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6 Steps to Understand and Address Grief and Trauma in your core

The most common contributing factor with all of our functional core and pelvic floor weakness clients is disconnect.  Emotional and physical disconnection is a natural response to trauma and grief.  Our body instinctively protects us from pain and looks for ways to distance us from painful experiences, and while disconnection is a natural survival technique,…
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A Journey to Understanding Diastasis Recti & Fitness with Beth Learn of – Episode 2

A Journey to Understanding Diastasis Recti & Fitness with Beth Learn of  Kelly Dean, MPT interviews Bethany Learn, founder of online fitness studio.  Beth shares her journey with The Tummy Team and how learning about her own diastasis recti impacted how she does fitness as well as  the entire direction of her business. Related Links:…
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Kelly Dean’s Story – Episode 1

Kelly Dean’s Story Kelly Dean (physical therapist and founder of The Tummy Team) shares her personal story of healing her core and how it unexpectedly lead to the building of The Tummy Team.  She answers questions that clients have sent in and talks about how her journey and her physical therapy training collided to create…
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Introducing Online Program Memberships

You asked and we have delivered! After years of client requests, The Tummy Team is now offering Online Program Memberships. The Tummy Team Memberships will allow clients who have previously completed at least one of our online programs to enroll in a 6 month or 12-month membership option to have full access to ALL of…
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Moving Smarter NOT Working Harder: The Tummy Team 2020 Kickoff

Happy New Year!!  The beginning of a fresh new year is always a great time to take inventory of your life and make some goals for your next steps. The Tummy Team wants to help you take a fresh new look at how you can be strong, connected and pain-free in 2020! No, it is...
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What is life changing to you?

Can you make a list of the things you have done that you would describe as “life-changing”? How many things could you honestly say were “life-changing”? “Life-Changing,” really?? Why do you settle for less than your best life? Why do you believe that having babies means your body might fall apart? Why do you ignore…
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You are Never Too Old to Have a Strong Core!

Functional Core Strength is essential to a pain-free active life. Often our clients confuse fitness exercises with functional strength. It is not the same. The core is designed for posture, breathing, and stability for all movement. How you connect to the internal muscles of your torso in upright, daily movements can make all the difference…
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