5 Signs Your Body Might Be Falling Apart

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Have you ever felt like all of a sudden your body is falling apart?  Simple things you were capable of in the past are now quite challenging.  Or you have pain that seems to make no logical sense.  Possibly one of the most common sentiments we hear from our clients is “why is my body falling apart?”  Or, “I am too young to be feeling so old and broken.”

Here are 5 signs that your body might be falling apart:

1.) Unexpected pain.

You wake up sore.  Your back hurts just driving your kids around.  Between your shoulder blades ache every time you cook in the kitchen.  You cleaned out the garage and feel like you did an Ironman.  Aches, pains, sharp or dull, sudden or all day seem to be more and more a regular part of your everyday life.

2.) Instability. 

You bend over to pick up a toy and your back “goes out.” Your ribs are constantly misaligned, and the chiropractor is on speed dial. You step funny and your pelvis gets stuck and you stop to readjust before you can move again. You start living like one random move might take your breath away or put you flat on your back for the weekend. You realize that your body cannot be trusted.

3.) Exhaustion with life.

By dinnertime, you cannot even sit up straight at the dinner table.  Cleaning the house is utterly exhausting so you must pace yourself. Sitting through your son’s swim meet feels like a major victory. Your body feels so tired that simple life demands make you wish you could take a nap.

4.) Bathroom issues.

Constipation… The. Struggle. Is. Real. Suddenly you need to be careful when and where you sneeze. You leak urine randomly when laughing and sometimes just cannot get there in time. Sometimes you think you need to “go” but you can’t really get that “last scoop out of the carton…” that is not good.

5.) Numb and distracted.

It is hard to feel your muscles anymore unless they are hurting. You feel disconnected and weak in your core. Intimacy is missing something – it just does not feel right. It is hard to concentrate because everything feels overwhelming and exhausting.

So what is going on?

Believe it or not, your internal core muscles can be directly connected to ALL of these feelings. Your “core” is actually the group of muscles that wrap around your body to support your spine and organs and connect your upper body (rib cage) to your lower body (pelvis). It is not some elusive thing you do a workout to get. When you think of the core this way, everything starts to look different.

Your corset muscle (the transverse abdominis) is one of the largest muscles in your body and the only muscle that wraps around your torso providing symmetry and balance and elongated stability.  This muscle is deep and gets neglected in life and fitness. Neglect leads to “disuse atrophy” (the shrinking of an underused muscle) and inefficient and exhausting movement patterns.

It does not have to be this way.

The Tummy Team specializes in Functional Core Rehabilitation and has developed a systematic step by step approach to rebuild your core and pull your body back together. We’ll address posture and alignment, compensation patterns, and lifestyle use of the core. We aren’t an exercise program so this isn’t about planks. And we aren’t traditional physical therapy, so we won’t make you do odd core exercises. We’ll use your everyday movements like sitting, standing, bending, reaching, lifting and walking to rehab your core and provide that stability your body craves. All those feelings we mentioned above will begin to dissipate and you’ll have more energy to live the life you want.

We would love to see you in our clinic if you’re local, or you can join our online community and enroll in one of our 7 rehab programs. We can help you feel better.


26 responses to “5 Signs Your Body Might Be Falling Apart”

  1. Mary condon says:

    I have some of the above symptoms. I don’t know what to do

    • TheTummyTeam says:

      I am sorry you are dealing with these symptoms. It can make life so much harder. We would love to work with you. Our online rehab programs are very comprehensive and they’ll be on sale for Mother’s Day.

  2. emma fowler says:

    i think im dying at age 14…

    • TheTummyTeam says:

      Emma – I am sorry you feel so discouraged. Are there specific physical symptoms you are experiencing that we can help you with?

  3. Trixie says:

    I as m 41 and I feel 81, I think I am dying also I can barely walk. I’m as always in severe pain even in the bed. My toes feel no good

    • TheTummyTeam says:

      I’m sorry you are having such trouble. If you are dealing with core or pelvic floor weakness, I encourage you to take a look at our online rehab programs. If you’re unsure what to take or how to improve the symptoms you may be experiencing, please reach out to us through email! We’d love to help you.

  4. Molly Winders says:

    I am 57 years old and have had 4 joint replacements and shoulder surgery. I am a mess.
    I can barely walk, hurt ALL the time, terrible posture, stairs KILL me, bending over KILLS me…I am desperate

    • TheTummyTeam says:

      Hi Molly! I’m sorry you are struggling with this. I think you would benefit taking our Core Foundations course. This course can help you improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles which should help improve other postural pains and compensations. Be sure to check out our program and contact us if you have any more questions or concerns!

  5. Sara says:

    I’m only 15 years old and involved in rhythmic gymnastics, a sport that needs you to use almost every part of your body to the extreme. Lately, I felt like I am truly falling apart, physically. It started with my S.I. joint injury which just can seem to heal, then my tailbone, midback, knees, my groins constantly needing to “pop”, shoulder. I am also getting quite bad headaches. I don’t know what to do as I really need to be practicing but with all these injuries it’s very hard and unmotivating.

    • The Tummy Team says:

      Hello Sara! Thank you for your comment. At The Tummy Team, we specialize in core and pelvic floor treatment and healing. If you would like to reach out to us still we would love to help direct you to the best resources. Our courses may be able to help your SI joint pain and other symptoms. You can take a deeper look at what we do HERE to see if we are the right resource for you. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions on our site’s contact page!

  6. Heather says:

    Im feeling like I’m falling apart. It feels like something is really going wrong. I’m 48, and everytime my period approaches I have days of not being able to sleep, pain, sweat, insomnia, racing thoughts. Then my body started hurting all over like arthritis. I started feeling sore and exhausted all the time. When I would do any real excessive bending and moving in the day, at night, I feel a tingling and burning all over and my feet felt on fire. I’m getting intense headaches, vision problems and struggling to breathe. I feel like my oxygen is low, even though I’m not sick or asthmatic. But it feels like weight is on my chest. And to top it it off, I have a pain under right breast, tender to touch. No idea why. Hurts like a bad bad bruise feeling. And I can’t think straight lately. I feel like I’m in a massive FOG. I’ve never felt so exhausted and tired. I don’t know what is going on with the body I knew.

    • The Tummy Team says:

      Hello Heather! We appreciate you reaching out to us. If you haven’t already I suggest going to the doctor to express your symptoms. Our specialty is core and pelvic floor healing and strengthening. You can check out the kind of work we do HERE Anything outside of core and pelvic floor symptoms will need to be addressed otherwise by a doctor. We wish you the best in your pursuits of healing.

  7. Renee says:

    I’m 58 years old I’ve put a lot of tummy weight on in the last year. I’m very concerned as I have never been this heavy. I’m only 5′ tall and weigh at least 160 lbs. I’m so miserable. I have never had a weight problem, until I passed 55. My diet has been the same as always.l just want to feel better.

    • Sierra Myers says:

      Hi Renee! I’m sorry you are experiencing these things. If it helps, we do have a course that could help give you some basic core strength strategies that you can use for your everyday life called Core Foundations. It is a great way to learn how to integrate little things into your day that all add up to make you feel stronger. If you have more concerns or questions we are here to help you. You can contact us HERE.

  8. Simmy says:

    I feel like my whole body is falling weak and weaker by day I’m 33 all my body hurts I can’t sleep due to the upper back pain my hands fingers toes legs arms shoulder head eyes all hurt so much horrible pain ! Feels like my muscles have no energy I can’t do anything even brushing my teeth and holding my toothbrush is painful having a shower I get fall ill straight after I don’t know what to do as Docter’s don’t know what it is

    • Sierra Myers says:

      Hello and thank you for your comment. I would continue consulting with the doctors in case this is an issue bigger than core strength. However, we can help you hopefully alleviate that back pain and help you have functional core strength which will give you more support by improving postures and alignments as well as strengthening your abdominals in a simple and effective way. If this is something you are interested in, you can take a look at our Core Foundations course. Again, I would consult with your doctor to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem than functional core weakness. If you need further guidance you can contact us at https://online.thetummyteam.com/contact as well. We are happy to walk through what may be going on and if we can help your pain.

  9. Becky Congdon says:

    I have these symptoms these people do. And my spine feels Jammed

    • Kelly Dean says:

      Hi Becky, that jammed feeling of the spine is actually pretty common. As you rehab your core and integrate your functional core strength into your daily life we can help this improve. Our goal is to elongate and feel long, lean and lifted in all the things you do. Let us know how we can help you.

  10. Lisa Garner says:

    I keep falling without warning and I’m in almost constant pain anymore. I need help.

    • Kelly Dean says:

      Hi Lisa! We would love to help you. Have you looked at our Core Foundations course? https://online.thetummyteam.com/core-foundations This is our step by step process to help you regain your internal functional core strength and reclaim your pain free life. You can also schedule a 1:1 eSession with Kelly Dean our physical therapist and she can help you personally get to the root of what is going on and give you a plan to feel and function better. Let us know if you need more information, we would love to work with you.

  11. Taylor says:

    This is exactly how i feel 24/7 and ive felt like im constantly getting worse. I struggle to get out of bed most days or even sit in a chair. And I’ve been getting hurt doing things that used to be normal, like taking a simple lid off a container or the other day i pulled something in my arm bending down tot tie my shoe. When i stand and sit half the time i feel like my body cant support its self so i’ll have to lay down. and every time I go to the doctor they never find anything but minor issues when i clearly feel like my body is shutting down or something. I’d love to give you guys a try if i can. Anything to get even semi back to how I was. I can’t stand being this way.

    • Kelly Dean says:

      Hi Taylor, you are not alone! It is very frustrating to know your body is struggling but to be told nothing is really wrong. It is pretty amazing how many of these symptoms are related to functional core weakness and how your body is forced to compensate for this weakness with less effective strategies. We would LOVE to help you! Have you taken a look at our Core Foundations course? It might be exactly what your body needs!

  12. Helen Poncelet says:

    Hello, I took advantage of the Mother’s Day promotion and paid for your course that is for those who have completed the primary course. An 8 cm diastases was reduced to 2. This was caused by a gym trainer advising crunches
    However in the meantime severe osteoarthritis is now giving me marked discomfort. I will be having a hip replacement in a few months
    Could I please take your course after surgery. Could you please respond to this message
    Kind regards
    Helen Poncelet

    • Kelly Dean says:

      Hi Helen, I am so sorry, I am just seeing this. We would love to help you. When you have questions about your account it is always fastest to reach us by emailing through the website. You can also email miranda@thetummyteam.com to get help with any account needs. A strong core will dramatically help your healing journey from hip replacement.

  13. tatiana says:

    i’m almost 19 and i have every single one of those problems. is that bad ?

    • Kelly Dean says:

      Well, it probably feels bad to have all of these problems. I honestly does not matter how old you are, you could still be suffering from functional core weakness and all of these issues could be related. Take a look at our Core Foundations 8 week online course, it could be a great option for you.

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