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Month: March 2017

How to Train for the Pushing Phase of Labor

prenatal core training

The Tummy Team works closely with pregnant women to help physically and emotionally prepare the body for labor, delivery and birth recovery. You’ll often hear us tell clients, “Giving birth is like a marathon, with a dead sprint at the end.” (Tweet This!) Labor is the marathon. The sprint at the end is the pushing phase. It is the most difficult and most intense part of birth. Everything builds up to that moment when the baby has made…
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6 Cleansing Foods that are Commonly Overlooked

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we live in a toxic world. Our food, water and air introduce us to a myriad of harmful chemicals on a daily basis; some of which can lead to hormonal imbalances, extreme fatigue, brain fog and various other symptoms, like headaches, varicose veins, and dry itchy skin. The good news is that we can limit our exposure and optimize our…
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