Gentle Healing Salve by BabyNest


A nurturing salve specifically designed for vaginal massage to support blood flow, healing and normalizing sensation to the vaginal and perineal area.  Use during vaginal massage in our Floor of Your Core functional pelvic floor rehab courses.


  • – used in  perineal and vaginal massage to help reconnect with the muscles of your pelvic floor as a part of comprehensive pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • – increase circulation for healing and soothes tears, scars and sore areas.
  • – improve sensory function to normalize numb or over-sensitive areas.
  • – reduce anxiety related to feelings of trauma and disconnect from the pelvic floor when used with massage
  • – support emotional relaxation and healing necessary as a result of current or past pelvic floor trauma


Handcrafted and intentionally formulated for The Tummy Team pelvic floor rehab programs with all natural ingredients and a blend of plant and flower essence to meet the specific needs of our clients.
2 fl.oz. – recommended to use as needed nightly with rehab recommendations.