenatal Core Training Testimony

The Tummy Team can help with a variety of problems after they arise – diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, chronic pain, abdominal hernias, intestinal issues and more (you can view a detailed list of symptoms related to core weakness here). But we also specialize in preparing for labor to keep these problems from happening, or at least minimize the possibility of existing problems worsening. But don’t take our word for it. Read the stories of real clients who…
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Intimacy and Diastasis Recti

Intimacy and Core Rehabilitation. This blog has been a long time coming. It is a sensitive subject and one to make some, if not most, people a little uncomfortable. However, I think I get more personal messages and private emails on this subject than any other subject related to core rehabilitation. Most people do not want to post a Facebook question about their personal sex life, so in respect of privacy, I have written a short but…
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