21 Day Tummy Team Challenge

Join us in the Tummy Team Challenge for the next 21 days to see how little things add up!

The Tummy Team helps clients be incredibly successful following the concept of how small things that are done consistently can make a big impact. We are going to spend the month of November (but you can do this anytime) helping you build this strength, connection, and gratitude by giving you daily doable challenges that will add up through our 21-day Tummy Team challenge!

Every day we will offer a tip that regards core strength, connection, and gratitude and a resource to help you be successful.  We will post on social media (Facebook and Instagram) but you can also sign up below to get each daily challenge in your email. We will encourage everyone to like, comment or share to respond if they participated in each the daily challenge so we can support and encourage people to stay in the 21-day commitment.

Why do a challenge at such a busy time of year?

Because busy is often the enemy of gratitude! The Tummy Team specializes in taking small steps to make dramatic changes in our strength, posture, connection, confidence, awareness, pain level, and overall energy. We want to share some of these tips and strategies with you to transform this busy season into a season of feeling strong, connected and grateful! 

Don’t worry! Every challenge we present will take less than a minute to do and we will help you build that challenge/mindset into that day easily.  

The Focus of this Challenge

Strength – The power and endurance to do what we love (our bodies are a “use it or lose it system” so little things add up!)

Connection –  That grounded, present feeling that is the source of our strength and the foundation of how we move and interact with the world around us. 

Gratitude – The awareness of all we have and all we are capable of. 

It is easy to overlook small things and not consider them a challenge but the challenge is in the commitment & consistency. Our challenge is to take 21 days to focus on functional core strength, internal core connection and overall gratitude for your body and its ability to do what it does. 

We will be offering this challenge in 3 places…

1. By email (simply subscribe below)

2. On Instagram (follow @thetummyteam)

3. On our Tummy Team Facebook page.

You can start today if you choose email, or you can follow with us on Social Media with day 1 starting on Monday, Nov 4th!

This challenge is perfect for every age and activity level. Let’s focus on small things done with intentionality. You can absolutely do this! Join us!


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