“The Best Money I Have Ever Spent”

As frugal women, we often are reluctant to spend money on our own self-care. We will pay for violin lessons or soccer teams for our kids and maybe occasionally splurge on a new outfit but when it comes to investing in our own health it is often last on the list. You are not the only one who feels this way.

Many of our Tummy Team clients admit to putting off investing in one of our online core programs for months or even years because they were not quite sure they should spend that money on themselves.  “Would it really be worth it?” and “ I should probably just exercise more on my own or work on losing ‘the weight’” are often the phrases we hear. What if those same clients (those women just like you) did finally invest and realized “this is the best money I have ever spent”?  Still skeptical? Listen to what our Tummy Team clients are saying about their experience with our online programs

A 41-year-old mother of 4 (15,11, 8 & 3): 

This stay at home mom and fitness instructor started our Core Foundations program with diastasis recti and stress incontinence.

“My symptoms were embarrassing and limited where I went and what I did. I truly thought this is just the way it is after kids when you get older. I felt a difference in just 2 weeks of the program. All of my symptoms are now completely gone. I have FREEDOM! No more leaking, no more pain, no more diastasis. This was the best money I have ever spent! I would recommend it to every mom I know! Thank you for giving me my life back!”

A 35-year-old mother of 2 (8 and 9)

This hardworking homeschooling mom started our Core Foundations program with diastasis recti, low back pain, sciatica, and functional core weakness.

I saw a pelvic floor/women’s health physio and told her about my suspected diastasis. I felt like she brushed it off and focused only on the pelvic floor and gave me exercises that didn’t help at all.

I don’t have a constant worry anymore that my back will give out and that I’ll be unable to move for days. I feel more confident and in control of my body. Even though I have a lot of work to do, it feels like I’ve made a good start and I feel more connected to my body. The end of some post-pregnancy body issues felt like a huge weight off my shoulders, especially because my last child was delivered almost 6 years ago and was stillborn. The reduction of the physical symptoms has helped me move forward in my grief.

This program has been so great for me. Working at my own pace has been very freeing and the cost is the same as one or two visits to a physio where I live. I felt like Kelly approached healing holistically and didn’t focus at all on “getting in shape” but just on being strong and having a body that functions in the way it’s supposed to. The program was so thorough and the pace was perfect. I loved having the extra weeks to complete it and it’s like Kelly anticipated the challenges every week. Thank you so much for this program, it was life-changing!

A 31-year-old mother of 2 (3 & 5)

This stay at home mom and writer started our Core Foundations program with diastasis recti, functional core weakness, back pain, prolapse, and constipation.

“I had this never-changing bulging tummy and was being asked if I was pregnant. I simply had no strength to hold myself up and did not even recognize myself anymore. When I began the program, I didn’t think that I had a diastasis recti. I just thought I had a weak core. When I measured at first, I realized I had a 2-3-2 finger gap. I was skeptical that doing “small” exercises could close the gap so quickly, but I am now down to a 1-1.5-0 gap. I’ve also lost three inches around my waist when I stand in my engaged position.

I really didn’t think that would happen. But, the best part is feeling strong. I can sit with my core engaged for a while, whereas when I started, I could barely do it for a few minutes without my upper back hurting. I also, so far, haven’t noticed the prolapse that I had around my menstrual cycle. It gives me hope that I don’t have to be doomed to a life of pain and instability. I CAN work on my stabilizer muscles and see actual, measurable results. Since so many women in my family (including myself), just put up with pain, this concept is so encouraging. I absolutely would do more programs, and I’ve already recommended The Tummy Team to others. If I can avoid surgery in the future, this was, without hesitation, one of the best investments I’ve made.”

These are just a few of the real-life stories of our Tummy Team clients. You could be our next success story! What are you waiting for? You are totally worth the investment. If you are local in the Camas WA area come see us at our clinic. If you are not local check out one of our 7 comprehensive online core rehab programs. Don’t let money be an obstacle. We can help you! For more questions, feel free to contact us here.

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