/ January 5, 2018

5 Ways to Embrace the New You

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Motherhood leaves a mark…and it is beautiful!  From Pregnancy to childbirth, caring for newborns to wrangling toddlers, carting around school-age kids to guiding teenagers… Motherhood is hard work.  No matter who we were before we became a mother, once we become a mother we are forever changed.  We think differently.  We feel differently.  We look differently.   And the demands on our lives are different too.

The Tummy Team is on a mission to help women be pain-free, strong, confident and fully present in this new role. Too often we see moms that are so consumed with “getting their body back” that they are not only hurting themselves but missing out on the life that is right in front of them. The strength you need for motherhood is different; your body is different. We don’t want you to go back but to move forward. This new year, instead of saying no to something, say yes to embracing the new you.

Here are 5 practical ways to start to embrace the brand new you!

1. Stand Tall, Make Eye Contact & Smile.

With good posture comes confidence. Make eye contact and smile.  Engage with the world and the people in it.  Being present and connected in your relationships means so much more than what your waist size is.

 2. Try Something New.

Often the activities we did prior to motherhood or when we were younger do not make sense with your schedule, your new body or your priorities. So, try something new! Consider learning Thai Chi, or try stand-up paddle boarding. You could join a walking group or even try a water aerobics class. Try new things even if it is a different way to do something you used to love. Stop beating up your body but instead look at ways to nurture and reinforce the strength you need for this season of your life.

3. Laugh.

Look for opportunities to play with your kids. Engage in that Nerf gun war, chase them at the playground, go sledding with them, teach them to play Frisbee – and laugh at yourself when you fail!!  Life is too short to miss out on fun because you think you might look foolish. Your kids will love it and you will love it too.

4. Focus on How You Feel More Than Numbers.

Invest in yourself and rebuild the muscles you need to do the things you really love.  When we are so focused on looking better we sometimes forget that what we really want is to feel better.

5. Start Now.

Even if you start small, it will be a start. Maybe start with changing the amount of time you spend reminiscing about how you used to look or how your body used to be. Maybe taking a little inventory of what you can do now and what you feel you need to build strength to do. Don’t let yourself sit out on life because you feel different. You are important, and you are needed.

The Tummy Team focuses on functional core strength and practical strategies to help you reconnect to your body and your life now.  In this process, we help clients relieve pain, restore their core and reclaim their true self.

Instead of simply signing up for another boot camp to beat your body back into shape, we would like to help you find ways to be present, connected and engaged. 

We recommend moms start with our comprehensive Core Foundations Online Program. You will see how small changes in how you move and live can dramatically impact your ability to embrace this brand new you and be strong for the life you were meant to live.